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    cm0s got a reaction from LZ1 in Bye   ...
    well hope to see ya back
    i know i've had my moments
    and it's just the forum thing in general
    nuthin to do with this spot or any
    forum specific
    when ya are used to yer own pages
    yer own site really hard to adjust at times
    regardless hope ya do well and keep yer powder dry
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    cm0s got a reaction from LZ1 in Bye   ...
    well hope to see ya back
    i know i've had my moments
    and it's just the forum thing in general
    nuthin to do with this spot or any
    forum specific
    when ya are used to yer own pages
    yer own site really hard to adjust at times
    regardless hope ya do well and keep yer powder dry
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    cm0s got a reaction from oldfart in [SOLVED] Netflix has actually blocked AirVPN   ...
    i do this for firefox...
    // 2001: Disable webRTC user_pref("media.peerconnection.enabled", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.use_document_iceservers", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.identity.enabled", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.video.enabled", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.identity.timeout", 1); user_pref("media.navigator.permission.disabled", true); user_pref("media.navigator.enabled", false); user_pref("media.navigator.permission.disabled", true); 
    if you want you can grab a copy of my user js here
    i took what i found on the forum from here
    and tweaked it further here's the js i use
    for linux users after the first connect to vpn i disconnect and check the /etc/resolv files
    then i chattr the resolv.conf that locks in my dns because after a week i have went back
    and seen my isp put their shit in there, even tho i had settings locked on my router
    askapache has one of the best tools i've used so far
    their january blog article talks about the net getting bloated
    to go back to your netflix/vpn situation, i just ran into same thing myself and why bigbrosbitch post
    with firefox really helped, one of the best posts i've read on any forum coz it nails it, the browser is where
    the 'rubber meets the road' plus in my opinion it's even harder for Microsoft software users, who knows what all
    is leaking or being sent out via their operating systems, same deal in my opinion with some of the linux distros out
    today, they are all getting 'packaged pretty' and that's fine but end of the day, i don't trust pre config operating systems
    even on arch i do my best to shut a lot of crap down, another tool you can use to check stuff and it's also available if anyone
    is on windows is wireshark, do a dump of your traffic for say 15 minutes, that'll tell you exactly what is going on
    if i'm online i'm doing a wireshark dump, that way if something happens coz of my fault or an error at a site etc
    i got something to look at, wireshark is one of the most powerful network diagnostic tools out there, you don't have to be a guru
    to use the basics of it
    i like watching tv from Canada, The Nature of Things, haven't done it lately but yeah like netflix i have to make sure my stuff is ok
    in order to vpn up to Canada and be fine on their site,
    last but not least when i'm just doing general browsing i shut java off and don't accept cookies, for most sites that's fine
    if you don't know how to add the user.js file and you are on windows, right click your firefox icon, think it's add the -p
    and create a profile, stock one should show auto, if you got plugins, bookmarks etc already good make sure you copy that
    original set up first tho then paste your backup copy into the new profile, remove all created ones first, meaning launch firefox
    first so it gives your new profile a custom id, then close it, copy your old files back over, add the user.js to that new folder
    after you remove the 'stock' firefox files, this gives you a duplicate copy of your fav config then add your user.js to that folder
    this way your tweaks will kick in and you shouldn't have any leaks, it's trial and error, i'm always googling something on firefox
    coz there's always something i can do further to make browsing online a little better
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    cm0s reacted to zhang888 in How to Check for DNS Leak on Ubuntu Server Without GUI   ...
    Linux will query the servers from /etc/resolv.conf.
    If you want to make an explicit rule in order to make sure no other application is changing these servers
    in /etc/resolv.conf (although if it's a single user system nothing should ever alter it) you can add these
    extra iptables rules:
    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s 0/0 -p udp --dport 53 -j DNAT --to
    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s 0/0 -p tcp --dport 53 -j DNAT --to
    These rules will make sure that any application that uses even it's own DNS implementation,
    which is again very rare, will be redirected to AirVPN's resolver instead.
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    cm0s got a reaction from OhNoNotHimAgain in PayPal   ...
    what giganerd is gonna say
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    cm0s got a reaction from OmniNegro in Apple-FBI -- Don’t Be Misled   ...
    totally concur, as if the fbi needed a backdoor
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    cm0s reacted to me.moo@posteo.me in A Letter from Apple CEO Tim COok   ...
    My 10 cents; Governments such as the UK (mine) are using their proganda machines to demonize anything that might make it difficult or impossible for them to snoop upon. So anyone using any type of encryption must be doing something underhand or illegal, unless you are using a bank or shopping on line but don't mention those because they are legit and people might start thinking encryption is good.
    If terrorists or any criminal wants to keep stuff secret, they will (try at least), no matter what the stupid governments want with regard to back doors and other such nonesense. There is little difference in essence than before digital technology was around, cryptography has been alive and well for centuries.
    I just hate slimey underhand liars, (lots of expletives) governments, totally hypocritical teapot heads, members of who do loads of secretive deals and other such deeds that they would not like in the public arena. Thank the Lord for Snowden and others like him.
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    cm0s got a reaction from chucknorris in Air VPN on DSL Modem Router   ...
    yeah like others sayen your dsl is really itz own thing here
    just plug that into whatever router you want then from there to your boxes
    config your vpn and local however ya want
    i like static but that's not for everyone
    good luck
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    cm0s reacted to OmniNegro in Do you think you are a professional / master at masking your identity?   ...
    Absolutely no-one alive or dead is a master at concealing their identity. No exceptions.
    No VPN or combination of tools, utilities, and habits can allow this. Even a very good impersonation of another is still identifiable. The very words you use, the punctuation you use or neglect to use, and even the spelling of certain words like grey or gray can help to identify you to an observant person.
    And not to be rude, but anyone who thinks they can mask their identity online is a fool.
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    cm0s reacted to fongocall in Do you think you are a professional / master at masking your identity?   ...
    Just as the title asks, Do you think you are a professional / master at masking your identity?
    Do you think its impossible using airvpn by itself would prevent your internet service provider from unmasking your identity and activities using airvpn?
    We would love to hear why you think your 100% secure, and what you have done to achieve this.
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    cm0s reacted to Khariz in New to VPN   ...
    Cookies.  If you are logged into both Facebook and Amazon on your browser, and you have active cookies (and you aren't in incognito/private mode), then your cookies are tracking you around the internet.  Doesn't matter what your IP is.  
    Do this experiment.  Without being logged into AirVPN, go to Facebook and log in.  Then activate the VPN and refresh the page.  You are still logged in, right?  Why?  Session Cookies.  They just tracked you from one IP to the other.  If you are using google services, facebook, amazon over VPN, you are literally destroying your own privacy/anonymity.  You just erased the fact that you are on a VPN.
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    cm0s got a reaction from wunderbar in [SOLVED] Netflix has actually blocked AirVPN   ...
    this kind of stuff pisses me off and here's why: we buy the same shit over and over again, you pay for cable tv, someone else tells you when you can watch it unless you pay extra for dvr, then you got a boat load of commericals to skim through, so even then, bad way to go, next you pay for it on dvd/bluray, or you pay for it like netflix then they hammer you on geo, forcing ya to basically get a server of your own online from xyz location just to tag it and stream down, i'm from the states and i can't stand half our programming, the couple shows i do like are filmed across the pond anyway, but you think of how much money they make on just reselling xyz show in different formats, that's the thing that isn't fair at all, average neighbor where i live pays over a hundred a month, that's about 1400 bucks a year with taxes, service charges etc and a lot of that is commericals
    and when you do dvr, you get a boat load of restrictions on how you can handle that file, so my reply is get a server online, whatever country you want to watch from and even at x amount of dollars per month, you can get the video url, direct from whatever server they pipe it from, down it
    we got the friggen kardashians and junk like that, makes me want to puke, that kind of stuff would make fungus committ suicide, there are sites online you can use to grab direct video urls, some work on some sites some on others, but in the end it's worth it just to be able to have control of your content, watch it how you want when you want and such, netflix doesn't play with linux well either took me a while figure that out for a friend
    coz they know it's 'open source' via chromium, which i don't use but still, it's always something to control ya and resell their shit back at ya over and over again, we buy the same thing multiple times, unreal
    i know this, hollywood's biggest threat isn't a torrent, most of their stuff isn't even worth it
    why i watch tv from other countries, at least bbc has some kind of science stuff on there
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    cm0s reacted to Clodo in airvpn css   ...
    A dark skin of AirVPN website is planned and will be released asap. Thanks for your patience.
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    cm0s reacted to OpenSourcerer in About honeypots   ...
    This is a quite interesting article about honeypot awareness copied from cryptostorm's forum. "We" and "our" express the opinions of cryptostorm.
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    cm0s got a reaction from DwatlEtAl in Question!   ...
    airvpn is good to go
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    cm0s reacted to AZ10923 in Stunnel + OpenVPN HOWTO for AirVPN SSL Tunneling   ...
    First off i'd like to thank the AirVPN support staff for their personal responses to my emails and not some form letter they could have copy pasted like most company's do now a days ( they actually have intelligent people on the other end who are willing to provide you with support ) and secondly YOU the brave people who have chosen to Encrypt their data rather then allow their ISP/Government free open access to YOUR data ( give them an inch and they'll take a mile things are only going to get worse )
    This will be a quick and dirty method of how I got the latest version of Stunnel and OpenVPN working with AirVPN for Windows 10 incase your ISP is like mine and throttles OpenVPN UDP/TCP traffic and SSL Tunneling is the only solution you have remaining. 
     Now onto the HOWTO:
    ** For the purposes of this HOWTO the path to Stunnel will be known as " Stunnel folder " which is located at C:\users\YOURUSERNAMEINWINDOWS\appdata\local\Stunnel  in Windows 10**
    1) Download the latest version of Stunnel https://www.stunnel.org/downloads.html  < stunnel-5.28-installer.exe > is the version        if you want for windows.
    2) Download the latest version of OpenVPN https://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html < openvpn-install-          2.3.10-I601-x86_64.exe > is the version if you want for windows 64bit.
    3) Install Stunnel and OpenVPN from their .exe files
    4) Goto the AirVPN website and download a config with SSL enabled under advanced to your favorite AirVPN server, once        you've downloaded the .zip version or all the files independently place them in your Stunnel\Config folder located at Stunnel    folder also copy all the contents of the Stunnel\bin folder into your Stunnel\Config folder ( ya I know its sloppy but it worked      for me ) 
    5) Edit the Stunnel.conf file and remark out all the Gmail code with ; at the begging of each line:
        client = yes    accept =     connect = pop.gmail.com:995    verify = 2    CAfile = ca-certs.pem    checkHost = pop.gmail.com    OCSPaia = yes Should now look like this:;[gmail-pop3];client = yes;accept =;connect = pop.gmail.com:995;verify = 2;CAfile = ca-certs.pem;checkHost = pop.gmail.com;OCSPaia = yes One this is done edit your AirVPN .SSL file that you downloaded and copy the code into the bottom of the Stunnel.conf file once done save. 6) Run Stunnel and you shouldn't receive any error messages like " can't load config file " you should see something like this Threading:WIN32 Sockets:SELECT,IPv6 TLS:ENGINE,FIPS,OCSP,PSK,SNIReading configuration from file stunnel.confUTF-8 byte order mark detectedFIPS mode disabledInitializing service [openvpn]Configuration successful 
    7) Copy the downloaded AirVPN config files into your OpenVPN\Config folder mine was located in C:\Program                             files\OpenVPN\Config once this is done and you have your Stunnel connected to AirVPN's servers open the OpenVPN           GUI right click on the icon and select your AirVPN profile and hit connect !
    Hopefully this quick and dirty HOWTO will help others who may want an alternative to the AirVPN client ( theirs nothing wrong with the AirVPN client I just wanted an alternative ).
    Cheers !
    Ps, if you found this HOWTO helpful and you wish to show your appreciation kindly think about making a nominal donation to your local animal rescue shelter in the form of dry/wet food or volunteering your time with the lost / sick and abused animals.
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    cm0s got a reaction from OmniNegro in The Internet is Dead - CISA Bill passed in US   ...
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    cm0s got a reaction from OmniNegro in The Internet is Dead - CISA Bill passed in US   ...
    ad revenue is a big biz
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    cm0s reacted to OmniNegro in The Internet is Dead - CISA Bill passed in US   ...
    Is there anything besides using a VPN not based in the USA that a US citizen can do to fight this bullshit?
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    cm0s got a reaction from Indigo Purple in XMPP server available   ...
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    cm0s reacted to EdensSpire in airvpn css   ...
    GORGEOUS! lol
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    cm0s got a reaction from OmniNegro in Harddisk encryption   ...
    i use luks very happy
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    cm0s reacted to sheivoko in [How-To] [OBSOLETE] AirVPN through stunnel on Android   ...
    ATTENTION: This tutorial is out of date, incomplete and deprecated. 
    A new and improved version of this tutorial can be found here: https://airvpn.org/topic/24349-how-to-airvpn-via-sslstunnel-on-android-678/
    This thread is only kept online for historical reference.

    Goal and obstacles

    We want to use AirVPN's SSL tunneling mode on Android. SSL tunneling can be very useful, especially to defeat firewalls that block OpenVPN or SSH on a protocol level. On Android, a few obstacles have to be worked around:

    a. there is no AirVPN Eddie client for Android.
    Solution: We will use OpenVPN and stunnel directly.
    b. there is no stunnel app in any Android appstore.
    Solution: we will download the stunnel Android binary (provided by the stunnel project itself) and run it from the commandline.
    c. Android does not allow us to execute any programs from the sdcard.
    Solution: we will move stunnel to a special location (owned by the Terminal app), which will allow the Terminal app to execute stunnel.
    d. stunnel wants to write to /tmp/, but there's no /tmp/ on Android.
    Solution: we will modify the .ssl config file to change the pidfile location to a writable directory.

    Software RequirementsAndroid 4.0 or newer (device does not have to be rooted) stunnel compiled for Android (FOSS), via project website OpenVPN for Android (FOSS), via F-Droid or Play Store Jack Palevich's Terminal Emulator for Android (FOSS), via F-Droid or Play Store a separate computer to download/edit the necessary config files and binaries (entirely optional, but easier than doing everything on the Android device itself)

    Setup instructions

    1. Generate config files with AirVPN's config generatorchoose Linux pick one single server of your choice. I will use Nunki for this tutorial! for Connection Mode, choose SSL Tunnel, port 443 (visible after enabling Advanced Mode) enable Resolved hosts in .ovpn file leave all the other settings at their default values download and unzip the generated zip file this should result in an AirVPN folder, containing three files 2. Open the ssl config file (AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.ssl) in a text editor.

    Find the line:
    pid = /tmp/stunnel4.pidChange it to:
    pid = /data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME/stunnel4.pidSave and close the file.
    3. In a text editor, create a new file with the following contents:
    #!/system/bin/shcd /data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME./stunnel AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.sslSave it to a file named nunki (no file extension).
    Put the file into the AirVPN folder, next to our other config files.

    4. Download and unzip stunnel for Android from the stunnel website (stunnel-X.XX-android.zip)

    Put the stunnel file (only the file, not the folder) into the AirVPN folder.

    5. Make sure your AirVPN folder now contains the following files:
    AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.ovpnAirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.sslnunkistunnelstunnel.crt6. Copy the whole AirVPN folder to your Android's SD card.

    The path should be:
    /sdcard/AirVPN/7. Install OpenVPN for Android via F-Droid or Play Store and import the .ovpn config file located at
    /sdcard/AirVPN/AirVPN_GB-Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443.ovpnDon't try to connect just yet.

    8. Install Terminal Emulator for Android, via F-Droid or Play Store

    9. Open Terminal Emulator and successively run the following commands:
    cdThe simple cd command should take you to the app's home directory (/data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME).
    This is where we need to put our config files and the stunnel binary. Let's move them over by running:
    mv /sdcard/AirVPN/* .It's important to type every character correctly (commandline is case sensitive); the "*" is a wildcard expanding to all files in the AirVPN folder, and the "." is a placeholder for the current directory /data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME. Typing commands on Android is a big pain, so I try to keep them as short as possible!

    Finally, we need to modify permissions for the binary and the script, allowing us to execute them:
    chmod 555 stunnel nunkiWe should be ready to go!

    Usage instructions

    I. Open Terminal Emulator and run the following two commands:
      cd ./nunkiA log message should appear: Configuration successful
    Great! Keep the Terminal app running, but use the Home button to get out.

    II. Open OpenVPN for Android and connect to the profile AirVPN_GB_Manchester_Nunki_SSL-443
    Unless something went wrong, you should get Initialization Sequence Completed - great!
    I recommend performing the usual leak tests and perhaps diving into OpenVPN's profile settings before relying on your configuration to work as you expect it to.

    III. To disconnect:
    Disconnect VPN in OpenVPN open Terminal Emulator, press VOLUME_DOWN + C to kill stunnel press the X button to close the terminal session IV. If stunnel isn't shutdown properly, you may see an error if you try to run stunnel again:
    [!] Error binding service [openvpn] to[!] bind: Address already in use (98)[ ] Closing service [openvpn][ ] Service [openvpn] closedThis means stunnel is still running in the background. You can kill it by running:
    killall stunnel


    I successfully followed my own tutorial using: CyanogenMod 12.1 nightly (≈ Android 5.1)stunnel 5.23OpenVPN for Android 0.6.35 (F-Droid)Terminal Emulator 1.0.70 (F-Droid)Testers welcome, especially if you're using different Android and software versions.

    Kevin Boone for the clever binary execution workaround.
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    cm0s reacted to CultureVulture in new website   ...
    Compliments on the new look! It''s great. I usually hate changes, but I immediately loved the look and feel of this one. Great work!!! Terrific to have the information about connection at the top of the website, instead of the bottom, too.
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