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Similar topics pop up once or twice a year, and staff have repeatedly (and emphatically) shot the idea down.  As soon as a gov't agency can tie an IP (rented or owned by Air) to an individual, anything illegal that person does using AirVPN servers exposes both parties to possible legal action.  Renting out dedicated individual IP addresses is never going to happen due to obvious legal risks.

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I get that using a dedi. IP fo prolonged period of time will lead to some problems.

The idea of a unique private bridge through AWS, for let's say 24h before it's tossed and being mixed up for new grabs to interested users?

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12 hours ago, Maggie144 said:

this dedicated IP feature is 5,- EUR / month extra.

Is AirVPN considering this as an option for the future?

I'm sorry, what's your thinking here? Competitor offers a feature in their product your current product doesn't, so you expect your current product to do the same? Don't want to be rude, but if that is what you expect of AirVPN, you're subscribed to the wrong VPN provider, as harsh as it sounds. :)


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no expections on my side.

I remembered the request "Mr Nobody" made - where no one answered, and used it as an opportunity to ask the question and bring both topics back up.

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That's out of AirVPN mission scope as it would crumble the anonymity layer. Moreover it would put some additional legal duties on AirVPN as a hosting provider, so it's even outside AirVPN core business.

We are perfectly aware that we could be offering valid VPS with one dedicated IPv4 address for less than 5 EUR per month (in an hyper-inflated business segment), but again that would be best accomplished by some partner company ad hoc created, in order not to mix different businesses with mutually incompatible purposes which, on the long run, would undoubtedly damage AirVPN good reputation as a privacy protector and a service capable to provide an anonymity layer of a significant degree.

While competition increases, simply for the incredible amount of VPN services for consumers which are born every other day, in a world facing an economic crisis due to the pandemic and slowly progressing shortage of energy resources, it's somehow normal that each company tries to survive by innovating, or by adding different services, or sometimes, unfortunately, by betting on marketing fluff. Remember that when PIA controlling company was acquired by Kape, it had accumulated more than 32'000'000 USD debt which had to be covered by Kape itself, so it's normal that new services are added to increase much needed revenues in an attempt to make PIA profitable again, or anyway more profitable. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/cyberghost-owner-buys-pia-for-dollar955m-to-create-vpn-giant

In this specific case we underline once again that the service you mention is really incompatible with AirVPN Terms of Service and general mission, so you could find it only by some other company controlled by us and not in AirVPN infrastructure.

Kind regards

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thank you for you reply, I appreciate it.

On 8/19/2021 at 5:04 PM, Staff said:

the service you mention is really incompatible with AirVPN Terms of Service and general mission, so you could find it only by some other company controlled by us

are you free to share this other company, or is this a matter of better aquiring the information personally?

Kind regards


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