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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from ɹoɹɹǝ in UK servers?   ...
    Error-- I've had the same concern as you about whether GCHQ has the capability of spying on internet traffic exiting Air's U.K servers. It's highly unlikely I'll route my online traffic through the U.K servers anymore. (Same goes for Ukraine.) May there be a special place in hell for all of the British government officials who made the new spying law possible... and my genuine sympathy for the private internet users in the U.K now forced to deal with that outrage.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to ɹoɹɹǝ in UK servers?   ...
    It will be interesting outcome for the UK hosting industry. I know there are some privacy providing companies based in UK and even before the new laws came into effect UK was always known as an enemy to the open internet. I rarely use servers in UK because of the immense spying and blatant disrespect towards internet users. I know Air is very trustworthy on how they operate their servers, we are sure they do not log but we cannot be certain that the UK is not spying on the traffic that is exiting the server(s). It truly is a nightmare.
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from ɹoɹɹǝ in UK servers?   ...
    NaDre-- It's a pretty depressing and infuriating state of affairs what has happened in England. I'm hoping Scotland eventually tells London to suck it. If Air has to take it's servers out of the U.K at some point, perhaps relocating them in Ireland will help subscribers such as yourself. In the meantime, MAYBE it's safe to route your internet traffic through the U.K servers but I personally don't trust them now with the passage of that new snooping law.
    I'm sure the tech gurus here at Air are far more knowledgable about which countries are good candidates for locating servers, but I'm wondering if the following would be possible: Iceland; Venezuela; Bolivia; India; Greece; Finland; Norway; Bulgaria; Serbia; Bela Rus. (Those last 3 have rather authoritarian governments, but maybe something could be worked out? Again, just humble suggestions. By the way, is the possibility of having servers in Portugal again completely out of the question now?)
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from LZ1 in Black Friday   ...
    I'm considering renewing for 2 years if that's allowed.
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from FromtheWalls in So, Do You Look Forward To Hillary Clinton As President? [Trump Won]   ...
    A little something for the dummies crying about how the mainstream media stacked the deck totally against $hillary.
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from LZ1 in Pure VPN buy with VPN & and they Ask for ID or Phone Verification   ...
    Being technically challenged, I'm still trying to learn about this stuff. Before signing up with Air about this time last year, I had been with Hide My Ass! for 2 years. (I know, I know.... try to go easy on me. I didn't know any better.) Like a lot of people who don't know much about the technical ins and outs about what REALLY counts in choosing a VPN, I loved that HMA! had so many servers in so many different countries around the world. (I really thought I was a big turd in the internet toilet!) I never had any problems with HMA!, they were nice when I had any questions. But with a few months left in the second year of my subscription I began to wonder if I could do better. Having plenty of time to do a lot of research I found out about Air. Even with my limited technical knowledge, an inner voice was telling me these folks were on to something. Anyway, as the end of my subscription to HMA! got closer, they must've sensed I was thinking hard about jumping ship; they tried HARD to get me to re-up with an enticing discount for renewing for another year... sending me super friendly reminders in emails to renew... the glowing advantages of remaining with HMA!. Believe it when I say they bent over backwards with their charm offensive to keep me.
    It didn't work. They never contacted me again after the final day of my subscription with them passed without me renewing. I swear to you I could almost sense their disappointment that they couldn't convince me to stay. MY only regret is that I didn't know about Air and used HMA! for 2 whole years. I just chalk it up as a part of the learning experience.
    Even with my limited technical knowledge, I figured out something very, very important about choosing a VPN and email service. I've pointed this out in a couple of posts in other threads, but I can't emphasize this enough-- if you live in the U.S. like I do, you would have to be BRAIN DEAD to use any VPN or email service based in the U.S. The best available privacy and security features understandably come at some price point.... and anything "free" is quite likely going to be worse than useless. Do your due diligence. Research thoroughly, and take your time doing it. If you seriously want the best, you'll find it. The one thing I can promise without hesitation is that positive word-of-mouth advertising is more valuable than gold.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to Oldkrow in My review on FN, we should all help AirVPN get noticed   ...
    You all had great points of view and thank you LZ1, your response was detailed, well thought out and written. I share pretty much the same views as you, and yes the technical aspects here are more advanced, but it has taught me how to be more secure.
    Oddly, I found AirVPN through a lot of research and one very well written review from an author who is a leading expert with an advanced knowledge of the really small but extremely important features to look for when searching for a VPN. At the time, I knew some of the fundamental aspects of what to look for. It was his article that discussed topics I had to do further research on. This led me to believe, he was not writing for your average everyday user but a very specific niche audience of users who really take privacy serious. He placed AirVPN and like 4 others at the top VPN's in his opinion.
    I ended up choosing this VPN because after reading everything he had discussed and then furthered my research on the topics I hadn't understood, it was AirVPN that had most of the key features which I spoke of in my review. You can't have everything right? Every VPN is missing on thing or the other but from I learned, there were features I knew I couldn't go without.
    Yes, as you said, they only let us have three different devices vs some VPN's who let you have more. Honestly, looking for a VPN with the most servers wasn't even a thing I was looking for because in his article, he pointed out something I never knew. The quantity of servers is not half as important as it is to know which countries their servers are located and hosted in. The article pointed out, understanding the importance behind why a VPN chooses one country over another is vital because it can have a huge implications on a user's privacy based on laws in place for the hosting country, should it ever come into play. Another reason, why I went with AirVPN.   
    Thanks again everyone, I'll also try to find that article. It educated me on a lot of things; AirVPN was just a bonus and for the speed and no cap all for the price, is untouchable in my honest opinion. 
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to MersennePrime in Pure VPN buy with VPN & and they Ask for ID or Phone Verification   ...
    I think I have never done so much homework like I did while searching for a trustworthy VPN service provider. When you look closer, the list of candidates gets cut down rapidly; many promises turn out to be either demonstrably false, like the ones mentioned here, or are likely .. lets say, embellishments.
    At some point, you are down to a very short list and some new worry lines, because we can test only for positive results, the negative ones are undetermined: is the absence of condemning evidence truly evidence of its absence? We just don't know. In the end, it's always going to be a matter of trust and common sense: choose a service that works well and doesn't raise any red flags - and don't do anything seriously stupid regardless.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to ɹoɹɹǝ in Dreadful HuffPo article on "the best" VPNs   ...
    Anyone else notice how it's always the same VPN's that are the "best"? I wonder how much those companies spend each year on shills.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to zhang888 in Dreadful HuffPo article on "the best" VPNs   ...
    Given a good offer, such sites will even recommend a Galaxy Note 7 as the best smartphone
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to FromtheWalls in Dreadful HuffPo article on "the best" VPNs   ...
    I was going to comment on this. He is one of those tards that dishes out generic and useless advice he has copied from other tards, and as usual when these tards talk about any field you know anything about you instantly notice that it's just a BSing tard. As for this specific list it's probably just a copy/paste routine from some paid shill, with the tard in question being too dumb to even get paid by the VPN providers for copying it. Great Success Coach.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to snapz in EU Copyright Directive – privatised censorship and filtering of free speech   ...
    NSA / CIA / FBI / GCHQ and the like are a very powerful weapon in the hands of politicians who want to stay in power by force and even want to extend this power.
    And control is power. Under the guise of terrorism and pedophilia scare the majority and they know that the majority of the people want to give up their privacy for allegedly "fake" security. These same people are not even going to think about this and accept the picture, let alone demonstrate/protest.

    Jean C. Juncker, European Commission President said in 1999,
    "We decide something. We bring it in and wait. If there is no uprising from the people then we move on.
    Step by step till return is no longer possible. "

    And I think they're going to play it this way, step by step, with a couple of false flag attacks with many deaths and injuries and we are a bird for the cat.
    Sorry for my English guys, i hope you undertand my point of view.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to greenclaydog in Why AirVPN?   ...
    1. Transparent policies 
    2. Decent no logging policy 
    3. All types of traffic allowed on all servers
    4. No cheap VPS or fake geoip's 
    5. Great technical knowledge from both support and the community
    6. Acknowledges changing political climates in countries which they host servers and refuse to host servers in countries that fail to meet technical and ethical standards.
    Those are a few of my favorite, the order of which is irrelevant 
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to LZ1 in Why AirVPN?   ...
    In addition to the excellent points by VPNuser172:

    Core Ideals & Practices
    I prefer AirVPN over other VPNs due to what I perceive to be superior security practices and ethical backbone. Air takes an unwavering stance on security, to the extent that it makes most other providers look like they're not really trying. When the Air Staff account posts, it just feels like they're really in the know, as opposed to just avoiding the topic, when things get technical. So if you think you can come to the Air forums and tell Air they did something wrong in a technical sense, you better be prepared, because Staff brings the big guns lol. Staff will fight you and you will lose most likely. . In my view, that's a pretty swag attitude. I mean, how many companies have the honesty to tell their customers when they're wrong? Or how about just casually telling substantial internet organisations where they can stick it because they're not doing their job? No worries Air can do that too.
    Which brings me onto the next point: Air actually has values, while many other providers, only see value in money. Thus because Air intends to protect privacy as a way of protecting human rights, I feel that Air is more trustworthy and what is a VPN worth, if it can't be trusted? After all, you don't need to live in some 3rd world country to be in increasingly short supply of basic human rights, like the right to privacy. Not to mention who Air is run by. Air also doesn't give a damn if it has to inconvenience its customers for a little while, if it means it protects them and the integrity of Air: that's epic!
    They don't even take any shortcuts regarding their website!.

    Marketing & Presentation
    But not only that, Air doesn't oversell itself, which gives it an Air ( ) of honesty.  Air actively supports other security/privacy-oriented endeavors with cold, hard cash. Which means that supporting Air, is also a way of supporting other groups who are working for the same core ideals, such as freedom and openness; not least about its own operations. It's also comforting not finding google analytics or facebook logins on the Air site as well.

    Features & Features!
    Air was said to be more expensive than average, on some of the review sites I visited. That's ok! Because the features that AirVPN provides are so sweet. VPN + Tor, various DNS tricks to bypass country blocks to certain websites, from any server, an open and feature-rich client (which not everyone can boast!) and it goes on and on. I'm not afraid to say that I once tried the PIA client and was shocked to find I had to disconnect from the VPN server to change basic settings.

    Not to mention we have some crazy smart people on these forums, who will gladly assist you in correcting any faults in perception. So there you go. Yes I'm an Air fanboy, call me an Air-head all you like .
    I found it on torrentfreak, after carefully reading the "Best VPNs" kinda lists that they make, as well as looking them up on other review sites. Air didn't stand out, until I pinpointed exactly what I wanted in a VPN: Good values (such as supporting free software), no censorship, high quality, with lots of features and an extreme attention to security and privacy. It should be said that there's no official standards in the VPN industry. No worries though, Air already sets the standard
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to FromtheWalls in Why AirVPN?   ...
    I see much have been mentioned, and it is correct. Every time I hear about a VPN vulnerability or other, the staff is already way ahead of it - they are extremely knowledgeable and up to date. There's a strong aura of legitimacy to Air, everything shows a devotion to privacy and anti-censorship, it was created by hacktivists and it shows. I won't repeat the many good points mentioned but I'll mention speed. I recently tested servers in every country to see what speeds I got, and it kinda blew my mind. Servers both in every European country (minus Ukraine) as well as North America gave me 80-100% DL/UL speed on my 60/60 fiber connection. That Air only uses real servers can't be emphasized enough, no VPS crap here - and the quality really shows. I am one of those negative, hard to impress people, but Air is pretty amazing. They have exceeded my expectations for how good a VPN provider can be, extremely satisfied. It is almost guaranteed that it is the best VPN provider out there, although I mostly did stop keeping up when I found the perfect provider here
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to OmniNegro in EU Copyright Directive – privatised censorship and filtering of free speech   ...
    This shit is doomed from the start. It places a fucking massive burden on ISPs. If enacted, they would literally have to sit around in person and watch everything you do. And they would be accountable if they did not know that for instance, the picture of your kids in a (Insert fictional character from some stupid kids show) was a commercial product. (The character, not your kids. Lol.)
    All parodies of anything “identified by rightsholders” would have to be blocked. What does that mean? I gave just one very simple example above. There are plenty more, but this explains why it cannot work.
    This is overzealous idiocy at its worst, and should result in the asshats who wrote it being fired. Today. (And lynched for being that stupid.)
    I will not worry. This is actually nothing new. And it failed every time they tried it. It will continue failing.
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from FromtheWalls in It would seem the UK is now the least free democratic country in terms of data privacy   ...
    But hold on here, giganerd! The British GOVERNMENT wanted to stay in the EU. It was the majority of the VOTERS who chose Brexit. And good for them for doing it. GCHQ gonna spy, Brexit or not. George Orwell was the ultimate human crystal ball about the distant future vision of his homeland. Good lord, I love that guy.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to grok in EU Copyright Directive – privatised censorship and filtering of free speech   ...
    Only the organized working-class can successfully oppose the Capitalist police-state.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to greenclaydog in It would seem the UK is now the least free democratic country in terms of data privacy   ...
    It's strange because in many stories about fictional dystopias London is the setting. It's shaping up to be the setting of a real dystopia now too. To be fair the USA is definitely riding the UK's coattails on its way to a similar fate. 
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to FromtheWalls in It would seem the UK is now the least free democratic country in terms of data privacy   ...
    They have already moved farther from free speech than any other western country (to my knowledge) and created an oppressive conformist atmosphere of political correctness that makes the Murican establishment seem to be in touch with people. You can bypass this insanity with a VPN, which is a must to have any kind of privacy in fascist Britannia now. With the amount of political dogma, propaganda, censorship and violations of human rights in the UK it's going to be one of the most brutal awakenings in Europe - glad I don't live there
    I recommend following Pat Condell for an inside view of the UK's insanity - atheist, comedian and provocateur that relentlessly attacks the insanity going on around him.
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    Ricnvolved1956 reacted to hyperionlord in It would seem the UK is now the least free democratic country in terms of data privacy   ...
    well, the UK government has an excellent track record of storing individual's data in a responsible manner, never abusing legislation beyond the scope of which it was originally intended, and under no circumstances using such data to persecute or harass political opponents. 
    In light of all these facts, I can't see anything wrong with this legislation. Because a handful of muslim extremists might blow themselves up at any moment, its only a rational and proportional response to store the web history of every citizen in the entire country. In fact, I am so enthusiastic about it, I signed up to a year's worth of AirVPN.
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from OmniNegro in Meanwhile in America after Trump   ...
    What Russian invasion and occupation are you referring to? I've heard this bleating on Clinton News Network and other western propaganda outlets. If you repeat something loud enough and long enough some people will eventually accept it as truth. ("A lie is as good as the truth when everyone believes." I have that as part of my signature precisely for people such as you.)
    You said somewhere that the previous Ukrainian president was a Russian puppet. I certainly won't dispute that he was sympathetic to Russia. He was corrupt as hell, most certainly. But also know that he was just one a very long line of thoroughly corrupt Ukrainian potiticians. You prattle on about how the Ukrainian population decided they finallly had enough and rose up, and Yanukovich fled to Russia. What you decline to mention (or conveniently leave out) is that the uprising was internal and totally spontaneous. It wasn't. It was a not-so-subtle instigation by State Dept puppets. It is a FACT there were elections already scheduled for September and there was no question Yanukovich would've been thrown out. But the State Dept wasn't about to let a democratic election delay and possible ruin the regime they'd already foreordained. And here's what I don't understand: If Yanukovich was that solidly in the pocket of the Kremlin, why didn't Moscow use their military muscle to make sure he stayed in power? Your so-called 'logic' is full of holes, to put it mildly.
    FACT: You and all the other Clinton cry babies can lie to yourself until Putin annexes us, but a vote for Jill Stein was not a waste of time and a vote for Trump. Only a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. Comprehende vous? I choose to look at it in the reverse-- all those votes for Clinton were a waste of time and a vote for Trump.
    When the first Bush moron was in the White House, after the collapse of the Soviet empire, there was an explicit promise that NATO would not expand any further than where it was established at that time. Within a few years that promise was broken and when the Russian government discreetly asked why NATO was progressively creeping closer to the Russian border, they were curtly and rudely told it was none of their business.
    I have not yet checked out the links in your post, but I will be fair and do that and give my take in another post.
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from Kepler_452b in Meanwhile in America after Trump   ...
    Kepler452_b-- Why don't you just leave if you're so unsettled about the outcome of the election? And I ask this while going out of my way to point out that I don't like it that Trump won.
    Yes, I do watch RT. Everyday and often. I apologize to no one. If anyone thinks I'm letting myself be brainwashed, go right ahead and think it. I would counter that you're getting brainwashed by watching or reading any Amerikan or western based "news" entities.
    A friend of mine many years ago had a saying about anyone who had ideological differences with him: "You go to hell your way and I'll go to hell mine."
    (By the way, in response to LZ1 wondering if I'm a U.S. citizen, I've lived in North Carolina my whole life.)
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    Ricnvolved1956 got a reaction from LZ1 in So, Do You Look Forward To Hillary Clinton As President? [Trump Won]   ...
    A post-election autopsy.
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