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Ok trying to set things up here....and I have an issue (wireguard, eddie, qbittorent)

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My knowledge is lower intermediate at best but let me explain myself. So I got the AIRVPN sub, setup port forwarding, setup port forwarding in qbitorrent and all seemed gravy. One problem the speeds are bad, like real bad terrible even. So I go on this forum and read a post about using wireguard with airvpn. So I download wireguard and generate a protocol thru this site and paste into the wireguard it connects. Speed much better and still says I'm in another country.

Here's the rub: The torrent I'm downloading in qbitorrent is now saying "stalled" and I'm seeding nothing also Eddie is continuously saying "connecting" and "restarting". I read somewhere saying to go into protocols/ prefs/ uncheck auto/ choose wireguard/ and then save.

No changes. I figured I did something wrong somewhere or didn't do something....

Now I'm wondering about something call DNS leaks?

Basically any help you can give me would be appreciated.

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It is probably impossible for the community to give you a problem solving suggestion with the current information and maybe someone will ask you for more info, such as your system name and version, the log of the program you run to connect to the VPN and so on. Please feel free to open a ticket in the meantime (by clicking "Contact us" on the web site or by writing to support@airvpn.org) to receive assistance directly from the "AirVPN Support Team".

Kind regards

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