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Sleep mode and disconnecting

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As I'm new to all this I'm still learning as I go.  One thing I have learned is the reason for my disconnects is when the computer goes into sleep mode.  This may seem obvious to most but it really didn't occur to me.


So I  have changed my settings in Windows 10 to never sleep mode and tested it over last few days.  I'm very happy to say that everything has worked perfectly since with no disconnects.


My only concern now is leaving my computer all day and evening on Never Sleep mode.  I do turn it off during the night.  Does anyone know of a way to let the computer sleep but keep the network active?  I've googled this but not found the answer.



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As far as I know that ain't possible since when it goes into sleep mode it basically turns most of it off which includes the Network interface so when you wake it up it has been unable to keep the OpenVPN connection active and it requires a restart of the OpenVPN connection.

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If your computer enters sleep mode and then wakes up after it, it resets the routing table on Windows. If OpenVPN was running and you wake it up, OpenVPN does not fully reconnect, it only renews the connection, more or less. This does not include readding the routes. I too had problems with this. Always disconnect before going into sleep mode.

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Who turns off a computer?

You can turn off the monitor or put it to sleep, computers are fine with working 24/7 for many years.


Yes but is it ok to leave it on and never put it into sleep?

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