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1) Selectivity of server locations is a pro, not a con.  And live chat support would either be expensive or useless.


2) They don't mention great things such as creating multiple "devices"/keys, port forwarding with dynamic DNS, the best config generator I've ever seen.


3) The alternatives they mention are insulting.

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I thought it was decent overall. (considering there is a PureVpn add following you down the page)


Protocols and Encryption section, I could only infer from the review that connecting to an Air server is only possible over Tor. This could be off-putting for potential new subscribers. 


Multi-logins section, the reviewer says that Airvpn provides five multi-logins (poor terminology) and the next sentence says that subscribers can use the same credentials on three different devices at the same time. (Should be five) I'm not sure if the use of credentials means .ovpn files or just username/password, either way it's not described accurately.

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Trash review that offers no insightful or useful information. It must be observed they use a refcode (?referred_by=196053) so at least Air knows how much money this 'review' has made them


It wasn't written by a native English speaker, observe:


> Similarly, you can experience an exclusive AirVPN Android feature on the said platform. This is how you can secure your online privacy while on the go.




> Likewise, you can mask your original IP address through AirVPN server’s IP address instantly.

That's the entire point of a VPN...
> You can take huge benefit from your email address since it allows you to get official response in a timely manner
> Luckily, you can avail the service without spending a single penny. Yes, you have read it correctly
You can? But earlier you just said:

> If you are looking to try its services, we will recommend you to try its services for three days for only $1.14
so which is it? You're contradicting yourself...
> Our AirVPN Reddit analysis indicates that the service has to improve its presence on Reddit to another level
What the?
> Otherwise, users would continue using Reddit VPN than AirVPN.
Reddit VPN? What's that?
> Reddit users are applauding AirVPN OPNsense guide that enables users to opt the service trouble-free.
Okay you lost me there, clearly nonsense at this point.
Conclusion: Awful 'review', clearly designed to get clicks and make money by the refcode, staff would not miss much by banning said refcode for such an insulting review, not that they're giving Air much money I bet...

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"Unlike many other VPNs, Astrill does not have dedicated customer staff. In addition, it does not also involve third parties in customer related issues."


Astrill ? copy/paste ?

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Any site that ranks Nordvpn as a top choice must not be taken seriously. Overall, the review appears to have been published without proof-reading and thus contains numerous errors. It's just badly written. The Pro/Con section is an utter joke while also not reasonably reflecting the content of the review below: It fails to mention the technical aspects of the service that are second to none. Carefully choosing server locations and only offering servers in countries/datacenters that are tolerable regarding AirVPN's overall mission should be a pro. Additionally, I don't see why the lack of a live chat feature is even considered: I have yet to experience a live chat that really provides helpful information (most of them are operated by bots anyway).

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I think those reviews target mostly the mass and casual user. If one is not a tech savvy, one can hardly understand let alone appreciate the sophisticated service AIR offers. 


I assume that most people want an easy out-of-the box solution without thinking too much about tech stuff. AIR could be a bit too complicated to configure for the "average joe". 


If i am honest, i cannot stand those so-called "review sites" anymore. Wherever you look, always the same providers are being hyped.

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It reads like the usual crap frankly but I'm biased, especially against these types of non-review 'reviews'. 


Left so much on the word processor floor even for a cut and paste job, mentions ip6 and load-balanced daemons but not so many other basics, missed a ton in the 'unique selling proposition' area, and while I can't say that Salmi the Author didn't even actually try Air, it reads like that at times. How do you do a review and not at least mention Eddie, yet - "Nevertheless, we would love to see the updates and much more refined versions of their clients across different platforms!" ??? It's been a little while since I really looked and tested around (cause I like where I'm at!) but nobody's 'client' compares, least not in flexibility, last i looked and yet no real mention.    Also I didn't understand why in the final-verdict section pricing is mentioned again in-full and has slightly different figures than in the opening part of the 'review', maybe top part was written one day, and the bottom (pointless) a couple days later and exchange rates changed?  "Astrill" caught my eye as well, copy and paste came to mind again.  That said The author actually made some effort to mention things I wasn't expecting to get mentioned as I was reading, so it could have been worse (lol), at least someone appeared to have take the time to look around the website, and I think the general characterization that AirVpn is geared toward the more technical minded was fair. For someone that went to school for marketing (mentioned in the author bio at the end) I'm not sure the author was making an effort to capture\highlight all the things that Air would have preferred be mentioned marketing wise.


I wish these review sites actually made some effort to do real reviews.  You know, "How our 3\7 day trials went; on our established test rigs and network setups we're using for all our reviews\comparisons",

type reviews, but those take real effort.

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Well it wasnt a nasty review but was it accurate? I can only go on my experience and overall AirVpn is very good with stable connections, lets see what they said about NordVpn...


NordVPN Review 2018 – Credible Service with Cutting-Edge Features


Yikes.....That wasn't my recent experience.....


Ah but the good news is your connection will be so slow that GCHQ and Prism will probably get bored waiting for your data to mine and probably more to another target with a faster connection LOL

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