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Airvpn is not in normal use in China (Mainland)

I found that based on the openvpn protocol, there are also ssl, ssh (forget it put in China)


Maybe you think about supporting the wiregurad protocol, or participating in support.

And consider similar v2ray confusing traffic technology



I know that the client can set the pre-agent


I prefer a fundamental solution (although it is difficult)

The Chinese firewall IPS part is the easiest to prevent too simple "settings" (such as ssh, ssl pre-proxy settings)


SSL-SNI full verification promotion has not been seen on the ssl platform recently.


Idea: distributed (perhaps blockchian) tcp/udp protocol extension development + ML to handle routing and detection being attacked or blocked (both done at the bottom layer rather than at the application layer, not centralized but decentralized)...




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Wireguard currently supports only UDP so it's a no go at the moment, at least on those networks which severely shape or block UDP. (common practice in China as well as on many mobile providers all over the world). Since 2010 OpenVPN over SSL to port 443 and more recently OpenVPN with tls-crypt in TCP (OpenVPN 2.4 or higher version is required) are the best ways to bypass blocks.


Kind regards

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2 hours ago, jgiambona said:

Is it possible to use OpenVPN over SSL with tls-crypt on iOS? Thank you!

You shouldn't need openvpn through SSL tunnel (which isn't possible on iOS without jailbreaking anyway).  Just load up several tls-crypt configs to try in openvpn connect.

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