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  1. I too was thinking why not spread the level of trust with VPN chaining,  but as pointed out above multi hopping may not.  OpenVPN over tor would protect against the VPN or anyone knowing at least who you are.


    But is


    User VPN 1 > VPN 2


    Still going to much faster then say


    User > OpenVPN over tor



  2. Even on the top and latest Asus Routers with openVPN via tomato they are still hitting 8-12meg per sec


    I was thinking while I am ok with it,  in the future what if I upgrade to a faster connection.


    I think the best idea is to build your own super router with 3ghz+ and 4gig with something like Pfsense live or one of the other free firewall software,  this way once you add OpenVPN support and if your cpu supports AES instructions your cpu wont get much overhead with handling vpn either.  This way I think in theory with your own super router one can get max speeds on your connection,  no need to ever upgrade your router !


    This also allows no limitiations on bandwith or slow downs with multiple users or when streaming HD even,   your Super Router is king really.


    This is all in theory mind.... but yeah will be interesting to hear actual numbers

  3. Check here:




    Massive thread and guide on using openVPN via the router


    Just bare in mind your limited by your router cpu speeds,   currently most are hitting 8-9meg per sec,   so your sadly limited for myself its more then enough for now and I would rather loose speed any day of the week and have better encryption.


    Asus RT-N16 router is perhaps one of the most stable and best routers,  uses the Tomato firmware which has openvpn support.


    I had teething issues at first but I found it my was network driver causing 90% issues,   otherwise it works well and all connections are now encrypted.

  4. I hear many people run multiple virtual boxes if you own a quad cpu and 8gig+ or above you will be fine,  whonix is a popular choice and runs under Tor network.  You could also run Ubuntu in another vbox,  if you setup truecrypt then even safer.


    I think its a great idea,  your normal windows is fine,   any other logs and activities,  windows logs will only see you opened virtualbox software.  You can further run the latest version of ccleaner and privazer which supports cleanup of Windows logs (finally!) and also virtual box logs (set dod pass for non recovery) you can set them up on schedule daily even or upon boot,  this way an adversary has nothing much to check into!


    This way your linux torrents and surfing and any other activities remain in a virtual box and much better privacy and security.  Just bare in mind when you shut down your virtual machines perhaps you may want it to not save any data/changes ?  the other issue is an adversary could catch your system live and not encrypted and thus have full access to your drives and virtual boxes and see all the data and usage !   Just like AirVPN has a kill switch,  maybe you require one also.  I was thinking perhaps there maybe a screen lock or screen password to perhaps work inbetween this issue but not sure of one on linux.


    So when vpn connection is lost, your DNS wont work and all connection is stopped. Once you connect to Airvpn everything will be normal.

    On DNS leak test, only Airvpn dns will be seen.


    I attempted to use AirVPN DNS servers in my tomato router but found it hit and miss,   my issue was after a day or 2 it would fail to browse the internet... it was only till I used openic dns servers all issues were resolved.    Are you using Air dns servers in your router or a combination of another ?

  6. arshk

    Check my post on this thread:




    Those firewall rules you posted do work and work fine on tomato based Asus routers....


    you can even stop and start your openvpn client and then test the net to see if it still works,   once your client is stopped you should get no net access at all not till you start it.


    And it works fine on my Asus RT-N16 router,  so should work fine on your Asus one.

  7. I am at a loss on any solutions,  even if you were to use a tomato router that also uses the openvpn system.


    I take it the issue is the same with the Airclient software also ?


    Have you tried even the basic checks,  disable firewall,  any other ip filters or blocking,  disable malware/virus scanners etc


    I understand it all works fine at max speeds on others but hey worth a shot.


    perhaps last try and ditch attempt try it on another laptop or pc,  or even mobile phone.... just to see the speed and performance.

  8. Dont forget Virgin do different types of throttling at some of the most weird times and types...


    How do I avoid traffic management?

    Save heavy downloads and uploads for overnight, set them running just before bed. Just leave your computer to do it overnight, from 11pm onwards. The best bit is waking up the next morning to find it all done.




    Possible your just being traffic shaped/throttled


    They recently changed there times earlier this year.


    Worth trying just after 2am even some of there forums state the limit and all restrictions go after that time.... some guys that try and do a heavy download get throttled for 4hrs etc....

  9. Another possible choice and work around is to use a tomato Router with VPN already ?   that way anything connected to the router via ethernet is running through the VPN.  All your apps on the Synology torrent etc should in theory be running through the VPN.


    One can always buy a Asus RT-N16 for around £40-60 off ebay easily,  if you add firewall rules you can further safe guard yourself in case the VPN drops out also.


    I am only guessing the above however !  but in theory it should work

  10. Agreed with above,  you may also want to try whonix


    It runs through the tor network. 


    Most will add those extensions/addons for firefox and make do with that,  if you do want to be extra anonymous and private as possible then whonix is a step further,  this way you kinda have a firefox browser with addons/extensions for most of daily and low to medium anonymous levels,  then when you want high anonymous then whonix or tor.


    Check here for more info on browsers and addons etc ( near top of page where it says browsers/addons etc)




    Use of Skype during an AirVPN session de-anonymizes that particular AirVPN session for as long as you remain connected to AirVPN. Something to consider.

    What you mean ? And why "de-anonymize" ?




    if you use your Skype account with AND without VPN, anybody can correlate your real IP address with your VPN IP address, due to a Skype exploit that lets anyone easily get your IP address in a few seconds . When you're connected to the VPN, they'll get the VPN IP address, when you're not, they'll get your real IP address, so they can correlate those two addresses.


    Additionally, if your Skype account can disclose your real identity, potentially all of your VPN activities could be correlated to your real identity by a sufficiently powerful adversary, simply because it's you the one that's giving away your identity.


    Skype should never be used for security and privacy purposes. Anyway if you're really forced to do so, at least never mix the same account with VPN and non-VPN connections, and never use an account that can somehow reveal your real identity (this is very difficult).


    Kind regards



    This puts me off installing skype forever !


    Can one not use a more privacy,  secure email (ie in europe) and with ip masking,  setup a skype account under fake username and details and then log onto it with AirVPN ?


    From my understanding they will only see the AirVPN ip address ?  Provided all internet is blocked in case VPN drops.....

  12. Yes very happy,    did you manage to solve the DNS not showing up on that dnsleak website?


    I did attempt to use AirVPN dns servers in the tomato router to prevent dns leaks,  but I found it was getting flaky and then causing no websites to load sometimes good for few days even !  Otherwise this would have fixed DNS leaks 100%,   sadly I could not explain or tell why it was causing the internet to drop out.


    Once I used Openic dns servers all issues fixed, rock solid for weeks on end.

  13. Update:


    If anyone wants to prevent internet connection just in case there VPN service stops or crashes check my guide here:




    It works just perfect and takes 3 minutes to check and do,  now I can surf with peace of mind everything goes through and with privacy with AirVPN connection only on my Tomato router.


    And to note the AirVPN connection has never gone down on my router anyhow since it started (1month+),  shows you how stable AirVPN can be but if your concerned follow the above link/guide !

  14. Ok took the above advice from Drakon (thanks !)  and Friberos firewall rules for Routers with VPNs


    Guide To Block internet connection if VPN fails


    Paste these rules into Administration->Scripts->Firewall.. Save it.  Then reboot the router,  if you do not reboot the firewall rules will not work.


    iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -o tun0 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I FORWARD -i tun0 -o br0 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -o vlan2 -j DROP
    iptables -I INPUT -i tun0 -j REJECT
    iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o tun0 -j MASQUERADE


    If you want to confirm the above rules are working then log into your Router and Stop your VPN client,  then attempt to surf you will notice it will not surf at all,  all internet is blocked.  Re-enable the VPN client under the router and then you can start to surf again.  If it has not worked then you may not have Saved it and rebooted the router when applying the Firewall settings so double check it and retry.

  15. I will also copy and paste them into firewall rules and give it a try thanks,  only thing is testing with openvpn client ?


    Would it not be safer to disable the VPN client from within the Tomato router,  and then see if normal internet is still working and getting through?


    Its the normal internet that should be blocked or if Im seeing this wrong...


    Ill give it a shot soon anyhow and report back!


    Regarding the DNS entries,  I too use to use AirVPN DNS servers in my tomatoe router,  I found while sometimes they did connect and work they would eventually stop working and stop access to the internet.  I had to use Openic logless servers listed here:




    There are plenty which support anonymous logging "yes"  once I entered in both openic logless dns servers into my tomato router all was golden and able to get DNS showing correctly try airvpns one here: http://ipleak.net/  it should report airvpns exit server or AirVPNs new ip only,  and not your real ISP IP.

  16. I am still very new to Linux and Whonix also,   one thing you can do is while running Whonix is to run Tor browser and remember the new Tor IP and log on to this AirVPN site.  See what is listed at the bottom or Airvpn.org where it usually reports Green connected button,  it should be Red and say you are not connected!  and it should list your Tor IP number instead.


    If you want you can log into AirVPN client area and see where it says "We see your connection coming from" at bottom,   it should report your original ISP IP address there.


    This is called Tor over AirVPN [EDIT by Staff: No, the link below refers to AirVPN over TOR]




    From what I can see everyone on here is suggesting to NOT use this,  it is recommended to use AirVPN with Tor,  this gives better additional Privacy ie AirVPN provider can NOT see your real ISP IP in case there raided or they tell on you (which from whats been said has never happen and ever will ! )

    But the options there none the less,   other benefits include Tor privacy and security although not 100% clued up on those,  but they maybe important !


    I have posted this question up :




    Since I would like to know which is best and safer and more private to use....


    maybe worth checking out or if someone else better advises of what to do !  As always I would be cautious,  best to research  and understand the setups and what is going on before leaping !

  17. Hi I am aware of this excellent guide here:




    But was wondering since I am on a tomato Router and can only run Tor over AirVPN,  is it still ok to use the Tor network and visit Tor protected Onion websites and still maintain privacy ?


    From what I understand (which is little!) If I was able to run AirVPN with Tor I would be protected and encrypted always on the Tor network and AirVPN could NOT see my ISP IP.


    However AirVPN can still see the data passing through ?


    If I ran Tor over AirVPN,  which I can only do so for now since I am running a Tomato router then Air would not be able to see the data passing through,  but I would also be revealing my ISP IP ?



    So I am still baffeled by which one to really use...



  18. The answer is Yes,  however I have yet to figure out how to correctly make an IP table or settings for my tomato router to prevent disconnection or DNS leaks,   if someone could draw up a super newbie guide on how to get it done or a link showing how its done I too would be most greatefull.


    So far people have suggested to look at these links :






    I am still attempting to figure out it all out,  if you get anyware or someone helps that would be great !


    PS:  I think tomato router and everything connected thru it is the best setup too

  19. I do like that idea also,  that is also rather shocking to see England and US pretty much top of the investigations into crime/offences.


    Also shows proof England and US are just police states,  and its safer and better to live else where

  20. Hi I think you meant AirVPN with Tor,   the other one is Tor over AirVPN [EDIT by Staff: NO, the link refers to AirVPN over TOR] as both mentioned here: https://airvpn.org/tor/




    I always get them confused and mixed up also since it sounds the opposite,  I think I was the only one on here attempting such a thing which I recently updated here in my post:






    Suffice to say I tried it and failed,  running Tor over AirVPN is easy once your connected to your Router and VPN service you simply double click the Tor browser but to do it AirVPN with Tor failed.


    I believe its since I am loosing my connection while trying to connecting from Tors new IP to the AirVPN service but cant be 100% sure.


    I did also create a VPN config generator files with the Socks/Port number ticked and in place for running AirVPN with Tor.


    Since it failed,  I used those files in the OpenVPN client instead and ran the Air tutorial I linked above and it connected fine with AirVPN with tor,  checking client area showed the tor ip,  so not even Air knew my real IP address and also greater Privacy.


    I am not 100% technical,  but gave it a shot if you do find a work around let us know !


    The only other method I can think of is to use OpenVPN client or another VPN service with there client or OpenVPN and then to connected to the Router running AirVPN,  this will give you the extra privacy required,  but there are other benefits to running VPN with Tor listed,  I just do not know them well enough to say if there important or not.

  21. Just to confirm attempted the AirVPN with Tor (better privacy) way,  I had the same experience as Airvpn user above,  I was not able to successfully use AirVPN client with socks etc,  I think the client is buggy or not remembering the sock/port setting !


    Ended up just connecting to internet normal isp way,  then ran tor to get a new tor ip,  then ran openVPN client and clicked connect (placed my config files in program files\openvpn\config) and it took longer but connected with OpenVPN client and then to confirm It was in fact working,  logged onto AirVPN client area and noticed :


    We see your connection coming from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx [TOR IP].


    If you check the Green button at bottom of Airvpn website where it usually says connected it should be in Red and with Tors IP instead,  so your client area will see the connection coming from "Tor IP" as mentioned above.


    At least this way people will be able to see if you have connected "AirVPN with TOR" Correctly.  


    If you want to confirm if you have connected to

    "tor over airvpn"

    Simply look into Client Area and you will see your isp IP as "coming from"

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