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Found 12 results

  1. I always get this error no matter what: Sat Dec 2 19:17:00 2017 daemon.err openvpn(LA_VPN)[4922]: Options error: specify only one of --tls-server, --tls-client, or --secret Sat Dec 2 19:17:00 2017 daemon.warn openvpn(LA_VPN)[4922]: Use --help for more information. Screenshots are attached, OpenVPN version is 2.4.4-2, is there anything I can do to fix this through LuCI?
  2. Problem: I have devices on different subnets ( 192.168.15.x, 192.168.35.x ) and would like for them to be able to discover each other. Specifically I want them so see each others minecraft (bedrock/pocket) worlds. the 15.x network is the "privileged" home network, where as the 35.x network is intended as guest-wifi network with no internet access ( also vpn clients would be given a IP here ) currently they cannot see each other - if I add a route with 192.168.15.x to the vpn config then vpn clients can access webservers in this subnet but minecraft clients still can't see each other. My router is a N66 running tomatoUSB and both subnets are entirely controlled by it. Question: Is this even possible? If so - how? Any help would be appreciated I currently do not know enough to even successfully google for marginally useful information
  3. Hi there, I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me with a configuration for my router. My setup is that I'm running a DD-WRT based router with three wireless networks and four devices using a wired connection to the router. Half of my local network is allocated to my DHCP pool for most of these devices. I have my VPN up and running fine, however I would like to do something more advanced with my setup. I would like to split up my network somewhat so that two of the wireless networks as well as the wired computers that all get their IPs from the DHCP pool utilize the VPN for their internet traffic while the devices outside of the DHCP pool and on the third wireless network do not use the VPN. I have the Policy Based Routing setup with the subnet of the DHCP pool and I've been playing around with my IPTables configuration, but I'm hitting a wall trying to keep the traffic split. Any help for this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Miko
  4. Hey now. I have read many threads w/in these forum(s), I'm sorry to post. I've tried to tweak settings & figure this out on my own, but I'm spent. I've resigned Eddie back to near default settings out of frustration. So here's the crux of the biscuit... I'm running Eddie Version 2.12.4. Windows7 (64bit, not sure if that matters). Cable, High Speed Internet connection. Again, I have most Eddie "default" options set, with a couple exceptions. AirVpn Support said to mark "activate network lock at startup", and I've also checked "remove the gateway route" (seems like a good idea b/c I use win7, I think?). All other options are back at default. I've read in multiple posts that the location of AirVPN IP/Server does not have to be nearby, yet if I go anywhere outside my general area, speed drops-off dramatically. I've checked for leaks, flush DNS, IpV6 is not detected, I'm pretty sure everything is good -execpt my Internet Speed(s). I'm in the US. I've found that the IP's closest to my city are always the fastest (which seems to contradict many of the posts I've read here). If I go to the Netherlands -forget about it! I ran a speed test directly from my ISP ('flash' type speed test), NOT connected to Eddie 9msPing / 180.21MbpsDL / 24.09MbpsUpload. So after the test above... now connected via Eddie/AirVPN, (I tried a couple IP/servers before finding this better result/IP), just now, 11msPing/88.26MbpsDL/22MbpsUpload. <<That's actually really good from what I typically see when running a speed test. Usually, I find I'm 30+Latency, 50Mbps+/-DL, 15Mbps+/-UL -or worse. So when I'm working, I'll sense my connection has slowed, then I have to manually, connect/disconnect/speed test in order to find a fast IP -which obviously s*cks & is time-consuming. Oh yeah, I also find if I disconnect from AirVpn Server, close Eddie, then re-open Eddie (then I'll have better luck w/ the Eddie suggested Servers). I disconnect from my ISP beforehand, plus I have Network Lock enabled... so I'm not sure why simply stopping/re-starting Eddie helps? I installed Eddie with my Windows Firewall On, and everything looks good w/ respect to my Firewall. That's it. 3 hours later, and I now must sleep... I bow my head in defeat, signing-off with Default Settings still intact. Rrrr Many Thanks, DfP *Admin, please delete this if deemed overly addressed w/in previous posts to these Forums.
  5. Hello everyon. AirVPN says "even the most brutal techniques of monitoring, censorship, throttling and traffic shaping will fail against AirVPN" on the frontpage. But my question is, what settings must I use to be as anonymous as possible? Can hardware achieve such? Can the settings in client achieve this? Im currently using SSL Tunnel thats the most secure for my opinion, but i am new... what can I use for even more anonimity? TOR Proxy? thanks for your help.
  6. When using configuration generator, is there a recommendation for what location to choose? I see a footnote recommended to choose by continent, how does this work, especially when using iOS. I'm mainly concerned with performance.
  7. Hello. Not sure if someone uses the Bulk image downloader but anyway . So apparently due to vpn this program can't connect to any site at all. Basically all I need to do is to configure it using proxy. Unfortunately, I am not sure where to get the necessary data. Can you help me? It asks about proxy address, proxy port, login and password.
  8. I'm using a 4 port RT-N16 Toastman build VPN, VLAN version router. Netgear 24port switch Linux machines 2 streaming media players, playstations I want to split the network up into 3 segments. 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, 192.68.3.x *Important* - I don't want any segment on the network to be able to speak to each other. Segment 1 and 2 - I want to Tunnel through the VPN via network manager on the Linux machines using SSL Port 443. These connections have 13 ports to connect through on the switch. 0/01, 0/02, 0/03.....0/013 On 1 segment - I want to go through the VPN to America via the a Tomato router configuration using Client 1. I don't care what port I use. These connections will have 6 ports to connect through the switch. 0/14, 0/15, 0/16......0/19, 0/20 I've been at this for a 2 good solid days manipulating scripts, manual configurations through the GUI on tomato, etc. I like to figure things out myself, and I've learned alot, but i think it's time I asked for some help. Anyone have an idea how to do this? Greatly appreciate your input!
  9. Hi, I'm using Tunnelblick with OSX 10.4.11 on an old Mac G4 to connect via Vuse. Everything has worked fine for many months but now a problem has cropped up. I can connect to any server and the connection is OK for about 6-8 hours, then Tunnelblick consistently displays "Authorizing" instead of "Connected" status, even though an IP check appears to show that it's still connected. How can I fix this? ...Thanks.
  10. Hello. I give up trying to setup a router with DD-WRT. Each time I turn it on I have to configure a new server because it can't connect to the one already set (TLS handshake failed, Certificate is not valid, unreachable address, I get something different each time). I followed the instructions in the site (https://airvpn.org/ddwrt/), downloaded configuration for various servers, but either it takes a long to get one that connects, or can't connect to any US server at all. I'm not blaming anyone here, it's just that it's frustrating. This is the error I'm getting this time> I've connected to this server successfully before. Is there something I'm forgetting to setup on the router so once I can connect to a server and I turn the router off, the settings stay in it and next time it reconnects automatically? Any help or guidance is very much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
  11. Hello! I am using COMODO but the posts on the forum about its configuration lock too many connections for my needs. I only want to prevent two programs from communicating when I am not connected to AirVPN, i.e. utorrent and jdownloader. To do that, I set the configuration shown in the picture below: Can you confirm that I do not have any kind of leaks for the two programs when I disconnect from the VPN? Am I safe even if the connection to you stops working? I made some tests and the configuration seems to be effective (when I disconnect from you the downloads and uploads just stop), but I'd like to have a confirmation. Kind regards, Pr1nc1p1
  12. Hi, I am using Mac OSX 10.6.8 and OpenVPN for connection. I have selected nearby servers in closest distance. I also have my torrent port forwarded to 41380. I use uTorrent 1.8.1 on the Mac with TCP connection beause uTorrent only seems to actively seed while having TCP connection. With the UDP connection it was simply not actively seeding back downloads because port forwarding only worked with TCP in the Mac version of uTorrent. Without having an active VPN connection, I get around 20-22 Mbs download from my service provider and about 6 Mbs upload speed. When I am testing the AirVPN server speedtest on my client page while actively connected it indicates only 2 to 2.4 Mbs download speed and about the same upload speed. My torrent connections are also only downloading with no more than 300-500 Kbs all together. This seems to be a great drop in performance. While I undersatnd that the VPN connection with the additional encryption and server access will slow down things, I still find it almost unacceptable that it drops to more than 10% of my original connection speed. When I have started using AirVPN about 6 months ago as a first time user, I was able to get 1.5-2 Mbs download speed (not great but workable), lately in the past few months it has been changed to this dismal slow speed. What is the cause and how can it be improved? Thanks
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