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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I connected a machine running a service to airvpn and I want to access to it just via Airvpn. So, I added a port forwarding via Airvpn portal. If I connect via https://ipaddress:port/nameoftheservice it opens properly. if Use the DDNS name assigned to that port, I get a timeout. the TCP test is positive and I waited a whole day for replication. there is anything that I am missing or doing wrong? thanks for your help!
  2. Hi everyone, newbie here. A total noob question: how does remote port forwarding in AirVPN works? I actually DID read their faq about port forward but still lost somewhere. Let say i wanna play NAT Restricted games on Ubisoft (which requires me to open certain ports like UDP 3074, TCP 14000, etc) but unfortunately my ISP doesnt allow it, hence the reason i use AirVPN. What i understand is: if i port forward those ports in VPN, the same ports should be disabled in my local router. Am i right? And also what about other settings in my router such as UPnP, should i disable it too? I really hope that someone can enlighten me as i'm kinda new to this kinda stuff. Thank you in advance
  3. Im currently connected to the vpn and tried portforwarding 11 ports and when I check if the connection is successful it just tells me it cant connect (pic related). Im trying to portforward ports to for honor and its not working at all. Why is that and thanks in advance
  4. I'm trying to get the Deluge daemon (deluged) to work with AirVPN on Linux. I'm using Deluge 1.3.13 and Openvpn 2.3.14. I forwarded port 14447 via client configuration with TCP & UDP and local port 58846 (what Deluge uses). I have attached my core.conf to this post. I disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP, and put listening port as 14447. However, upload speed is constant 0. Downloading seems to work, however. What do I need to change to get seeding working?
  5. Hello Community ! I've read the forums and came across a few post where users are having difficulty "checking" to see if the ports are open. "Error 110" you might know it as. I came across the same issue myself after opening the selected port. Before making a topic requesting for help/ticket. Make sure you tried to run the "program" and make it listen to your selected ports. Afterward run the "check" again and you should get a successful completion! Made this topic as couldn't really find a clear straight forward instruction on the setup. If anyone else has something to share, feel free! Thanks for reading!
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