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    LZ1 got a reaction from cm0s in Privacy Question on US AirVPN Servers   ...
    Hello !
    Despite the us' reputation, they don't require VPN providers to log I believe. AirVPN also upholds the same strict rules for all their servers, regardless of location.
    Because in short, if AirVPN didn't think they could maintain a server in location X that corresponds to their values and objectives, they simply wouldn't put a server there.
    Since AirVPN is a logless VPN, they pretty much don't have any logs to give, even IF they wanted to or were forced to, when a given entity requested it; but they don't
    comply with these things anyway.
    You can also check their new servers here and note how they all follow the same rules:
    Look at that, not only do they have integrity, but they gave us datalove! Now how many people do you know who do that?! Haha!
    I'd say on technical terms it's as secure connecting to a server in your home country. However I think it's generally a good idea to connect to one outside your own country,
    if you can. The whole point of a VPN however, is to protect your traffic. AirVPN itself doesn't mind if you use p2p at all and your ISP can't see what you're doing anyway.
    Just make sure you've got no leaks of any kind, whether IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks. You can check this at www.ipleak.com and see. If you don't see any of your own addresses
    there, then it's likely no one else does either; including your ISP.
    Also, you can check out this thread:
    There you can see the questions posed and what AirVPN specifically, answered to each of them. So you can see number 1, 4, 5 and 6 for instance.
    Look at number 1. That's better than porn man, lol.
    In short, AirVPN is superior to most other services I think, both in terms of sheer technical know-how, but also ethics.
    They recently disowned ICANN, a huge internet institution, because basically long-story short, they suck and AirVPN doesn't accept suckers,
    because in short, AirVPN is much like Chuck Norris:

    And if you know who he is, you know that one does not simply deny Chuck Norris lmao.
    So finally, since your ISP doesn't know what you're doing, since you're using a VPN, you should be very safe regardless of what you're doing; of course, keep it clean lol, no serious crime. Also, unless latency is a really big issue for you or otherwise critical, you can just let the AirVPN client, called Eddie, automatically connect you to the recommended server at the time. If you go to your settings, you can
    make AirVPN start automatically and to enable Network Lock automatically. This way, even if you forget, then all your traffic will still be routed through AirVPN; even
    if there's connection issues (normally called a kill switch). I always enable Network Lock at login. It's quite sweet. This way you're sure nothing leaks out of your VPN tunnel.
    Oh and P2P itself isn't illegal. It's just a way of doing things. It's *what* you download which can be illegal, haha. Not the protocols themselves.
    But don't worry. If you're just an occasional downloader, then it's fairly unlikely you'll get into trouble. I mean, there's people out there who make a lifestyle out of
    downloading lol. Just make sure you have a good Bittorent client, such as qBittorent and that its settings are ok.
    I hope this answers your questions. If not, wait until master zhang or lord giganerd arrive or any of the other disciples of AirVPN.

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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in VPN Comparison chart - real competitive analysis effort   ...
    I won't comment much about OVPN.se but I will shortly say that whoever lies on small details,
    should not be trusted with bigger ones.
    Just a few lies:
    They rent most of their servers from Obenetwork, a good niche Swedish provider - AS197595.
    I actually happen to "IRC know" the owner of this network, a friendly guy under the name P.
    They (Obenetwork) do run their own, niche  small VPN service called AzireVPN from that network, it's not the
    fastest one around but this is where those OVPN.se resellers get their servers. Note the locations, they
    are exactly the same by the way, you just happen to buy a worse service from OVPN (probably overselling?)
    if you wish to do so.
    And no, Obenetwork does not currently provide cusom offers except those that are found here:
    Next, to some more hard facts:
    See #1.
    So, the "no hard drives" theory just vanished in the Air, I guess.
    I wonder what exactly those geniuses "trimmed-down" from a netinstall minimal Debian installation that only has 20% of the
    original packages in it right now. I hope they kept the kernel, libc and binutils however. This is half a joke, read next:
    I wonder how they run Tresor, since it was only a theoretical patchset presented at 28C3 (an annual hacker's conference
    in Germany) and was never integrated to the stable Kernel, see this thread for a reference:
    And of course, the Tresor project patches official website:
    So, those guys just run an unstable patches backported to the Debian kernel, of a project that has never
    been security audited for vulnerabilities nor tested outside the original research goal.
    But wait... They just said they run without hard drives. Why to make such extreme steps against cold
    boot attacks, which they were allegedly never vulnerable to, in the first place? Since the lack of hard drives.
    And they also mention to run Tresor together with grsecurity. I really doubt those 2 patches are inter-compatible,
    but let's believe a random VPN provider they are for this matter.
    I cannot comment on that part since it makes no sense at all. Anyone who ever touched the basics
    of low level programming knows that this is complete nonsense.
    I hope they will buy this book one day however, and learn that you don't store keys in the CPU
    or whatever Hollywood meaning that was supposed to mean.
    Hats off to these guys, almost a perfect clone of AirVPN's RRD graphs on the stats page, that's only
    positive thing I could find.
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    LZ1 reacted to giganerd in Using AirVPN with OpenVPN for Android   ...
    If you don't want or can't use Google Play or F-Droid to download this app, browse to http://plai.de/android/ and download it there.
    Also, if you are looking for older or pre-release versions, this link can be valuable for you.
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in ANONYMOUS VPN PROVIDERS? 2016 EDITION (TF)   ...
    Someone has to crowdfund a yearly account campaign on those providers, and then run a few tests with
    actual results. The tests should include, at minimum:
    1) Be able to achieve at least 50% of your ISP bandwidth on a tested node, for a month
    2) Seeding most 100 Top downloaded torrents in a specific month
    3) Making "unobtrusive" mapping of the internet, such as setting up masscan in HTTP banner mode,
    GET / HTTP/1.0 on, again for 1 month (that is a very slow scan and shouldn't stress the network).
    To those who are not into networks, it means scanning all the internet address space (
    and getting a simple response for a simple HTTP request. This may get some automatic abuse letters, but it's a
    great test to see if a provider logs your activity. Since this is a very unobtrusive test, the provider does not have to
    explain the reason for such traffic  to any 3d party that supplied an automatic email about a single HTTP request.
    4) Checking real DNS/WebRTC/IPv6 leaks with the client officially recommended by the provider.
    There are many more activities you can do in order to test the words mentioned in this article, but these
    tests should be totally accepted under any providers ToS I came across so far.
    The real "winners" list should include the providers that didn't terminate your account after at least one month of
    doing steps 1-4 simultaneously.
    Any volunteers?
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in Server on Mars   ...
    I hope to see peace on Earth before servers on Mars.
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    LZ1 reacted to Staff in AirVPN does not recognize ICANN authority anymore   ...

    The United States of America authorities have been performing domain names seizures since the end of 2010. The seizures have been performed against perfectly legal web-sites and/or against web-sites outside US jurisdiction.

    Administrators of some of those web-sites had been previously acquitted of any charge by courts in the European Union.

    The domain name seizures affect the world wide web in its entirety since they are performed bypassing the original registrar and forcing VeriSign and Afilias (american companies which administer TLDs like .org, .net, .info and .com) to transfer the domain name to USA authorities property. No proper judicial overview is guaranteed during the seizure.

    Given all of the above, we repute that these acts:

    - are a violation of EU citizens fundamental rights, as enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights;
    - are an attack against the Internet infrastructure and the cyberspace;
    - are a strong hint which shows that decision capacities of USA Department of Justice and ICE are severely impaired;

    and therefore from now on AirVPN does not recognize VeriSign, Afilias and/or ICANN authority over domain names. AirVPN refuses to resolve "seized" domain names to the IP address designated by USA authorities, allowing normal access to the original servers' websites / legitimate Ip addresses.

    In order to fulfil the objective, we have put in place an experimental service which is already working fine. If you find anomalies, please let us know, the system will surely improve in time.

    Kind regards
    AirVPN admins
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in VPN Comparison chart - real competitive analysis effort   ...
    As you might have noticed, there is a list circulating on the privacy related forums
    recently regarding VPN providers:
    Old chart (The author of the chart did not provide any credible info regarding his tests)
      New chart: 
    While this list might be useful to avoid some providers, it lacks (imho) key values like if the
    announced locations are real locations and not fake Whois+GeoIP tricks, if the servers are
    actual bare-bone servers with real internet providers and not cheap shared bandwidth
    resellers, and of course who is the team behind the VPN company and how they respond
    to critical security issues, privacy questions and "hard" questions regarding their service.
    I want to make it an open discussion, where the members that submit their thoughts
    "Why provider X is better than Air", where me, or other members, can explain why most of
    the times this is a lie.
    Since most of those providers oversell cheap VPS servers, and have GeoIP tricks with
    fake whois (HMA/PureVPN/Ivacy are a good example) to show you 50+ countries
    where in fact it is mostly NL/US location where you can put fake data in the IP, and open a
    ticket to Maxmind to update the location. And here you go, a fake country is ready for the
    gullible users to fall in.
    I would like to make a discussion where every member can post a "feature" where they think
    another provider is better, but as I explained, most of them only false advertize it in most cases.
    The only thing I cannot put up on this challenge is the price, however, being in the hosting industry
    I do know how much Air pays for their leased servers - this is not a cheap thing to run at all.
    There are about 100 providers in this list, I tried to find one that is at least honest about their infrastructure and their privacy policy, but I couldn't find anyone except Air. Now this is rather
    bad news than good one - I wanted to see more, but a fact is a fact...

    Feel free to throw competitive names here, in a nicely manner, and I will try as much as possible
    to show you why some points you believe in - are not exactly the way there are on this list.
    You can also try and point out some improvement points for Air, based on that list, and if they
    are interesting I am sure Staff can comment about them.
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    LZ1 reacted to FromtheWalls in An Exceptional VPN Provider   ...
    Since I just renewed my Air subscription I figured it was a good time to write a brief review of this outstanding service. 
    Speed: Extremely satisfied. I have a 60/60 fiber connection and my speed is often maxed out while torrenting. This makes it very pleasant to seed and very fast to download. I never thought I'd find a VPN that would perform this well, but Air delivers.
    Security: I feel confident I am with the best provider here. Extremely knowledgeable and seemingly ahead of every major issue, the Air staff is clearly devoted to a quality service. 
    The Client: Once again I just have to lavish praise. Eddie is a good-looking, easy to use and versatile client with a vast amount of useful options and it is by far the best VPN client I have tried.
    Other: I absolutely love the port fowarding system. Up to 20 ports forwarded and no need to mess around with the ports if i change servers is brilliant. I just need to generate a port, add it to my program, and never think about it again no matter what server I use thanks to Air. I find the price very reasonable and definitely worth the money. Devoted to net neutrality, supporting other great projects, having configuration options available for a wide variety of platforms, delivering alternative protocol options to those who struggle with throttling isp's ... hell, it even has a great site layout. I just love everything about Air. 
    Conclusion: I tried to think of any but I just don't have any complaints. This service works so great for me. I am aware this is not universally true (that would be impossible) BUT if you hesitate to try Air I can only recommend that you go for it. Chances are you will never want another VPN provider again.  
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    LZ1 got a reaction from FromtheWalls in How AirVPN Helped me to unlock the internet   ...
    Hello !
    That's what happens when you join immense technical skill with a real passion for privacy and integrity.

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    LZ1 got a reaction from FromtheWalls in Bye   ...
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    LZ1 got a reaction from User of AirVPN in Two new 1 Gbit/s servers available (US)   ...
    Well in that case, AirVPN owes us a server called Hogwarts.
    Then at least some of us might finally be able to attend!
    The marketing people would have a field day as well:
    AirVPN - the air to breathe the real internet The Only VPN With Enough DNS Servers At Hogwarts To Bypass That Magical Geoblocking Dem Wizards Got
    Usage would spike.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from giganerd in Keeps Disconnecting and restating   ...
    Hello !
    You need one thing in your life and it's spoilers. No, no, not for your movies, but for your posts. Check my signature for how to do it: it'll help us help you, if you use a
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in 7 Or More Reasons AirVPN Is The Worst VPN   ...
    Convert a significant amount of your assets to Bitcoins, or invest into a commodity which you
    are best familiar with. Done.
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    LZ1 reacted to andeby in 7 Or More Reasons AirVPN Is The Worst VPN   ...
    I wish I could change the amount on my bank account based on feelings.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from foxmulder in 7 Or More Reasons AirVPN Is The Worst VPN   ...
    Hello !
    Today, I finally realized how wrong I was about AirVPN. I think we should all change to DrumpfVPN immediately !
    DrumpfVPN Pros:
    All virtual immigrants will get kept out with a virtual WALL ! No encryption. What do you have to hide, seriously? Privacy? This way, the government will have easy access to your data, at no extra cost. No need to remember the names of websites (Take THAT name-resolution servers! Thinking you're smart with resolving text into IPs and back, hmpf) Suppress Free Speech ! Insult everyone (And unlike AirVPN, it won't just be "a lot of hot Air" either) DrumpfVPN Cons:
    Doesn't support Apple products "due to their stupid insistence on encryption." No apparent pricing structure. Why should such an AMAZING service be free? This isn't a European "Welfare" state!  
    AirVPN Pros:
    Nice logo? Based in Italy, which means they must have such soothing and charming voices! Mama Mia!  
    AirVPN Cons:
    Too much insistence on long words. I mean really, SHA1 HMAC? Isn't an HMAC a burger or something? Extreme encryption. Really, why make it so hard for the government to see what you're doing and thus waste tax payer money as it tries to find out? So unethical! Protects peoples digital and civil liberties. Clearly AirVPN is working with the terrorists! They're just too nice and professional. C'mon. I mean you don't even use google analytics on your website, why? Just why? Supports virtually every platform! How can you work with such people like Apple?! To speak nothing of the evil that we call Linux! Poor spelling, clearly. I mean how unprofessional is it, when you spell "YES" as "AES" ?! I expect better. Talking about strangers, through DHE. What if I don't care about Diffie and Hellman exchanging their car keys? You shouldn't bother the customer with this. They don't recognize ICANN. Which points to a VERY pessimistic outlook on life! What's the alternative? ICANNT maybe? So yeah, this is my review. AirVPN is clearly not compatible with FREEDOM! I mean really, who would place his computers in places like Canada?
    And what man, in his right mind, calls one of his UK computers Bellatrix?!

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    LZ1 got a reaction from Wolf666 in Bye   ...
    Hello !
    I hope you take care of yourself man. Best of luck to you.
    May your DNS never leak and may your VPNs always stay true.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from Wolf666 in Bye   ...
    Hello !
    I hope you take care of yourself man. Best of luck to you.
    May your DNS never leak and may your VPNs always stay true.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from FromtheWalls in How AirVPN Helped me to unlock the internet   ...
    Hello !
    That's what happens when you join immense technical skill with a real passion for privacy and integrity.

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    LZ1 reacted to cm0s in Bye   ...
    well hope to see ya back
    i know i've had my moments
    and it's just the forum thing in general
    nuthin to do with this spot or any
    forum specific
    when ya are used to yer own pages
    yer own site really hard to adjust at times
    regardless hope ya do well and keep yer powder dry
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    LZ1 got a reaction from User of AirVPN in Two new 1 Gbit/s servers available (US)   ...
    Hello !
    How are the names for the servers picked?
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    LZ1 got a reaction from S.O.A. in Two new 1 Gbit/s servers available (US)   ...
    Oh that's interesting !
    I would love if they geeked out a bit more, with names like
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    LZ1 reacted to zhang888 in AirVPN Client Lose Most of Its GUI   ...
    This is most likely due to a bug in your window manager that allows "maximizing" of any X window to stretch it
    on top of the screen. The Eddie client cannot force it not to do this.
    Resizing issues happen alot on Windows apps that you run with Wine for example.
    Sometimes the solution is minimizing and opening it again, or playing with the window borders.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from giganerd in Can't connect to any servers   ...
    Hello !
    Please use
    tags for your logs! As you can see, your post is a mile long. Please do edit your post and put them between those tags. 
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    LZ1 got a reaction from giganerd in Default Gateway is not available   ...
    Haha, thank you x 2, it is done !
    If only I knew as much as you guys, then I'd be able to help out more ^^.
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    LZ1 got a reaction from FromtheWalls in How AirVPN Helped me to unlock the internet   ...
    Hello !
    That's what happens when you join immense technical skill with a real passion for privacy and integrity.

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