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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Clodo in Has Air given up on Eddie for desktop?   ...
    Hi, I'm sorry about the delay on Eddie development, but in the next release we changed all source code from the ground up, to separate what needs elevated privileges and what not.
    So we are re-testing all Eddie features.

    For example, in the next release UI runs as normal user, and this can fix or cause worse issues in different Linux distributions. Re-testing all major distributions requires a lot of time.

    Anyway, I hope to release it (as a beta version for feedback) when all supported OS (Win/macOS/Linux) are ready for use.

    This is related to the next release of 2.X branch (the same UI you know).
    In the meantime, we are building also the new universal UI for 3.X branch.

    I hope we can release the new 2.x version as soon as possible.
    I hope I can give you a date in a few days.
    Sorry again for the delay.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs got a reaction from giganerd in Seedbox recommendations   ...
    Seedhost.eu , Feralhosting, depends do you got lucky to get good slot, seedbox.io and if you dont have probs with money xirvik. Oh, and tal0ne also. I donẗ use but big boys told me .
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs got a reaction from Staff in AirVPN 9th birthday celebrations and reflections   ...
    Happy birthday dear AirVPN
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs got a reaction from Staff in AirVPN 9th birthday celebrations and reflections   ...
    Happy birthday dear AirVPN
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs got a reaction from Staff in AirVPN 9th birthday celebrations and reflections   ...
    Happy birthday dear AirVPN
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Clodo in DNS Address - 0 Servers, 100 errors.   ...
    An ipleak.net server issue, now fixed.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to go558a83nk in Does custom DNS Server expose real IP ?   ...
    Sure, they are recursive DNS that Air runs but the requests they make to authoritative DNS are not tied back to you.
    If you use another DNS like you also still have some anonymity since you're one of dozens of people using the VPN server.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Staff in Black Friday 2018 Week   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that the Black Friday week has just begun in AirVPN!
    Save up to 67.5%
    Check all plans and discounts here: https://airvpn.org/plans

    If you're already our customer and you wish to jump aboard for a longer period, any additional subscription will be added on top of already existing subscriptions and you will not lose any day.

    And that's not all! AirVPN offers five simultaneous connections per account, IPv6 full support and many more, exclusive smart features:

    Kind regards & datalove
    AirVPN Staff

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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to giganerd in Some good VPS hosts   ...
    If it's not already too late, there are two websites which list most of the offers of many VPS providers around the world. You can even configure CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD space and such to further filter the results and sort by price, country, etc.
    They're Novadedi and Serverhunter.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs got a reaction from Amadore in Connection issues after fresh OS install   ...
    In eddie settings; networking => TCP & UDP send / receive buffer size => change 256k.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to farquaad in Two years   ...
    I started with AirVPN almost two years ago. At first, I tried the usual high profile VPN providers. They all had fancy slick clients but performance was atrocious. I was resigning myself to accept that if I was going to use a VPN, my bandwidth would be slashed.
    I then came across thatoneprivacysite.net and came across AirVPN. After trying AirVPN during the trial period, I found
    I did not have to compromise performance, the staff was technical and not just another call centre, there is loads of information to get you started It works great with pfSense Since then, I have stayed with them because they have never disappointed me.
    Thank you for this great service and for helping in protecting my privacy.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Staff in Two new 1 Gbit/s servers available (SE)   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that two new 1 Gbit/s servers located in Sweden are available: Copernicus e Lupus.

    The AirVPN client will show automatically the new servers, while if you use the OpenVPN client you can generate all the files to access them through our configuration/certificates/key generator (menu "Client Area"->"Config generator").

    Just like every other "second generation" Air server, they support OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH, TLS 1.2 and tls-crypt.
    Full IPv6 support is included as well.

    As usual no traffic limits, no logs, no discrimination on protocols and hardened security against various attacks with separate entry and exit-IP addresses.
    Please note that these new servers will replace five servers in Atlanta, and precisely Antlia, Octans, Pavo, Sagittarius and Scorpius which will be withdrawn soon because the company operating in the datacenter they are located is ceasing operations, unfortunately.
    Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or issue.

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Team
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Staff in europe => sweden => slow   ...
    Ain and Norma are in neighbor slots of the same rack of the same datacenter, so something could have gone terribly wrong in Ain hardware.
    The datacenter technicians are investigating. If some hardware equipment must be replaced, Ain could remain down for a few days more, we're sorry.
    Expansion in Stockholm is anyway under consideration.
    (UPDATE: 2 Gbit/s and two servers have been added on 26th of July 2018 in Stockholm)
    Kind regards
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs got a reaction from Staff in AirVPN 8th birthday celebrations   ...
    Happy birthday AirVPN!
    Just bought 1 year more to my current plan
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to corrado in Alternative AirVPN client with provider-independent double-hop support (GNU/Linux)   ...
    I have written an alternative client for AirVPN that I would like to share with you. Just as Eddie, it supports other providers, too, as long as OpenVPN config files are provided. For AirVPN and Mullvad it offers a convenient update function that just requires you to enter your credentials in order to download the latest server configurations. Furthermore, it allows you to choose among the plethora of protocols offered by AirVPN (including OpenVPN over SSL/SSH) except the experimental ones (I might add support for those in the future, once they become available for all servers).
    Qomui (Qt OpenVPN management UI) as I have named it, is written in Python and PyQt and should run on any GNU/Linux distribution. It allows you to easily create double-hop connections. In other words, you can route your requests via two OpenVPN servers. This feature works provider-independent. For example, you could choose a Mullvad server for the first hop, and AirVPN for the second (I have successfully tested this with AirVPN, Mullvad and ProtonVPN). Thereby, it avoids a major downside of similar offers by some providers, namely the fact that if one provider controls all "hops" he or she could potentially still see, log or inspect all your traffic. In the latter case, you would gain little in terms of privacy. With the ability to "mix" providers, Qomui does not suffer from the same problem and hence offers some tangible benefits. Obviously, you would still have to sacrifice some speed/bandwith, though.
    Depending on your DE (looking at you, Gnome!), Qomui will also display a systray icon that shows the country of the server you are currently connected to. Additional features include protection against DNS leaks and a firewall that optionally blocks all outgoing network connections except for the OpenVPN server you have chosen. Since it is never recommended to run graphical applications as root, which is a major flaw of most OpenVPN clients, all commands that require root privileges are handled by a background service that can be controlled via systemd. The following screenshot gives you an idea of what Qomui looks like (on Arch/Arc Dark Theme).

    If you are interested, you can download Qomui from github:  https://github.com/corrad1nho/qomui
    Of course, I'd be happy for any kind of feedback. If you find bugs or Qomui does not run properly or not at all on your machine, please let me know. I'm happy to help!
    At last, a big thank you to AirVPN and its amazing community. The fact that you rely more on explaining technical details than empty promises, has helped me to learn a lot. It is also one of the main reason why I chose AirVPN. Commendably, Eddie is also released as open-source software. Only Mullvad does that, too, to my knowledge. Why doesn't every provider do that? You are selling a service, not software! Why would I trust in proprietary software? Funnily, I have never really used Eddie, though, since I was accustomed to manually adding config files to NetworkManager as my first provider did not offer a GNU/Linux client. My interest in features such as OpenVPN over SSL made me look into more convenient solutions, though. Ultimately I decided to write my own program as I wanted to learn some Python and this provided a perfect practical challenge. I have actually used Qomui daily on multiple machines during the past few months and constantly tried to improve it. So I'd thought it'd be about to time to share it (it's an alpha release, though).
    Have a nice weekend!
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Staff in Rebuttal of article "Don't use VPN services."   ...
    DISCLAIMER: this post has been written by an AirVPN co-founder (Paolo) and merges the information and the points of view elaborated by the Air founders in more than seven years. Other Air VPN staff members might add additional comments in the future.
    We have been asked via Twitter to reply to the following post:
    We see that the issues raised by the aforementioned article may be of general interest, so we have decided to post a detailed rebuttal here, meant to fix the remarkable amount of technical misunderstandings and errors which have led the writer to astonishingly wrong conclusions and worrying generalizations.
    The rebuttal is based on AirVPN only; we can not and we do not want to write in the name of any other service, since most of the considerations you will read here may or may not (and sometimes we know that they will not) apply to other "VPN services". Anyway, it is our right to reply as if the writer were talking about us too, because he/she repeatedly claims that ALL VPN services act in the same way.

    A "VPN in this sense" is NOT a proxy. Our service encrypts and tunnels all of the client system TCP and UDP traffic to and from the VPN server. Moreover, our service, when used with our free and open source software, also makes additional steps to prevent traffic leaks outside the VPN tunnel.
    A proxy tunnels (and not necessarily encrypts) only TCP traffic (proxies can not support UDP), and only the traffic of those applications which are configured to connect to a proxy. UDP traffic, system traffic and traffic of applications which may be started by the system and that you failed to configure (or that you can't even configure in Windows, in some cases) are not necessarily tunneled to the proxy. Not even your system DNS queries are necessarily tunneled over the proxy.

    If we were really interested in logging our clients traffic, we would not allow connections to and from Tor, proxies and other VPNs. We have always made very clear how to bypass the problem of "trust us" when you can't really afford to do that, and our answer has always been "partition of trust".  Please see for example our post dated March 2012 (!) about it:

    There's more. We work under a legal framework where the safe harbors for the mere conduits are very rigidly and clearly defined (specifically, by the 2000/31/EC, the E-Commerce Directive, articles 12, 13, 14 and 15).
    The liability exemption for the mere conduit status would not exist if we were not mere conduits. If we inspected traffic and/or modified traffic (e.g. through content injection) and/or selected source and destination of the communications, we would not be mere conduits and we would lose the legal protection on liability exemptions.

    We have also two decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union which clearly define indiscriminate data retention as infringing the fundamental rights of the citizens of the EU:
    under a legal point of view, logging and/or monitoring and/or inspecting and/or modifying the content of our customers traffic without the customers explicit and written consent would be a criminal infringement, also subject to civil prosecution by the customers themselves under a business point of view, that would be simply suicidal (more on this later)  
    It is enigmatic how the writer can make such claims.
    We charge less than 10 USD per month for our services and we can pay a whole legal firm, 250 servers (physical, bare metal servers), the whole staff, including a tiny team of programmers. We also regularly donate money to organizations and projects whose activities are compatible with AirVPN mission.
    We're not here only for the money, but if the writer wants to talk about money, so be it. He/she may rest assured that we have planned seriously a business model which remains robust if not rock solid.
    It is obvious that we must keep our business model solid, because our infrastructure has become large and we have duties toward the people working with us and toward our customers. At the same time we never forget that our customers have transformed into reality the dream to build a rather big project based on and aimed to privacy protection in a time when the whole world was going to the opposite direction. By changing now direction and pointing to a business based on privacy infringements and personal data commerce would not only betray our beliefs and mission and customers, but we would become a goldfish in an ocean of sharks, we could not even think to compete.
    After 7 years, we have the right and knowledge to claim that a privacy protection mission is not incompatible with the price the writer mentions and with a strictly agnostic network where no traffic inspection or monitoring is enforced.
    We can also claim confidently that any business plan based on data protection and privacy infringements not declared in the terms of service would crash dramatically in the short-term in the EU: remember the legal framework we live in and feel free to do your own research on real cases and incidents in the recent past.
    Last but not least, please do your own math and compute the costs to store and "hand a customer traffic data over": they imply costs of losing the mere conduit status, added to the costs of civil lawsuits from that and potentially other tens of thousands customers. Then compare them to the "costs" (in reality benefits) of no monitoring at all added to the peace of mind to strictly act in a legal/lawful way.
    Given all of the above, you can easily discern that the quoted assumption is false for AirVPN. The logical, unavoidable conclusion is that AirVPN best interest, even under a purely cynical, business point of view, is to NOT log (in the most extensive sense of the term) customers traffic and not commerce with their data.
    This is partially, only partially, true. HideMyAss was really risking to go out of serious privacy protection business soon after the incident occurred: check the massive uproar caused by the event. The AVG acquisition, with the disruptive marketing power of AVG, has probably covered the issue, but the old HideMyAss management hurried to sell the whole Privax company. Who knows, maybe just in time, maybe before the value could be hit too seriously by the incident. We can't know for sure, and the writer can't as well. Anyway, if the writer wants to claim that marketing is powerful, we agree (what a discovery!).
    The logical jump from HMA incident to the assumption that every service does what HMA did is long. Do not forget that what HMA did would pose a huge amount of legal problems to us, as explained.
    HideMyAss targeted the same persons who are happily using the new Facebook VPN. We respect the intelligence of our customers and we don't have the arrogance to think that we can change people mind and competence all over the world in a few years (or ever), and we don't even think that we can oppose the marketing power. More importantly, that's a problem pertaining to HideMyAss. It is not only unfair, but even defamatory to surreptitiously imply that the behavior (good or bad) of certain services is the same behavior of any other service, in the same field or not.
    We have been providing AirVPN services since 2011, when we offered the service as a beta version totally free. Now we challenge the writer of the article to provide any single proof that any single user identity has been compromised by us through a betrayal of our terms of service and our mission and/or through traffic logging or inspection and/or by any infringement of the EU legal framework on privacy and personal data protection. 
    False. We provide our users with any tool to never make their "real" IP address appear to our servers. We have also integrated AirVPN over HTTP proxy, AirVPN over SOCKS proxy, and AirVPN over Tor usage in our free and open source software. We don't even block connections from competitor VPN servers. Finally, we accept not only Bitcoin, but Monero and ZCash as well, which are designed to provide a robust anonymity layer on the transactions.
    If you really don't trust us, you can easily make your IP address never visible to our servers.
    This is particularly important even if you trust us, but you can't afford (for the sensitivity of the data you need to transmit, for example) to assume that our servers are not monitored by hostile entities, an event that can happen with ANY service, not only VPN services. The fact that we have made every human effort to provide effective and easily usable protections against such occurrences is a proof of our interest in the protection of our customers privacy.

    This is ambiguous, because we would need the writer to define security scope and context exactly. Is he/she referring to integrity and security of data between your node and our servers? Or security of your system? Surely, our service is not meant as a security tool to protect against virus and spyware, and this is clearly stated at the very beginning of our Terms of Service. AirVPN can't do anything if your system is compromised.
    However, the above does not imply in any way that our service is a glorified proxy. See the reasons we mentioned above and verify how a loose security mention does not change anything. Additionally, while OpenVPN is the core of our service, it is complemented by an important series of features aimed to protect privacy and data in all of those cases which OpenVPN alone has not been designed for.
    Even if you don't run our free and open source software, we and our community have made any effort to provide guides and insights on how to get the most from our service to integrate it in a comprehensive environment aimed to protect your data and identity. We are very grateful to our community for the invaluable contributions throughout the years.
    If we were a "malicious VPN provider", does the writer really think that we would have allowed our forums to become a golden source of information for privacy, identity and data protection? Do you really think that we would have been provided monetary support to TorProject, OpenBSD, European Digital Rights, Tor infrastructure, etc. etc.?

    A part of this has been widely rebutted in our previous reply. Here it will be sufficient to add that even if you don't use end-to-end encryption, even if you don't use Tor on top of an AirVPN connection, a MITM who sniffs the packets in any point between the VPN server and the final destination (including the final destination itself of course) will see those packets coming from the VPN server exit-IP address, NOT from your real IP address and NOT from the entry-IP address of the VPN server you connect to. This is a paramount point which is incompetently (intentionally?) ignored by the writer. It is so important that in some extreme cases it makes the difference between imprisonment and freedom, or even between life and death.
    Imagine the case of a whistleblower giving out relevant information via VoIP or other applications relying on UDP to a self proclaimed journalist who then betrays the confidentiality of the source, or even to a serious journalist who is unaware of the fact that his/her computer is compromised, or that his/her line is wiretapped. The whistleblower can't use a proxy reliably. The journalist, or the wiretapping entity, can trace the source IP address and the identity of the whistleblower can be disclosed (just to make a trivial example which does not require any wiretapping or compromised system, think of Skype exploit, for which any party could discover the IP address of the other party). In most of these cases, end-to-end encryption would have been irrelevant for the whistleblower.
    Whenever the source can't trust the destination integrity, whether the recipient is in good faith or not, our service makes a vital difference.

    True. We have never said or written the contrary. In addition to changing IP address, which is anyway important in spite of the writer claims, further steps are strictly necessary to prevent profiling, from "separation of identities" to script blocking, from browser fingerprint changes to system settings obfuscation. Our community has widely covered this issue and provided precious suggestions.
    Here the writer makes a totally irrational shift: first he/she wants to make you think that our service is just a "glorified proxy", then he/she wants to insinuate that our service is useless because it is not some sort of supernatural system capable to protect users from their own behavior and from every possible tracking system which exploits the user system, not the service.

    The first case is true, and it is very important.
    However, it is totally false that you can safely rely on a proxy for the second case purpose. Many applications, including torrent software, can:
    bind to the physical network interface, or do some dangerous UPnP use UDP (not supported by a proxy) send DNS queries out of the proxy include the assigned "real" IP address inside their layer of communications, example: https://blog.torproject.org/bittorrent-over-tor-isnt-good-idea In the aforementioned cases, correct usage of our service will fulfill the purpose to never disclose your real IP address and/or the UDP traffic and/or the DNS queries. A proxy will not and you can be potentially tracked back, either by copyright trolls or any hostile entity.
    Additionally, our service has many more use cases:
    tunneling UDP traffic (not available with a proxy or Tor) circumventing censorship based on IP addresses block circumventing censorship based on DNS poisoning preventing injection of forged packets (not necessarily available with a proxy even in TCP, and surely not when you need UDP flow integrity) using Tor anyway when Tor usage is blocked or triggers interest of ISP or any hostile entity about you protecting your identity when the final recipient of your communications is compromised (not available with end-to-end encryption alone, and not available with Tor when you need UDP, imagine if you need to stream a video in real time which requires source identity protection) making your services (web sites, torrent clients, FTP servers for example) reachable from the Internet when your ISP does not allow port forwarding (not available with a proxy), without exposing your IP address having a static exit-IP address bypassing various types of traffic shaping tunneling simultaneously the traffic of all the devices in your local network, even with remote port forwarding, and even those which can't run OpenVPN provided that you have a device acting as a gateway to the VPN (typical examples a pfSense box or a DD-WRT / AsusWRT / Merlin / Tomato etc. router or any computer configured to work as a router) and maybe you can see more use cases which we have missed here.
    The fact that the writer omitted all of the above says a lot about his/her competence and/or good faith.

    This is hilarious, and not only because the whole point of the writer's post ends up into advertising LowEndBox.
    We will not insult our readers' intelligence with an explanation of why that is a terrible idea when you seek more privacy and some anonymity layer in your interactions with the Internet.
    Draw your own conclusions.
    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN co-founder
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs got a reaction from st4r in Android OpenVPN DNS leak ipv6?   ...
    Hi there.

    So, i saw your post and start the "tiny" investication (pardon me, english is not my native language).

    I had before also all good OpenVpn and Air config-files + android phone. I use Brave browser, all shields in testing(+others) sites on-mode, but scripts, so site could do those test. Afterwards i click that shield script on-mode also.

    Yep, so not a long time ago i have everything same settings, no change made then sometime ago i saw that some leaks happen really.

    I then after little testing changed my second opinion VPN what does the job with leaks but there's "something" , why i do not really like to use it "allday", but good enough for backup VPN. I mean in android. Yeah, so today i started testing OpenVpn & Air-config files. i changed config files & deleted and install OpenVpn newly. Then i just clear all cache things and so on, normally cleaning things...

    Okay, so Brave is browser & OpenVpn and AirVpn-config files. I started to look OpenVpn LOG, if you haven't please look up there do you see some "warnings"? I has some ipv6 things. Nowadays when ipv6 are going to be more settled in internet many thing change altrought it. So, there are plenty servers (change and test) in AirVpn and you have seen that i presume Some of them have ipv6 support some dont, hahaha. Like i know you know. ISP and ipv6 support will and have coming in slowly but certainly!

    Finally, i got it control. I have all the settings like in upper post and so on. Many things you know leaks and stuff is more often because your browser. But most definitely just look up your settings again clean all the "junk" away and start all over. Yeah, it's a pretty boring, but as i notice again it was indeed worth it. Now i have AirVpn-config files <3 , OpenVpn in my android (eddie in my laptop) and everything is smoooth! No leaks whatsoever. I tested Browserleaks, ipleak.net, dnsleaktest.com and few others.

    Just check it a fresh start and you'll be fine. Have a nice day and sorry mine very long and not so informative post. And so messy post also :blush:
    - WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to LZ1 in Guide To Getting Started + Links For Advanced Users   ...
    Added the change in allowed connections, going from 3 to 5. Changed references to 3 connections elsewhere. Added some guidance on how to get started with cryptocurrencies, to the guides section. Added [How-To] AirVPN via SSL/stunnel on Android 6/7/8 to guides section, courtesy of sheivoko. Thank you. Added/fixed sentences here and there, for clarity, while deleting references to outdated clients and content. Added a little info disclaimer, to put people on notice regarding Airs stance on getting access to geo-restricted content. Added links for users of Windows/Linux/MacOS to find out which OS they're running specifically and updated the "Getting Started" section, to correspond better to the Your Setup page. Added clarification on Experimental clients, as well as login names not being changeable. Cleaned up some points in the "Getitng Started" section, to make it more readable. Deleted Glassnost link due to deprecation, courtesy of poster Jefkim666. Thank you. Deleted references to Air speedtest. Air took away this feature, due to its unreliability and the many questions and complaints about it. It may or may not be replaced. Added a new point to the "First Questions" section about Airs sales/discounts. I thought it was about time this got a question dedicated to it, as it keeps being asked:  

    - Since AirVPN isn't free, is it possible to buy a Lifetime subscription, as with other VPNs? Does AirVPN hold sales at all?
    AirVPN does not sell Lifetime subscriptions, period. Simply because it's too costly and wouldn't make sense for a high-quality service like this. There's basically 3 sales a year. Airs Birthday, Black Friday and Christmas; potentially with New Year and Cyber Monday added, to prolong the sale period. All sales are typically around 1 week long and discount all subscription plans. The % discount is fixed at the rates seen below. AirVPN's Christmas sale has a discount of: 20%. Sometime around the 20th December. AirVPN's Birthday sale has a discount of: 25%. Sometime around the 30th May/June. AirVPN's Black Friday sale has a discount of: 35%. Sometime around 20th November. The timing of the sales is roughly the same each year as well. Simply keep an eye on the announcement forum to catch the sale. What if you miss the sale you wanted? Well, then you'll just need to wait until the next one, unfortunately .
    @De Facto Pantalones: I'm not sure what to tell you. But I'm inclined to think that for someone as curious as you, a single answer wouldn't be as satisfactory as the journey itself . The only thing I could tell you at this point is "Switch to Linux" and "Get a Turris Omnia to fool around with?" . You would adore how Eddie runs on Linux. Just look at that DNS handling, compared to Windows
    @CheckMade: Thank you. Here's to hoping it'll be just as useful in 2018.
    @Miran2017: Haha, great. A belated welcome to you. If there's any other issues or doubts, please don't hesitate to ask the community or Air support .
    @Hexane: A belated welcome to you too! Thankyou. Yes, you may want to look into traffic splitting or otherwise using a virtual machine setup. Then you could run things on the Host machine outside, while using Air from inside the virtual machine. Other similar guides. Simply check ipleak.net to see what your IP is, in the end. Here's another similar guide. But first it would be prudent to find out which servers work for you and perhaps trying out different protocol combinations, by changing things in the Eddie client. Needless to say, other common measures such as using a wired connection and/or a good router are also recommended . Otherwise I don't think there's a super-easy one-click way to whitelist apps as you suggest, no. Unless you want to play around with Eddies Preferences>Routes section; but this quickly gets impractical for some apps I think. You can also check out this small thread on split tunneling.
    Sorry for the late replies. I try not to post too much in this thread, so that it won't bother too many people.
    Happy New Year .
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to LZ1 in Five simultaneous connections per account   ...
    That's incredible! That must mean things are going exceedingly well.
    But then I must ask: how did you do this, Staff and are there any interesting and juicy technical details to share? I assume it didn't come at the cost of privacy in any sense of the word for instance.
    It also feels like it was only yesterday you said 3 connections was already extremely generous.
    How fast things change.
    Now you're forcing me to edit my guide, tsk
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Staff in Five simultaneous connections per account   ...

    We're glad to inform you that, from now on, every account can establish up to five simultaneous connections to AirVPN servers. As usual, no restrictions will be applied on IP addresses.

    No price increase has been planned for this new feature.

    We're confident that allowing 5 connections per account at the very same price will meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

    Kind regards & datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Staff in Black Friday Week   ...

    We're very glad to inform you that starting from 8.00 PM UTC on Tuesday, November the 21st, until Thursday, November the 30th (UTC), we'll be offering a 35% discount off ANY AirVPN Premium subscription!

    If you're already our customer and you wish to jump aboard for a longer period, any additional subscription will be added on top of already existing subscriptions and you will not lose any day.
    And that's not all! AirVPN now offers five simultaneous connections per account. See here:

    Kind regards & datalove
    AirVPN Staff

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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to OmniNegro in Private Internet Access caught lying about their no-logging statements   ...
    Last time I read up on the subject, I think it was Jason who was the marketing person. But even back then, years ago, they went through employees like I go through underwear. So I doubt that name is the same or was for more than a week or two. But back then, basically any moderator could, but did not have direct authority to comment on any subject. So at times when a moderator was unavailable for whatever reason, another would just come in and reply in their place on the subject.
    I hate to be the devils advocate, but I need to clarify that PIA was always very good to me. And despite what we and even I am saying here today, they maintained a positive attitude and generally tried to be helpful at all times. We have all seen how vile certain VPNs get in the name of "competition", and to this day, I think that AirVPN and PIA are the two VPNs I know of that never played that game of accusing others of every little thing to defame them. The two aforementioned services stand above the rest by simply offering their services at a good price and letting their customers tell the tale.
    Some of you here know a user named "rainmakerraw". He is a nice guy and at one time I knew him on the PIA forums. He is the largest part of the reason I am here. It was me trusting his word that this service really is that much better that made me choose to give it a try, despite PIA actually offering me free service there because I was one of the few helpful people at times that people could reliably get help with nearly any problem with OpenVPN or their client or configuring their service and a plethora of other problems.
    But before I break my hand patting myself on the back, let me tell you the really high cost of being there in the first place. That troll I mentioned had taught me terrible lessons that persist to this day. Combatting the awful things that person did regularly made me bitter and resentful. No free VPN is worth that. And frankly, AirVPN is worth every single penny I spend on it.
    So while I consider myself one of the most stubborn people I ever met, that troll made me look like an infant without the focus to finish a single sentence, much less construct a proper reply. And I am actually proud of myself for having the willpower to finally abandon the PIA forums altogether. Anyone here who saw what it was like near the end will know why. Anyone wondering why, please abandon this wonder. It will not serve you well. I did things there I am most certainly not proud of. And I am ashamed to admit I was ever there in the first place. It really was that bad.
    But I have gotten off topic. I basically meant to come here and say that PIA as a whole is not so bad, but the founder/owner made one singular public statement that a single raving lunatic used to defeat every single attempt at moderation on the forums. He did this for years. And if not for that, I would likely still be there. If you think PIA is worth trying, PM me. I may be able to help you pull your head from your rear and avoid what could be one of the worst mistakes you could possibly make. Good day everyone.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Bocean in Lubuntu - apt and apt-get timeout when connecting to Repos via AirVPN   ...
    It seems that this problem is related to apt and apt-get trying to use IPv6 over the VPN.
    Using this command forces apt-get to use IPv4, and the time-outs and/or very very slow updates go away.
    sudo apt-get -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true update
    sudo apt-get -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true upgrade
    Once I realised that the problem was caused by a lack of IPv6 on AirVPN, I was able to find this post on the Forum that discussed IPv6.
    Many thanks,
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to pj in VPN Comparison chart - real competitive analysis effort   ...
    you don't know me probably, but I know you, since the FidoNet great times! I was running a BBS connected to FidoNet and later interfaced with several Usenet newsgroups. The BBS was running on an Amiga 2000 - I was a member of the Amiga support and development team in Commodore. You were famous at the end of 80ies already
    Wow, this means really something to me. Thank you. From my colleagues as well.
    Interesting. I only saved my new V32 modems because they remind me the huge excitement for the major breakthrough from 2400 bps to 9600 and then to 14400 bps with V32bis
    All the best
    Paolo (AirVPN co-founder)
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to MVirgilStone59 in VPN Comparison chart - real competitive analysis effort   ...
    Thanks for the data. I have seen the comparison charts come and go. This seems like a better data set than most of them. The one on TorrentFreak is dated and jaded by commercial interest.
    I have been using AirVPN for almost 5-years. It has been trouble free, secure, innovative and helpful. Helpful on the few occasions I needed help (read I screwed up my settings).  Without fail, AirVPN has been way ahead of me when I read about an issue or looked in to check on something. I read something security related, I log in and find out AirVPN fixed that last month, or it is N/A because of their systems, software and diligence.
    I have been 'online' since before there was an online. Army SF Commo Guy from the late '70s, followed by ARPANet, DARPA Net, I hosted a dial-up BBS (Spitfire BBS) I had one of the USA first 3 Line Dial-Up BBS (I kid you not) and gradually grooved on and in to Netscape 1.0 and then went on to develope several of the worlds first "Million Hits a Month" websites in the '90s. I have hosted, co-hosted, co-located, T1'd, Tier 3d and had a couple of server farms and a hosting company or three of my very own.
    The tech companies I started in the 1980's allowed me to retire at 49. I have re-retired a couple of times since and now at 55, I am happily & permanently retired in to what I now call my OMO 'Old Man Online' life. OMO = Surfing, Reading, Goofing, Teaching, Advising, Downloading & Watching.
    In my almost 40-years Pre-Online, Kinda-Online, Army Online, 56,6 Dial-Up Online. ADSL Online, So-Called Hi-Speed Internet Online and finally Really Hi-Speed Internet Online, I have seen a bunch of communications companies come and go and none of them has impressed me more than AirVPN.
    Please note: I pay full price just like most of you. I have no current or previous business relationship with AirVPN. I am just a very satisfied AirVPN customer of 5-years.
    Thanks Team AirVPN
    PS I can get you a really good deal on some 'used' Hayes 2400 Baud Modems...
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