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DDNS not working properly?

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Hi All, 


I connected a machine running a service to airvpn and I want to access to it just via Airvpn.


So, I added a port forwarding via Airvpn portal.


If I connect via https://ipaddress:port/nameoftheservice it opens properly.


if Use the DDNS name assigned to that port, I get a timeout.


the TCP test is positive and I waited a whole day for replication. 


there is anything that I am missing or doing wrong? thanks for your help!

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if Use the DDNS name assigned to that port, I get a timeout.


Are you not forgetting the :port after the DDNS name? I did that once.

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can you please check whether your *.airdns.org name resolves properly into the exit-IP address of the last VPN server you connected to? Also keep in mind that TTL is 1 hour.


Kind regards


running an nslookup of the *.airdns.org address, is resolving in the ip address of the machine that I am using but not the one of the machine that is connected to airvpn and is actually running the service I want to reach.


I hope I am clear


am I doing something wrong or I did not understand how this works?





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