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  1. I get a blank page but can access it on a non airvpn connection.
  2. Same problems on Asterop :-(
  3. Thanks for replying giganerd, I have tried all the UK based servers and keep receiving the 403, if I bypass the vpn the page loads. I use pfsense and one vpn server at a time, went through all of the servers, cleared the cache (s) and rebooted pfsense, still the same thing, I have airvpn DNS set in pfsense so I wonder if that could cause the problem ?
  4. https://www.wickes.co.uk/ Can not reach this website using any of Airvpn UK servers, I get 403 Forbidden on each search attempt. I can reach it and browse if I bypass airvpn and can reach it and browse on my mobile phone over the O2 network, the site worked fine a few days ago and seems ok using airvpn router checker so I presume airvpn has been added to a block blacklist somewhere.
  5. Add to that a few UK servers throwing up googles captas, Naos for one.
  6. As a Test I changed airvpn server to Asterion and the Screwfix forum is now showing and working so there appears to be a problem with Arion.
  7. Changes Airvpn server to Arion and when accessing screwfix comunity forums (UK) I get a blank page, works ok over non vpn, had this issue before but never reported it till now. The link to the page is : https://community.screwfix.com/
  8. I have the same issue with 'DNS address 0 Servers 100 Errors', Only found it during a daily leak test, other dns sites produce normal results, Im guessing its the airvpn test thats a bit iffy. --
  9. Just changed server to another address and got the site to load, odd because it showed all green like the previous servers did, thank you !
  10. Thank you LZ1, I checked with the rout checker and the 2 servers I have tried show green / direct but I still get the error accessing the site.
  11. ​ Just found out that: ​ ​https://tuclothing.sainsburys.co.uk/ Is blocked on Airvpn, can be reached using a 'free proxy server' ( While on Airvpn ) Have tried a few vpn servers, same problem, Typical cloudfront error message: ​ ERROR The request could not be satisfied.Request blocked. Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)Request ID: TO7Bwiwi1Wjl7hfYsZw2fIxCcCff5iGx3da_4H5q8K42uuJLjaALJw==​ ​There is no way I will drop a vpn to access a shopping site, other people in this house don’t agree with my stance ! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  12. Thank you for posting this, makes an interesting read. Once private entities become involved with data in this way the only possible outcome will be a huge mess or as we say over here 'strong and stable' ! /s As a user of posteo I often take it for granted, I sometimes forget that its there, in the background working seamlessly, your post reminded me to actually visit the website and have a good read :-) --
  13. I started over with a fresh install of pfsense and swapped opendns to airvpn dns, so far everything seems to be working. I also added pfblockerNG, rather spiffy but well worth the effort.
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