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    Kenwell got a reaction from Old Fella in VPNs - Caught in Lying!?!   ...
    Regarding the VPN service from the video type the name in the search field above. You will find your answer and the answer from staff. Have a nice one.
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    Kenwell reacted to OpenSourcerer in Does custom DNS Server expose real IP ?   ...
    DNS is unencrypted. If you use a DNS other than AirDNS, the query is unencrypted after the AirVPN server and visible to the outside. If you use AirDNS, it stays in the tunnel which is encrypted, therefore, the DNS query is as well. So yes, Vegas stays in Vegas kind of a thing.
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    Kenwell got a reaction from telemus in Internal servers, used for double-hop - seeking explanation   ...
    Go here and read and click links in the explanation https://airvpn.org/forums/forum/10-websites-support/page/2/ .It will be clear. 
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    Kenwell reacted to Staff in Eddie Android edition 2.0 beta released   ...
    We are very glad to inform you that Eddie Android edition 2.0 beta 2 is now available.
    Please test it and stress it as much as you can! New features now meet latest users requirements.
    Your feedback will be enormously appreciated as usual.
    Quick additions/changes summary (please see the changelog for more detailed information):
    Enhancements aimed to increase accessibility and comfort to visually impaired persons German, Portuguese and Russian localizations Option to change "Quick connect" logic according to users feedback "Quick connect" button can be used to disconnect from VPN Some bugs have been fixed All new features and changes when compared to version 1.0 can be found on the first message of this thread:
    Kind regards

    Changelog 2.0 Beta 2 (VC 11) - Release date: 20 November 2018 by ProMIND

    - [giganerd] Added German localization
    - [giganerd] Added Russian localization
    - [morvotron] Added Portuguese localization
    - [ProMIND] Added accessibility support to spinners and buttons without text

    [ProMIND] onEvent() now properly manages TCP errors in Quick Connection mode and avoids connection cycling when VPN is connected  
    [ProMIND] Added setting and functionality for allowing quick connection to connect local (same country) servers AirVPNServerProvider.java
    [ProMIND] Changed selection algorithm in order to include local (same country) servers when requested QuickConnectionFragment.java
    [ProMIND] Quick connection button can now be used to disconnect any VPN connection
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    Kenwell got a reaction from go558a83nk in Just Great!   ...
    Hi go558a83nk. No special scripts or settings. Some details. In bridge with IPV4 only. Asus Merlin with protocol 3/443/TCP. The OVPN script that comes with AIR. I run 3 separate VPN clients with adaptive Qos. When I downloaded protocol 3 with GCM, the speed increased around 10/12MB’s. At this speed, the RT-AC86U has approx. 77% of load on proc 2 and 50% on proc 1. After some try and error it turns out that client 1, 3, 5 are the fasted and use proc 2 for EAS-NI and proc 1 for background programs. Client 2 and 4 chokes with approx. 110mb’s down at 90% load on proc 1 for EAS-NI and proc 2 for background programs. Maybe that’s the trick on the 86. Today I will enable a 400/40 line a look how that turns out. I don’t think the 86 will come close to 400 on VPN, but we’ll see. I can post my findings if you like.
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    Kenwell got a reaction from go558a83nk in Just Great!   ...
    Thats why i love AIRVPN on a 200/20 line, with a RT-AC86U 
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    Kenwell reacted to Staff in Eddie Android edition 2.0 beta released   ...
    It is a very essential security feature which protects all of your AirVPN data (username, password, certificates, keys...).
    Eddie makes every effort to save battery and what you suggest is somehow problematic because it may decrease battery life. Currently Eddie is the only OpenVPN based application which ensures a longer than "OpenVPN for Android" and "openvpn-connect" battery life, therefore we are hesitant to add any non-strictly essential feature which would potentially drain more energy per time unit.
    Thank you very much! Your suggestions will be kept in due consideration.
    Kind regards
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    Kenwell got a reaction from tom7812 in Eddie Android edition 2.0 beta released   ...
    Hi Team,.
    Some Q,s / remarks.
    Why a masterkey to connect? Why not use the same button for quick connect and disconnect. With kind of warning for disconnect. Button “quick connect “color is a bit dull, as in colorless. Red and green will be more understandable. Possibility to keep log files and delete when needed after connections or disconnections are made. Some kind of timer to see how long I’m connected on startpage. Version number at startpage? my 2 cents.
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    Kenwell reacted to sanction9 in Audible.com & Audible.co.uk   ...
    As long your ISP dns isn't showing, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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