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Found 46 results

  1. Hello ! When a website is blocked or things aren't working so well somehow, that sucks. But posting a new topic will not automatically help. So before posting a new thread/topic, I recommend that you try these things first, to help yourself and everyone else out: Things To Try First Try check out the AirVPN Route Checking tool. Put the name of the website, such as www.netflix.com into the search field. Click search. Then refresh the page & look at the HTTP column.Try and change the server that you're using; especially to servers from other countries, rather than just servers from the same country you were first connected to, as sometimes the servers of 1 country are all having issues. Especially if the Route Checking tool shows a red color in the HTTP colum or codes like 403. The HTTP Codes mean different things.Try check out ipleak.net and make sure that the IP & DNS address fields only show 1 address each: those from AirVPN. Otherwise your ISP could be blocking you.For Windows, try going to your Control Panel>>Internet Connections>>Change Adapter Settings>>Right Click each adapter>>Properties>>Untick IPv6>>Click Ok. Similar steps for MacOS/Linux.Try use the AirVPN forum search field in the top right corner, to see if a similar thread exists already. It's better and easier if all the same posts are in the same thread.Try click the "Most Viewed" button, on the horizontal blue line, under the black "Start New Topic" button, in order to see the most viewed threads easily & quickly.Try and check that your ISP or country isn't listed here. Because these ISPs block various things.Try and check if the website is listed here. Sites listed here should be automatically unblocked, regardless of which server you use. (This is called "Micro-routing").Try and see if the content you want, is available via a torrent site, if you wish. You could then use qBittorent to download it using P2P technology, which AirVPN fully allows. (Not all VPNs do) Does AirVPN Care About Blocked Sites? Yes! AirVPN Staff routinely reply to all kinds of different threads on these forums. This includes replies to threads about Netflix. Moderators do too!However due to there being a lot of new threads, they don't always reply to each one. Especially if the thread already exists; such as the many threads about Netflix.This is why it's important to keep all posts about the same website, in the same threads, instead of just making a new thread, which won't get any attention.But the problem is, that AirVPN or even any other VPN provider, can't always do anything about blocks. That's the truth. Because sites like Netflix actively try to block VPNs.It's in AirVPNs Mission Statement to fight all kinds of blocks or attempts at censorship; so it's not because Air isn't trying to fix things. When You Post A Thread, Consider This If you absolutely have to post, then please include: a link to the blocked website, the AirVPN server you used, any error messages you got & any replies from support staff from the blocked site.You get bonus points if you also tell us that you already tried the route checking tool and other things listed in the first section. . Double the bonus if you post in an existing thread instead.Posting also doesn't guarantee that the problem will be fixed. But if you follow the suggestions here, then you will make fixing the problem both quicker and easier for Air & everyone else :]. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not be afraid of posting them here or sending me a PM. If you're new to VPNs, then please feel free to check out my New User guide. Please do provide feedback on this thread if it helped you or is missing something! Thank you for reading !
  2. Hey all, I've noticed that all servers default to US Netflix on Air and I was wondering if it was possible to actually connect to other country versions of Netflix through the diffirent servers available on Airvpn and if so how to do this. I've noticed that it is the Air DNS that allows for US netflix on all servers so I assume it is the DNS settings that will ultimately allow this. I look forward to hearing from anyone who could help. Thank you. Regards,
  3. Hi Guys, I know this is a recurrent topic, but after reading the "Is A Website Blocked?.." thread and I'd say that there is a problem. I am testing AirVPN from two days ago and so far so good. But today Netflix service stoped... the same old statement "Oops something went wrong.... Proxy Detected" popped up on the screen. I tried 3 different server: Dallas Texas-Ran Miami Yildun Miami Acamar Netflix works the first 2 or 3 hours and then boom... just stop. I have no DSN leak or ISP problem. When I check the Netflix URL into the Route Checking tool all server has a red light in the HTTP column... is that OK? Is that related to the Netflix problem?
  4. I haven't used this to watch content from another country, nor tried - I've only used this to be able to watch netflix while using AirVPN for all my other traffic. Rabbit.it - host a private room (or let everyone in, that's up to use). Netflix works fine this way.
  5. I was just wondering if it would be possible to set up AirVPN on my Amazon Fire Stick. My reason for doing this is that I wish to watch US Netflix programs and I am in the UK.
  6. This is only a solution for people in their home country willing/wanting to bypass the VPN to access their Netflix account. Does not help for out-of-country Netflix access. I was surprised to not see this in the forum, as it's very simple and works. It is a very short script added to the Custom Configuration which pulls the current IP addresses for a domain name (Netflix.com, Hulu.com) and routes those addresses "around" the VPN. allow-pull-fqdn route www.netflix.com net_gateway So far I've been using this for a day, and had to restart things one time to get it to pick up new addresses. I would like to find a way to run this at regular intervals to add to the IP list (without duplicating addresses already in the list).
  7. So, I've been trying to get this working for quite some time now but I am still not able to get netflix' traffic routed outside the VPN tunnel. What I've done so far is: Adding the following domains/hosts to the routes in the preferences: - netflix.com - nflxvideo.net - nflxext.com Checked the "Allow detected DNS" box and added the same domains to the addresses allowed field.On the OVPN directives tab I added the following for the 3 domains: route netflix.com net_gateway Is there anything I'm missing out on? I just want to route my netflix traffc outside the VPN and all the other traffic to be inside the VPN tunnel without the need of a virtual machine. Has anyone an approach for this?
  8. So.... Netflix not working. Has this been a lost fight, or have we found a way around this?
  9. I am trying to watch netflix from a Czech server but I get: Whoops, something went wrong... Streaming Error You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit netflix.com/proxy.
  10. Currently I cant watch netflix while using a VPN tunnel, is there a quick fix for this?
  11. Can't stream Netflix videos while on AirVPN, though I don't have an issue actually loading the website to access things like my account or to see the lists of movies available; it's only when I try to stream. Also, it occurs no matter what server I'm on. Has been an issue for a while. I attached a screenshot of the website when I attempt to stream.
  12. I am on a holiday in Spain, now I cant watch Netflix from dutch server so I get the correct subtitles I get the unblocker / proxy error. What am I missing? could someone make a step by step how to fix this. Thank you
  13. I am trying to connect to a Swedish Server to watch Netflix in the Swedish language. When connected, I constantly receive the error about a proxy being in use and it will not play the file. I am connecting specifically to Alula - is there a different Swedish Server that I can use to watch Netflix without tripping their proxy detection? My log file is below: I 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - AirVPN client version: 2.10.3 / x86, System: OSX, Name: 10.12.1 / x64 . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - Reading options from /Users/adoering/.airvpn/AirVPN.xml . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - Profile options not found, using defaults. . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - Data Path: /Users/adoering/.airvpn . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - App Path: /Applications/AirVPN.app/Contents/MacOS . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - Executable Path: /Applications/AirVPN.app/Contents/MacOS/AirVPN . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - Command line arguments (1): gui.osx.style="dark" . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - Updating systems & servers data ... . 2016.12.23 08:42:14 - Operating System: Unix - Darwin machine-name.local 16.1.0 Darwin Kernel Version 16.1.0: Tue Sep 27 21:00:33 PDT 2016; root:xnu-3789.21.1~7/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 I 2016.12.23 08:42:15 - OpenVPN Driver - Expected I 2016.12.23 08:42:15 - OpenVPN - Version: OpenVPN 2.3.8 (/Applications/AirVPN.app/Contents/MacOS/openvpn) I 2016.12.23 08:42:15 - SSH - Version: OpenSSH_7.2p2, LibreSSL 2.4.1 (/usr/bin/ssh) I 2016.12.23 08:42:15 - SSL - Version: stunnel 5.17 (/Applications/AirVPN.app/Contents/MacOS/stunnel) ! 2016.12.23 08:42:15 - Ready . 2016.12.23 08:42:16 - Systems & servers data update completed I 2016.12.23 08:43:06 - Checking login ... ! 2016.12.23 08:43:07 - Logged in. I 2016.12.23 08:43:32 - Session starting. I 2016.12.23 08:43:33 - IPv6 disabled on network adapter (Apple USB Ethernet Adapter) I 2016.12.23 08:43:33 - Checking authorization ... ! 2016.12.23 08:43:33 - Connecting to Alula (Sweden, Uppsala) . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > OpenVPN 2.3.8 x86_64-apple-darwin14.4.0 [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [MH] [IPv6] built on Aug 13 2015 . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > library versions: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015, LZO 2.08 . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > MANAGEMENT: TCP Socket listening on [AF_INET] . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > Control Channel Authentication: tls-auth using INLINE static key file . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > Outgoing Control Channel Authentication: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > Incoming Control Channel Authentication: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > Socket Buffers: R=[196724->131072] S=[9216->131072] . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > UDPv4 link local: [undef] . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > UDPv4 link remote: [AF_INET] . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET], sid=83938409 ed82ca1e . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > VERIFY OK: depth=1, C=IT, ST=IT, L=Perugia, O=airvpn.org, CN=airvpn.org CA, emailAddress=info@airvpn.org . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > Validating certificate key usage . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > ++ Certificate has key usage 00a0, expects 00a0 . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > VERIFY KU OK . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > Validating certificate extended key usage . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > ++ Certificate has EKU (str) TLS Web Server Authentication, expects TLS Web Server Authentication . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > VERIFY EKU OK . 2016.12.23 08:43:34 - OpenVPN > VERIFY OK: depth=0, C=IT, ST=IT, L=Perugia, O=airvpn.org, CN=server, emailAddress=info@airvpn.org . 2016.12.23 08:43:36 - OpenVPN > Data Channel Encrypt: Cipher 'AES-256-CBC' initialized with 256 bit key . 2016.12.23 08:43:36 - OpenVPN > Data Channel Encrypt: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication . 2016.12.23 08:43:36 - OpenVPN > Data Channel Decrypt: Cipher 'AES-256-CBC' initialized with 256 bit key . 2016.12.23 08:43:36 - OpenVPN > Data Channel Decrypt: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication . 2016.12.23 08:43:36 - OpenVPN > Control Channel: TLSv1.2, cipher TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384, 4096 bit RSA . 2016.12.23 08:43:36 - OpenVPN > [server] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET] . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > SENT CONTROL [server]: 'PUSH_REQUEST' (status=1) . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > PUSH: Received control message: 'PUSH_REPLY,redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp,dhcp-option DNS,comp-lzo no,route-gateway,topology subnet,ping 10,ping-restart 60,ifconfig' . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > OPTIONS IMPORT: timers and/or timeouts modified . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > OPTIONS IMPORT: LZO parms modified . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > OPTIONS IMPORT: --ifconfig/up options modified . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > OPTIONS IMPORT: route options modified . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > OPTIONS IMPORT: route-related options modified . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > OPTIONS IMPORT: --ip-win32 and/or --dhcp-option options modified . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > ifconfig: ioctl (SIOCDIFADDR): Can't assign requested address . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > Opening utun (connect(AF_SYS_CONTROL)): Resource busy . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > Opened utun device utun1 . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > do_ifconfig, tt->ipv6=0, tt->did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup=0 . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > /sbin/ifconfig utun1 delete . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > NOTE: Tried to delete pre-existing tun/tap instance -- No Problem if failure . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > /sbin/ifconfig utun1 netmask mtu 1500 up . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > /sbin/route add -net . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > add net gateway . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > /sbin/route add -net . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > add net gateway . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > /sbin/route add -net . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > add net gateway . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > /sbin/route add -net . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > add net gateway . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - Starting Management Interface . 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - OpenVPN > Initialization Sequence Completed I 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - DNS of a network adapter forced (Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot 2) I 2016.12.23 08:43:38 - DNS of a network adapter forced (Wi-Fi) I 2016.12.23 08:43:39 - DNS of a network adapter forced (Bluetooth PAN 2) I 2016.12.23 08:43:39 - DNS of a network adapter forced (Thunderbolt Bridge) I 2016.12.23 08:43:39 - DNS of a network adapter forced (Thunderbolt 2) I 2016.12.23 08:43:39 - DNS of a network adapter forced (Thunderbolt Ethernet) I 2016.12.23 08:43:39 - DNS of a network adapter forced (Apple USB Ethernet Adapter) I 2016.12.23 08:43:39 - Flushing DNS I 2016.12.23 08:43:39 - Checking route I 2016.12.23 08:43:41 - Checking DNS ! 2016.12.23 08:43:42 - Connected. . 2016.12.23 08:43:42 - OpenVpn Management > >INFO:OpenVPN Management Interface Version 1 -- type 'help' for more info . 2016.12.23 08:43:42 - OpenVPN > MANAGEMENT: Client connected from [AF_INET]
  14. Hi, sorry to bother you guyes but I need some beginner help configuring my pfsense to route my selected netflix capable devices traffic outside the airvpn tunnel. Can some1 take me step by step thru the configuration?
  15. Hello! Soon Christmas for some, soon New Years for all. Worries abound this month and the coming ones, for many people ! For all sorts of reasons. So with that, I just wanted to share a little "motivational" video with you all, which I found hilarious and inspiring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5RH3BdXDOY This may also be the ideal response to the many threads regarding Netflix no longer being accessible! In fact, I'll tag this with Netflix, maybe it'll work
  16. I am new to the world of VPNs. I have a dd-wrt with a vpn setup for all connected devices. Obviously, this makes it so that Netflix is now preventing streaming. Is there a way to simply bypass the VPN for netflix and allow it to be directly connected to? I've heard that this can be done by listing ip addresses in the 'additional config' section of the openvpn section in the dd-wrt configuration but I'm not sure where to start. Has anyone else successfully done this? If so, what does your config script look like? Thanks!
  17. Has anyone experience with the new apple tv (4th gen) yet? Our home network consists of a brand new apple tv, a mac mini, a time capsule and several OS X/iOS devices. Relevant connections as follows: - Mac mini connected to Time Capsule (Ethernet) - Mac mini has internet sharing enabled for WLAN, Thunderbolt Bridge, Thunderbolt Ethernet - Apple TV connected to Mac mini via ethernet (as the Mac Mini has only one ethernet port, this connection is ethernet on Apple TV to thunderbolt ethernet on the Mac mini). Tried WLAN also, no differences to the situation described below. AIRVPN not connected: Apple TV is connected via Ethernet, Netflix works on both Mac mini and Apple TV. AIRVPN connected on the Mac mini: Netflix on the Mac mini is connected to the chosen country (e.g. US) and works, Netflix on the Apple TV does not work, Netflix seems to have no connection. In the settings, the connection via Ethernet is shown on the Apple TV, same as in the setting above without AirVPN connection. Any ideas how to solve this? (without setting up an extra router just for the vpn)
  18. I'm a user in the UK and I'd like to be able to access US Netflix, but no matter what server I try (I've tried US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany), I get routed to Netflix in the UK. I've read all the other forum posts about Netflix that seem to suggest you should receive US Netflix from any server, but even after clearing the cache etc. it routes me to the UK every time. Can anyone shed any light on this as it's a real deal breaker for me if I can't get access to any other Netflix catalogues. Thanks!
  19. Hi Is there any way I can add any custom directives to the ovpn.cfg file to route netflix related ip ranges through my ip address and not through the vpn tunnel? I currently have a dsl ac68u modem router combo, hence requesting help with the cfg file as merlin is not supported. Reason being for the selective routing is to bypass the proxy error popup. I hope someone can assist me! thanks!
  20. Hi guys, Noob here, so sorry if this has an obvious answer. So I am trying to use netflix from other servers, and rather than getting "blocked", I appear to just be getting re-routed to the USA netflix site and the titles are streaming fine. This is despite my DNS and IP appearing in the UK and Germany respectively when connected. I have also tried blocking off all other countries in the client as I thought it was possible that the AIRVPN software was automatically doing this due to certain regions being blocked, but alas, netflix is still stuck in the USA. Is this happening for anyone else, or can anyone give me a reason for this? Thanks!
  21. Hi there! I've been using AirVPN on my Mac for a while now and I'm real happy with it! I like to keep it connected quite often but have to disconnect when I want to use certain sites that deny access from VPNs like Netflix. Is there a way to stay connected to the VPN but allow/make an exception for (in this example) Netflix to circumvent the VPN? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi Are there any other user that er not so happy with the new routing to US Netflix from most European Servers? It was very nice to can access regional Netflix content from various AirVPN servers, that's almost gone. Please leave your comments! Guy from Norway
  23. As of a few days ago Netflix seems to be blocked when using any airvpn server from all apple platforms that I own ( iphone, ipad, appletv generation 2). If you try to access netflix from iphone and ipad theres only a generic error message about "unable to play the title". On appleTV generation 2&3 theres a specific error message: Netflix 139: NFErr_MC_Authfailure
  24. Today (and yesterday), I tried to use Netflix while connected to AirVPN. I was trying to connect to the netflix.com website on Firefox browser. The servers that I have tried to use that are blocked: Naos, Pollux, Zosma, Alkaid, Pavonis. ​Miaplacidus. ​Zosma. Rasalas. ​Azha. ​Albireo. ​Dschubba. ​Metallah Picture of error message: http://imgur.com/pOnEZgr
  25. hi all, is it just me or others cannot watch netflix from usa servers? it was working fine this morning...
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