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    system_vpn_lock: true Just a remark: Since you are using Android 10, the VPN lock in Eddie is not needed. Consider setting up Always-On VPN option of Android and select Eddie as the VPN app. You will get a more sophisticated Network Lock this way. system_pause_vpn_when_screen_is_off: true This option is also potentially problematic in regard to your problem, but also as a whole. Everytime you turn off your screen, the VPN connection is disconnected, but not closed. This might provoke problems with connectivity. As for the log output, did I get it right that you changed from WIFI to WIFI, as in, from one network to another and not WIFI to 3G/4G or vice versa?
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    asus wrt merlin connection issues

    AND, after a quick test, it works fine. I went for the IPv6 Passthrough option. No idea if that's right or wrong, but it works.
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