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Found 3 results

  1. Right now, I've got connections to two AirVPN servers running on my pfSense box via its OpenVPN client. I'm trying to figure out DDNS so I can connect my phones remotely to that box and thus to AirVPN. I did some searches here about AirVPN's DDNS service and I found two threads where someone said this: But, looking at the Forwarded Ports/DDNS articles referenced here, I don't see that phrase. Specifically, this article: https://airvpn.org/faq/ddns/ Is it possible for me to use AirVPN's DDNS service with my current setup (two concurrent VPN connections in one pfSense box)? Or, do I need something from some other DDNS provider?
  2. I'm using a 4 port RT-N16 Toastman build VPN, VLAN version router. Netgear 24port switch Linux machines 2 streaming media players, playstations I want to split the network up into 3 segments. 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, 192.68.3.x *Important* - I don't want any segment on the network to be able to speak to each other. Segment 1 and 2 - I want to Tunnel through the VPN via network manager on the Linux machines using SSL Port 443. These connections have 13 ports to connect through on the switch. 0/01, 0/02, 0/03.....0/013 On 1 segment - I want to go through the VPN to America via the a Tomato router configuration using Client 1. I don't care what port I use. These connections will have 6 ports to connect through the switch. 0/14, 0/15, 0/16......0/19, 0/20 I've been at this for a 2 good solid days manipulating scripts, manual configurations through the GUI on tomato, etc. I like to figure things out myself, and I've learned alot, but i think it's time I asked for some help. Anyone have an idea how to do this? Greatly appreciate your input!
  3. I've looked all through the posts and haven't seen any questions regarding this. I'm connected to to the AirVPN (US server). When I go to whatismyip.com I get the IP I would expect. But when I go to checkmytorrentip.com I get an IP that says I'm in the Netherlands. They are two completely different IP's so I'm sure that it's not just a location mix up. Can anyone explain this for me?
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