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    999null reacted to OpenSourcerer in Frequent disconnection, after getting new router   ...
    Using Wireguard, the logs should be in the journal.
    # journalctl -k --grep wireguard
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    999null reacted to Staff in Poll - May 2014 projects funding   ...
    Steve Marquess, President of the OpenSSL Software Foundation, wishes to thank AirVPN community and AirVPN for the donation:
    Kind regards
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    999null reacted to Mulsiphix in Trouble Connecting With SSL Tunnel Config   ...
    After searching the forums I was unable to find any guide on using stunnel. From what I understand you download the new config files using the config generator, download stunnel from this page, run the command (above post) from a Windows command prompt, and then launch OpenVPN like normal using the new SSL config file you downloaded. When you disconnect from OpenVPN, just close the SSL Window.
    I've written this up just in case anybody else has the same problem/questions. Thanks!
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