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  1. Just a quick update,  it appears not possible to do VPN with Tor with a Tomato router.  The issue from when I tried it,  you need be connected online normal (with ISP IP)  then to run Tor to get a new Tor IP and then to connect to your VPN account,  I assume while staying connected.


    Even if I disconnect my VPN server on my Tomato Router,  get connected with normal internet and then run Tor and get a new Tor IP and then connect to my Tomato VPN (with tor config) I assume am breaking the connection or dropping it so not able to run Vpn with Tor.


    Tor over VPN works fine since if my Tomato router is already connected to VPN server,  and then running Tor is fine (no break or drop in connection)


    Alternative is of course to run the OpenVPN client which works fine.


    If anyone does find alternative soloution or method to run VPN with Tor please update, thanks !

  2. Nadre:


    Thanks will keep those links in mind,  everyone does seem to have different setups and needs so it does get rather complex.




    It would still be lovely to have those features within the AirVPN client,  just makes it the ultimate friendly really but I see the point it makes sense to be better protected and secure with firewall and other setups in place.

  3. yuppicide:


    Try this guide: https://airvpn.org/faq/p2p/




    I appreciate your guide,  but it went way over my head to say the least I think people just needed a simple 1,2,3 step process of setting up the most easiest torrent client with AirVPN.  Your guide naturally works best once it is fully up and running.


    I think all these guides on getting the best from AirVPN are great however I have quickly discovered other VPN providers give options in there software to "Stop internet activity if VPN drops"  or "Prevent DNS leaks from occuring"


    Its nice to just be able to click tick and walk away with peace of mind.  I wish these options were present I love AirVPN and recommend it over anything else but I may have to consider other options,  wish the guides on here were more simple and straight forward like 1,2,3,4 process but its clear you need to be pretty technical and I.T savvy !

  4. Yes I think you got it !  The incoming IP should be the Tor one and not your original ISP,   yes I read a while back on one of the postings here its recommended to use the OpenVPN client so it connects more direct before revealing your original IP.


    I find OpenVPN client good but noticed it can stop working sometimes without warning you!   perhaps its advisable to setup firewall rules in case it goes down.


    I think you are on VPN with Tor, I am on a router myself so no idea if its possible but that is another tale....

  5. You can't compromise on windows if you're into gaming and everything GUI. Best to dual boot between Linux and windows.


    Which Linux do you prefer to use?  I hear ubuntu is bad since amazon and other 3rd party apps are built in and can leak and submit data about you....

  6. I retried it again yesterday,  and I see what you mean it is confusing.


    It gets tricky to know for sure considering there is entrance and exit nodes involved,  in my situation I saw the Airvpn website green icon saying "not connected"  and had a different IP address in Red,  also AirVPN client still saw my real ISP IP under client so I was connecting Tor over AirVPN.


    See here:



    I assume you want to do AirVPN with Tor?  This way its much more secure and this way AirVPN should then show a different IP under client Area section rather then your real ISP IP.


    I assume I have the above information is correct,  but it would be nice if staff or someone else can confirm it.   It would also be most helpful if the AirVPN guide could be update the guide informing a method to confirm if the Connection to Tor is successful or not for both types of connection to tor,  us newbies would appreciate it

  7. Regarding why I had issues using AirVPN dns servers:




    It appears with tomatoe routers you need to use OpenNic servers to connect to the internet websites correctly,  since AirVPN dns servers are private and not public,   so just like this guide says you can use public openic servers instead.


    Am back on OpenNic logless servers listed here:



  8. hello.


    So i think i finally got it to work on my Win7. At least i think...



    I was initally using the AirVPN.exe client (changing the settings to point to the SOCKS Proxy) which failed.


    Then went the other route and used the OpenVPN.exe.

    I generated the config files using the SOCKS Proxy Host and port from AirVPN website

    Added those config files into the OpenVPN config dir

    Ran the OpenVPN key utility as administator

    Started TOR

    Ran the OpenVPN Gui (openvpn-gui.exe) as admin

    In the right systems tray right clicked on OpenVPN Gui and selected any of the AirVPN_xxx configs

    For a popup saying im connected to AirVPN...


    So my question is, how do i know i am running VPN over TOR?




    Am no expert,  but could you not just check under Client Area,  and see at the bottom where it says "We see your connection coming from" as long as your IP is not the one your ISP is and its a different one then bingo your safe. 


    Perhaps even checking the IP that Tor gives you when you first run the Tor Browser with should be listed under client area too.

  9. Hi is Airvpn with tor possible on a tomato router ?


    I am unsure if it is possible,  I know I can choose socks proxy option and make the config files.  Right now am just using the basic vpn profile for my Asus tomato router and am connected fine under airvpn server.


    But from what I can understand (which maybe wrong!)  I have to first connect to the Tor network via the Tor software package,  and then connect to AirVPN client or OpenVPN software(with socks option Tor enabeled profile)


    Or is it the same thing if I connect to Tor and then simply plug in the ethernet jack to the PC ? 


    Sounds daft that way,   but I noticed a major disadvantage using Tomato router setup is your "Always" logged into Airvpn since your tomato router is always on,  hence when I check the client option it says am connected after 2 days when I have not even switched on the pc.... it also means if AirVPN servers are raided or the law or anyone examines,  the real ip address shows right up like a light on the christmas tree !



  10. Hi thanks for the post,  can I ask is this iptable setup used to prevent DNS leaks?  Ie your iptable blocks any other connection revealing your real IP ?


    I did at one point have Airvpn dns servers in my setup which only allowed connections to work via air dns servers,  but this sadly stopped working after a few days and I had to use opennic servers to gain internet access..... would it not be easier to use airvpn dns servers to prevent leaks then a ip table?


    am seeing only guides for preventing DNS leaks more on windows and comodo setups... but not sure if they would work for our Router VPN setups.

  11. That is if the VPN was able to keep and maintain logs of everyone's IPs.  As we know with AirVPN under client option our IPS are clearly shown but once disconnected there is no evidence.


    I guess the whole idea of Tor over Air gives all Air users that comfort knowing not even AirVPN or the client area will get the real isp ip,  but the one that Tor network gives out.

  12. Hi I have re-edited since I was mistaken,  but can you confirm when AirVPN client connects to airvpn.org,  to get the list of servers it does reveal your real ISP,  IP ?  


    And using OpenVPN over Tor would fix this ?

  13. Hi is it possible to use AirVPN with TOR on a Tomato router with airvpn configuration ?


    I see the 1st thing this guide ask is to connect to Tor network then connect to airvpn.... ie so no one sees your ip address,   I fail how I can do this with a tomato router which is always connected to AirVPN servers.....

  14. Could we have some clarifcation on the above please ?


    I noticed on here,  comments below the reviews:





    AirVPN will log a user if asked by the court.


    Was in regards to the human traffic ( ECHR ) Is this comment true ?    I read the above and it sounds like AirVPN will NOT give anything logs or information over,  obviously no one should ever do something like human traffiking.




  15. There are not many sadly check here for more details on the few that remain




    It would appear picking a email provider inside of US and UK and other english speaking countries is a big no no and under nsa


    A few european email providers are still around,  I still like hushmail but they have in the past handed over emails to authorities... Riseup is not taking any more people on board and you have to pass there test which some fail and are US based so sooner or later perhaps nsa get them also.


    European ones seem best,  obviously best to stay a million miles away from google mail, hotmail, yahoo.


    also check here:




    has other alternative and more stronger and safer emails,  but these usualy involve much higher security but work more better.

  16. Hi I currently am using a Asus tomatoe router,  and just tried utorrent and tried ubuntu download.


    I get a green check (lower right hand corner) so its confirming my connections ok


    I can see under Peers section many are sending me the unbuntu file and I am also uploading very little around 1-2k.


    My downloads are erradict at best, can be 30k to 300k then 5 seconds later 600k,  nothing consistant or steady.


    I did attempt to forward a port and then clicked the test button but it reports not reachable etc I assume its since I am using a Tomato router and need to follow this guide instead ?




    I wanted to find out also,  if I set up port forwarding correctly will my utorrent speeds be more consistant and better ?





  17. That surely includes riseup


    Not much talk of the above,  I think everyone kept a bit quiet on it cos they did not want anyone to stop it but considering its US based I do not see it lasting long enough.

  18. Well after 3 days of bliss and nice smooth running I switched on my pc today and no internet access at all,  only airvpn website was loading and reporting not connected to any client or running. 


    Checked Router and was clueless for the whole day,  I did not change or install or do anything in the last 3 days and it was working the night before.


    I only now after about 10 hours of trying other airvpn servers in europe/italy etc and Start/stop figured it all out !


    I just deleted the AirVPN and DNS servers in my tomato router and switched them to OpenNic (closest servers to me) and it then started to surf all websites and then connect to a airvpn server/ip leak passed as well,   I was attempting to use AirVPN DNS servers in the router to prevent DNS server leaks which was working fine for past 3 days.


    But looks like am forced to use OpenNic just to connect to AirVPN server and surf the next properly !


    Did AirVPN have DNS issues today with there own servers or any idea ?

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