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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Legends, I've got an odd issue happening...eddie will work initially, and then if I go to close it, it hangs. I have to force quit it, and when I do and restart, it hangs at session starting. Any ideas??
  2. Running AirVPN (latest client version) on Mac OS X El Capitan. Problem: When you have a current active VPN connection, and let's say the laptop goes to "sleep". When you resume the desktop, and attempt to reconnect AirVPN is not able to connect. You must reboot the system. This problem has been replicated on multiple OS X system setups.
  3. Hi, up until recently, Apple's AirDrop file transfer protocol would work even when network lock was turned on in Eddie. In v2.15.2 this no longer works. Does anybody know a specific setting that may have changed to enable this feature again?
  4. macOS users have an option to screenshare into other computers using a feature called "Back To My Mac" (it is a part of iCloud). I've been trying to use this feature with one of my computers connected to AirVPN but I have not been successful. I was wondering if anybody knows if there are specific settings I need to enable/disable to get screensharing to work through Back To My Mac. Thank you!
  5. Since becoming a new member with AirVPN I cannot stream Popcorn Time. I am using OpenVPN Asus 88U router with .opvn Miami (Cursa) server file (UDP 443). My connection works fine with Kodi and internet but my OpenVPN Client (AppleTV4) in router VPN status tab says "Error connecting - IP/Routing conflict". As I mentioned I have no problem using Kodi and any other app that connects to internet on AppleTV 4. It's only when I try to stream using Popcorn Time app it won't. If I replace the AirVPN .ovpn file in OpenVPN router with my other VPN service .ovpn file Popcorn Time works fine. The other VPN service .ovpn file is setup using TCP 443 with Sha512 and the same Miami server location (using QuadraNet just like AirVPN). I have tried using AirVPN TCP 443 .ovpn file Miami (Cursa) and still doesn't work with Popcorn Time. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I like the AirVPN service so far, but don't see how all of a sudden when I use AirVPN .ovpn file my Popcorn Time won't work.
  6. Hi, I'm using Tunnelblick with OSX 10.4.11 on an old Mac G4 to connect via Vuse. Everything has worked fine for many months but now a problem has cropped up. I can connect to any server and the connection is OK for about 6-8 hours, then Tunnelblick consistently displays "Authorizing" instead of "Connected" status, even though an IP check appears to show that it's still connected. How can I fix this? ...Thanks.
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