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  1. Hello! The Servers view settings are specific to the servers, while the Settings view include options for the quick connect (full auto) mode. Also note that in the Settings view you have the option to bypass the protocols chosen by the full auto mode. Kind regards
  2. Hello! Please make sure to check the ticket you opened just in case you did not receive the courtesy e-mail, or simply you did not enter an existing and valid e-mail address. Trial requests are satisfied, according to availability, in 1 - 48 hours usually. Kind regards
  3. Hello! What allegations are correct? For "correct" do you mean at least pressed as charges by a prosecutor? Otherwise your claims are unsubstantiated and play as a part of the smear campaign itself. Because, and it is worth to repeat it, none of the allegations that tried to frame Jacob Appelbaum, (WikiLeaks, Tor Project advocate), Trevor Fitzgibbons (Edward Snowden PR, publisher, WikiLeaks PR), Julian Assange (WikiLeaks), Nadim Kobeissi (Cryptocat) and Peter Todd (Bitcoin Core former developer) as serial rapists arrived at any court, and no prosecutor pressed charges against any of them so far. It is also worth noting that the campaigns to make Appelbaum, Kobeissi and Todd appear as rapists started from claims of the same person (Isis Agora Lovecruft), and that Peter Todd has sued Isis for defamation. According to Todd's lawyers, Isis Agora Lovecruft wanted that Todd condemned some person she was accusing of rape publicly, which is an infamous trick to re-inforce a smear campaign: have a third-party condemning the alleged acts of some person before any charges are brought against that person and before any allegation verification goes through a due process with presumption of innocence and a fair trial. When Todd refused to condemn publicly that person (probably Kobeissi). Isis Agora Lovecruft accused EVEN Todd of rape and sexual assault: https://bitcoinwarrior.net/2019/04/former-bitcoin-core-developer-peter-todd-faces-rape-allegations-refutes-with-defamation-suit/ So Isis is accusing three different persons (Appelbaum, Kobeissi and Todd) of very serious crimes and currently none of them has had charges pressed against (so they did not even need to defend in a court, so far). Anyone who forgets presumption of innocence commits a paramount mistake that weakens human rights and strengthens the intelligence tactics based on smear campaigns since a century ago. The readiness through which some people in the "Western countries" are eager to forget the most fundamental rights is very dangerous and must be fought relentlessly, without any tiny hesitation. Further references: https://contraspin.co.nz/freeing-julian-assange-part-one/ Kind regards
  4. Hello! It's a bug by Eddie which checks the IPv6 routes even with OpenVPN versions older than 2.4, when our servers refuse to push IPv6 to those versions. You have two available, alternative solutions: 1) Upgrade OpenVPN to version 2.4 or higher (latest stable version is 2.4.7). Recommended solution. 2) Alternatively, set the "IPv6 layer" combo box to "Block". You can find it in the "Preferences" > "Networking" window. You will renounce to IPv6 but Eddie will connect at least and you will not need to upgrade OpenVPN. Kind regards
  5. @NormG1 Hello! It's just HTML5 geo-location: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_geolocation.asp HTML5 exists since 2014 and ipleak.net has this feature since then, so no news here. Do not enable HTML5 geo-location, or disable it if you have already done so. All browsers come with it disabled by default as far as we know. Kind regards
  6. Hello! Well everything seems fine. Frankly we don't see any source of confusion: the web browser geo-location has a button to activate when the browser is configured to not reveal it. Kind regards
  7. @NormG1 Hello! Such a strange bug that it's capable to detect your location? Doesn't sound like a bug at all. "Geo-location detection" field in ipleak.net involves HTML5. Make sure to disable it on the browser. WebRTC has nothing to do with it. Kind regards
  8. Thanks. Anyway we have never published twice the same thing. A quick note on unsubstantiated claims about Assange or Manning published even in this thread, meaning that disinformation pollution is still widespread. For example Encrypted's nonsense about Assange's "odd loyalties towards the enemies of liberal democracy." is curious. It's a sentence that propaganda actors are trained to put down against Assange and others in an obsessive, coordinated way to trigger repetition by message recipients according to a well known psychological effect. Coordination and psychology tactics have refined since when smear campaigns were conducted against, say, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. Just to make an example which is straight in front of our faces, check Tor Project and the smear campaign against Jacob Appelbaum, based on sexual assaults claims which were never proven (and not even brought to a court), similarly to smear campaign against Assange. They caused a damage to Tor Project, especially because they lost their most valuable asset, even after their "internal investigation", but the real target was someone with high profile who dared to work with WikiLeaks. A clear, intimidatory message to the whole community. By the way, when we sponsored Tor Project and OONI we were criticized exactly because we supported an organization whose a leading actor was a "potential rapist". Can you see how powerful and pervasive smear campaigns have become? They are so pervasive that even small companies like ours are noted and addressed when supporting someone or something that's defamed. Of course, the fact that the allegations against Mr. Appelbaum never became formal, legal charges of anything were not noticed by those "critics", and did not change the fact that we were pressured to not donate to Tor Project. We wonder what those persons full of shit have to say nowadays (probably nothing because they have no sense of dignity, just like those who smear Assange now). If you consider that such pressures are brought against small companies like ours that provide negligible donations when compared to Tor financing, you can have a more accurate picture about the pervasiveness and extent of smear campaigns and how people is willing to renounce to the principle of presumption of innocence when it pertains to the target of a smear campaign. It's important to note that those smear campaigns target even you, us and everybody using or offering easy to use encryption services, because they are all born from the identical, very same political agenda. Maybe you can remember after the Paris attacks that the CIA said that those who offer encryption services on the Internet and those who instruct how to use those services have "blood on their hands" (if you don't, check here for example https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-1126-greenwald-snowden-paris-encryption-20151126-story.html ). It is imperative that more and more people get their heads out of their asses and look at the bigger picture, at least to slow down the progressive dismantling or co-opting of any and each service which is not compliant to the wishes of the so called "deep state". Kind regards
  9. Hello, passwords are stored encrypted in our database. As far as it pertains to your considerations on password exchange, are you trolling? If not, we will leave the task to explain why you have derailed to some person of good will, however it's difficult to explain when you lack even the basics of the matter. In the meantime rest assured that password exchange is performed according to the state of the art. Kind regards
  10. Hello! An important work is ongoing, both on Eddie AND new software, and both have high priority. Please be patient. Kind regards
  11. @zhang888 Hi! Re: Snowden On top of what you say, Snowden never forgot the people who saved his life and vigorously tries to defend them with the weight of his reputation and making the world aware of their conditions, including Julian Assange, who played an extraordinary role, and the brave family with children who sheltered him in Hong Kong while he was hunted (they are still persecuted for that). https://twitter.com/SCMPNews/status/1133498183391125504 The Courage Foundation, created by WikiLeaks and strongly wanted by Assange as well, is still funding Snowden too. Trust advisers of the Courage Foundation include John Pilger, Daniel Ellsberg, Renata Avila, the Pussy Riot, Annie Machon... https://www.couragefound.org/who-we-support/ It's hard to make a distinction on moral grounds between Snowden and Manning. As Snowden explains here: https://edwardsnowden.com/frequently-asked-questions/#why-snowden-did-not-voice-complaints-within-the-system following internal intelligence channels would have been pointless in his case. Even more so for Manning, as her denounces pertained not only to highly illegal activities as revealed by Snowden, but even on war crimes including deliberate assassinations of journalists and children and torture which was known and approved by the highest levels not only of the Intelligence, but by the leaders of a country. An important difference between Snowden and Manning and Assange on the perception by the public opinion is that the concerted smear campaign to "assassinate characters" has been more effective against Manning and Assange. In the case of Snowden, it succeeded only in insinuating the macroscopic lie according to which Snowden would not have given credit to Assange in his extraordinary and courageous journalistic role and his decisive actions to save Snowden's life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooC8DOW1TBk, but this lie was quickly exposed by Snowden himself and other real journalists. Snowden also claimed that his decision to cooperate with Greenwald and not WikiLeaks does not mean in any way that WikiLeaks is NOT a totally legitimate model. It is also mandatory to remember, in honor of Chelsea Manning, that she resisted months of brutal torture and years of imprisonment (she is again in jail now) aimed to force her to lie and fabricate accusations against Assange. Even Assange was and is victim of various infringement of human rights, as the United Nations found with the reports from the Arbitrary Detention Working Group, and the findings of the Special Rapporteur on Torture, including arbitrary detention https://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=17012&LangID=E , torture, vilification of human dignity through countries ganging up and denial of access to medical support. https://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=24665&LangID=E Therefore, it's enigmatic to show respect to Snowden and not to Manning, and/or to Snowden and not to the man who saved his life. But then again, this might be just another success of the huge smear campaigns. Here we might have had a misunderstanding, our bad. We will keep in touch in private to understand whether you want the publication or not.  True. Our mission is clear https://airvpn.org/mission and of course it does not imply neutrality when we come to defend privacy, freedom of speech, freedom to access and impart information, which are all fundamental rights. Our neutrality pertains of course to keep our infrastructure protocol agnostic. We also do not intervene lightly. We must have absolute certainty and excellent documentation before we intervene. You will have noticed that since 2012 and up to April 2019 we had never taken a position about Assange. Honest, declared partiality toward defense of specific human rights and high transparency are, in our opinion, a good feature of AirVPN. So far, we think that AirVPN is a fairly good example of how a business can be conducted in a totally ethic way and can be successful without relying on marketing fluff. Kind regards
  12. Hello! Yes, please open a ticket. A suspension from the VPN can mean some payment trouble you might be even unaware of. Further investigations are due. Same for suspensions from the forum: permanent suspensions from the forum is caused 100% by spam (ads about pills, pharma, links of any type etc.) and often we find that the suspended person did not have any idea that a spambot was running in his/her syustem. Kind regards
  13. Thank you, we understand the problem you face. It can be easily solved by following exclusively the RSS feed of our "News" forum. In the "News" forum you will find what you need without side content interfering with info purely related to internal AirVPN matters. Original AirVPN founders bound AirVPN activities to a clear mission https://airvpn.org/mission It does, in ways that are not obvious, but surface when you put all the pieces together. The outcome of the coordinated efforts to limit the activities of services like ours, as well as other services aimed to enhance privacy and/or freedom of expression, through different plans including putting an end to effective encryption for everyone, has anyway become visible in the last 12-15 months, we talked about it recently in "News". Also, we must not forget how certain technical decisions which directly and beneficially impacted our customers, for example 4096 bit DH keys and our decision to not use ECC in OpenVPN, are direct consequences of what we know even thanks to WikiLeaks, and not random decisions which turned out to be great for some incredible series of strokes of luck. We are very sorry if you got this impression. It has nothing to do with that, it's rather a normal action to comply to AirVPN mission. While it's true that in the past most actions compliant to our mission had a good marketing side effect, the purpose with which they are performed is not for business. On the other hand, it's also true that when someone accepts to support AirVPN, he/she sees that the mission statement is quite different from any other VPN service on Earth. Apple and oranges, as Snowden is a whistleblower and Assange a journalist and a publisher. It's worth noting that it's very much possible that Snowden would have disappeared, or at least tortured and imprisoned in terrible conditions, if Assange did not intervene. It's possible that Assange intervention saved Snowden life, according to the public documentation available. It's also worth noting that Chelsea Manning contacted both the New York Times and the Washington Post, and they were "uninterested" in her revelations, or too scared to publish them. Manning ended up to WikiLeaks only because the NYT and the WP did not have the care to go deeper into material checking and the courage Assange both had. That's very interesting. Please feel free to elaborate on how our political viewpoint could possibly be hidden as we published our mission at AirVPN birth. AirVPN mission is the very reason which AirVPN exists for. In your opinion, and here matter becomes even more interesting, why a political mission which states that the company must operate at the best of its abilities in defense of privacy, freedom of expression and against censorship should be kept hidden in Western democracies? Feel free to be explicit with threats, no need to post veiled threats. Kind regards
  14. Hello, it's an important security feature that you could bypass. We strongly recommend that you don't. Yes, there are other applications that gain root privileges without asking you for a password, and they are exploited to gain control of your machine. Remember the Viscosity disaster. Eddie can be started automatically at startup through a command line, if you want no interaction with it: you may run it on one of your init scripts via a shell. We are also moving toward a totally different software approach in UNIX-like machines (including FreeBSD/Darwin based machines like Mac), so you will see anyway important news in the next months. Kind regards AirVPN Support Team
  15. Hello! The list you made includes IP addresses of bootstrap servers used to download servers and client information to build a configuration file for OpenVPN according to your preferences. Eddie is free and open source software, therefore you can verify from the source code that Eddie sends only your username and password to the bootstrap servers, as well as the data required to negotiate the encrypted connection over HTTP. As usual, you are not forced to run Eddie to connect to our service. You can run OpenVPN or any OpenVPN frontend. Our Configuration Generator can generate all the profiles you need to connect. Kind regards
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