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    tuxornot got a reaction from go558a83nk in Eddie problems with pfsense using airvpn possible solution.   ...
    I have my pfsense firewall set up as described in the excellent nguvu.org guides, I have an always on airvpn connection and a few VLAN'S that run to the none VPN WAN interface..
    Works fine most of the time, the hardware I use is a fanless intel five port minipc, there is also two non VPN LAN'S that use two hardware ports that also connect to the non vpn WAN interface.

    A problem arose when trying to use the Eddie airvpn client on one of the non VPN VLAN'S, or one of the non VPN LAN'S, Eddie refused to connect. The solution was simple, the nguvu.org guide shows how to create a 'Define local subnets' alias,  or in the original pfsense guide it was called ' Private Networks'.  example: and then create LAN rules using this alias. Any private or local subnets not in this alias will not be processed as pfsense is unaware of anything except what is in provided in this alias,

    Eddie creates its own network for TUN (  I hope I have phrased this correctly ) so to solve the no connect issue a new private network should be added to the Define local subnets alias.

    Not being an expert in networking it took quite a while to finally understand what was going on, reading the Eddie logs. the pfsense logs and pulling out what is left of my hair, Eventually I reset pfsense and rebuilt one LAN using the guide for testing, everything worked until I created the Local Subnet alias and associated LAN rules, that is when I had the light bulb moment !  I thought I would post this here in case it may help anyone with the same issue.

    This problem would have been easier to solve but  networking is not my strong point !

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    tuxornot got a reaction from OpenSourcerer in How data retention is done in Germany   ...
    Thank you for posting this, makes an interesting read. Once private entities become involved with data in this way the only possible outcome will be a huge mess or as we say over here 'strong and stable' !  /s
    As a user of posteo I often take it for granted, I sometimes forget that its there, in the background working seamlessly, your post reminded me to actually visit the website and have a good read  :-)
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