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I've used Azire, via wireguard, in my router for over two years.  I started with them when they and Mullvad were the only wireguard providers I could identify, and they seemed the simpler to use.  I continue to use Azire because of their consistently solid speeds and especially their absolute reliability.  I use two Azire servers daily, one fixed and one rotating, with near-constant light bandwidth, and only once in those 2+ years did I ever find my chosen server offline.  It was back within an hour IIRC.  And while I consider Air my primary VPN, I like having a backup VPN as well.  Helps sometimes with blocked sites, for example.

Azire has very few servers.  For example there are three in the US, two in Germany, two in Spain, and there is one in Switzerland, but they clearly take having each of them up and working well very seriously, so having so few does not really concern me.  I use European and US servers, and generally they are only lightly loaded.  Their Stockholm location seems the only one that is heavily used per their server-status page, which is better than nothing though nowhere near as informative as Air's.

Their servers are diskless without CDROM drives, and with sealed USB, VGA, and serial ports.  They are not rented but are their own, configured and tested by Azire in Sweden and then installed at the remote data centers by Azire's own people.  I don't remember details of their privacy policy, but I remember I was very positively impressed.

There are downsides.  Their support, via email, seems a bit slow to me and not always really helpful, though my experience is limited.  There is no online community on their site, but I have not looked into reddit, etc.  Their are no domain names that map to the IP of the best server in a region like Air has.  I'm not aware of Azire deleting the wireguard server's last-used client IP after a timeout the way Air does.  And their wireguard configs do not use the extra pre-shared key like Air's do.  I don't consider that a real issue, as the standard wireguard key is plenty long enough for security for now.  For me though the one really difficult Azire downside is an undocumented "feature": For security, your wireguard peer setup (your public key and other details) at their server evaporates after some unknown (and they won't tell... I asked) number of weeks without use at that individual server.  So you have to reconfigure for that server.  Experience says this timeout interval is probably more than 4 weeks but less than 12.  This makes it hard to use Azire as a rarely used backup VPN.  I've had to develop an occasional routine of briefly connecting to each configured Azire wireguard server from each of my configured client devices, just as a sort of "keep alive" action.

Azire's primary protocol is actually OpenVPN, but I have not tried it.  Air is my OpenVPN provider.  And the Azire wireguard keep-alive "feature" has me gradually moving my less-used wireguard clients over to Air as well.  I still favor Azire for my router's hardwired wireguard clients though, for Azire's absolute reliability.  Occasionally I find I cannot establish a wireguard connection with an Air server.  Doesn't happen with Azire.


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Azire is good, but no open port, so I came here. 

All Round it's a good VPN.  

I did not use any media services, (netflix, prime etc)
so I have no comment on that

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To add to my longer comment above...

Indeed, Azire does not offer static port forwarding like Air does, a critical distinguishing feature for some of us.  Air is very special for offering that.  (I've used Air port forwarding many times through OpenVPN but haven't tried it through wireguard.)

Re Air having occasional wireguard server unavailability: I haven't seen that in recent weeks.  Maybe that problem is solved now?

Re streaming... when I first started using Azire I was briefly able to stream Netflix through their newest US server (as an experiment, as I have no actual need).  It didn't last long though.  Netflix shut that down pretty fast.

Most of the time now, if a website is troublesome through either Air or Azire, it seems to be a problem through the other as well.  Very occasionally only one of them will work for a particular site.  Could be either one.  (And this is never a DNS difference, as I don't use either Air or Azire DNS normally.)

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Minor update: Azire has added a Los Angeles server, their fourth in the US.  In the announcement they indicated that further new servers would be coming soon in Seattle and Dallas as well.  Using that Los Angeles server, a family member's Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 router running dd-wrt perhaps 30mi from that server hit a new personal best for wireguard speed: 469 Mbps download via a nominally 400 Mbps ISP connection.  Pretty clear that the ISP was the limiting factor, even with that 5-year-old 1900AC-class router.

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