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Android OpenVPN DNS leak ipv6?

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hi there,

although I am using openvpn with the config files from airvpn, I am recently leaking my IP. didn't do that before. has this something to do with newly incorporated ipv6 support?



openvpn 0.6.73

android 7.0

firefox 57.0.4 with ublock origin; webRTC disabled

airvpn linux config files



EDIT: I mean IP leak not DNS leak (cannot change post title). DNS show two servers but seem to be airvpn's. however the ipv6 IP shows my country of origin.

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ok, some investigation later.

please forgive me if I confuse or misinterpret some technical concepts: I realized that the router I'm using now uses DS-Lite and hence resolves IPv6. hence my mobile device also gets an ipv6 address which openvpn does not seem to disable when connecting to an airvpn server. can that be the problem?


I cannot deactivate ipv6 on my router, it seems disabling ipv6 on android isn't that easy either so I hoped that openvpn would take care of the matter.


any ideas?

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yeah, i tried that to no avail.

plugged in another router (ubiquity amplifi) into the ISP device and got the IP from that router. when getting my IP from there the ipv6 leak is not there.

so it seems the ipv6 info is written into the packet headers maybe?

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Hi there.

So, i saw your post and start the "tiny" investication (pardon me, english is not my native language).

I had before also all good OpenVpn and Air config-files + android phone. I use Brave browser, all shields in testing(+others) sites on-mode, but scripts, so site could do those test. Afterwards i click that shield script on-mode also.

Yep, so not a long time ago i have everything same settings, no change made then sometime ago i saw that some leaks happen really.

I then after little testing changed my second opinion VPN what does the job with leaks but there's "something" , why i do not really like to use it "allday", but good enough for backup VPN. I mean in android. Yeah, so today i started testing OpenVpn & Air-config files. i changed config files & deleted and install OpenVpn newly. Then i just clear all cache things and so on, normally cleaning things...

Okay, so Brave is browser & OpenVpn and AirVpn-config files. I started to look OpenVpn LOG, if you haven't please look up there do you see some "warnings"? I has some ipv6 things. Nowadays when ipv6 are going to be more settled in internet many thing change altrought it. So, there are plenty servers (change and test) in AirVpn and you have seen that i presume Some of them have ipv6 support some dont, hahaha. Like i know you know. ISP and ipv6 support will and have coming in slowly but certainly!

Finally, i got it control. I have all the settings like in upper post and so on. Many things you know leaks and stuff is more often because your browser. But most definitely just look up your settings again clean all the "junk" away and start all over. Yeah, it's a pretty boring, but as i notice again it was indeed worth it. Now i have AirVpn-config files <3 , OpenVpn in my android (eddie in my laptop) and everything is smoooth! No leaks whatsoever. I tested Browserleaks, ipleak.net, dnsleaktest.com and few others.

Just check it a fresh start and you'll be fine. Have a nice day and sorry mine very long and not so informative post. And so messy post also :blush:


- WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs

"You don't have to be a genius to sound like one." - BDS

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just in case: if your ISP only provides IPv6 connectivity, please use ONLY servers Castor and Chara in IPv6, otherwise you just can't use our service reliably (as you don't have IPv4 in such a case). Castor and Chara are the only servers which fully support IPv6, however we plan to deploy IPv6 on most of our infrastructure in a very near future.


Kind regards

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