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12 hours ago, Donald Trump said:

@staff, can you comment on this please? I don't suspect there's a quick and easy fix once their algos hate you 

What exactly is it you want to read, Mr. Trump? :)
CAPTCHAs are to be expected on publically accessible VPNs and proxys. They're easy to abuse by anyone. ToS stating abuse is forbidden are not a protective shield against this.
12 hours ago, Donald Trump said:

It seems AirVPN's IP's have been added to Google's shit list. I could imagine a bad actor would want to abuse Google so users of a VPN have issues, surprised it didn't happen sooner.

A bad actor, well, well. :) I can't see an individual or one group trying to influence something there. It's much more likely that a few AirVPN accounts used some VPN servers for something scripted, and some algorithm at Google deduced that, in order to limit the effects of this, it's best if some of these v4 IPs or subnets are shown CAPTCHAs.

I have a theory that, with proper v6 connectivity, such things could be limited to specific offending v6 addresses, meaning, everyone not out to attack the internet can actually enjoy a CAPTCHA-free experience while the attackers are stuck with them. If you restrict one v4 address, you are restricting everyone NATting through this v4 address. From the inside this looks exactly like what you perceive: "Look, now they want to silence VPN users", when in reality one bad apple simply spoiled the barrel.


LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

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If its about google-service ,Try another mail provider;Tuta,Proton etc.

Or in gerneral ,use an alternative for the google ;perhaps its a little less comfort ,but you get more Privacy in turn.


Look at this source of instance :https://restoreprivacy.com/


Greetings, Casper

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