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Windows 7 / 8 & Windows Firewall - Prevent Leaks (thanks to Omniferum)

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this is a guide to prevent ANY leak on Windows 7/8 with Windows Firewall published by Omniferum. It is particularly simple to follow and well written, and it provides also a very comfortable "VPN flipper". Thank you Omniferum!


Warning: the setup works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 with the default Windows Firewall. It has NOT been tested on any other Windows version. It will NOT work on Windows XP (whose firewall is completely different and very limited, Windows XP users might like to use Comodo Firewall). It is NOT suitable if you have any other firewall running on your system (remember, you must never run two firewalls simultaneously).


Important: the VPN flipper script will NOT work if your Windows is not in English language, because the system Firewall rules names change (incredible but true!) according to the language (thanks to Esamu for the information). UPDATE 14-May-14: issue fixed.



Original thread updated on May the 14th, 2014:



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