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Five simultaneous connections per account

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This is highly appreciated.  The difference between 3 and 5 seems to be the point at which individual users stop having to think about which devices are connected when.

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On 11/26/2017 at 4:59 AM, ZPKZ said:


All connected to the same server should work, you just have to choose a different protocol/port for each one

Can someone clarify if it's the case?

Say, I have 5 devices, all configured with Asia OpenVPN UDP 443.  When all 5 are connected, what are the chances that some devices will be offered the same server and won't be able to connect or will be kicked out?

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I am a new subscriber. As I understand your rules, each of the 5 devices allowed per account must be connected to a different server of yours. Can you please explain the reason for this? I'll certainly follow the rule, but I would like to understand it.

Otherwise, if I find that at a particular time I get a really good speed from one server, it would make sense to connect my other devices to the same server.

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The reason is based on how OpenVPN works. You can't have two connections with identical certificate to the same daemon,: each subsequent connection will break the previous one. Anyway, if you don't need remote inbound port forwarding, you can connect multiple devices to the same VPN server by using a different certificate and key pair on each device, as explained in our guide here:

Kind regards


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Hello @Pompelmo

For the sake of clarity I would like to add a little disambiguation of devices as it can lead to confusion. From now on I will refer to one of its meanings in CAPITAL letters to distinguish what I'm referring to on every moment.
The two meanings are:
devices: as your computes, cell phones ..
DEVICES: Names you can create on your user area for different certificates to use in your connections.

As for AirVPN, they let you have 5 simultaneous connections for each account. Those connections can be from 5 different devices connecting as the same DEVICE (using that certificate) or from a different combination of DEVICES used from your devices.

So the thing is:
¿Can you connect 2 or more devices to the same server?
Well, you can, as long as they don't use the same certificate so you must use different DEVICES for this.

The only catch of this multiple DEVICES connecting to the same server will be that port forwarding wont work normally on those servers with multiple connections from the same user.

Hope I didn't do it more confusing than it already was. :)

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Hi @Staff and @eburom

Thanks to both of you. After reading both your replies, I understand this well.

I had noticed the page which Staff cited about managing client certificate key pairs, and in fact, I had wondered why someone would need to create additional key pairs. (The answer is given on the page, but I had gotten lost in the technical discussion.) Now I understand that one reason would be in order to connect more than one device to the same server at the same time. Maybe I will try that in the future.

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Is it possible to make Eddie smart enough to avoid connecting to the same server from two devices on the same account, when using the "Recommended Server" (automatic) , even if that server is "best" in speed ? (Just pick 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th).

So, when leaving AirVPN unattended on several devices (in my case, VM's running some tests, simulating different computers talking to each other in a software I'm developing), there will never be two on the same server, so port forwarding (always) works.

Tnx !

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I think the best approach is to white/black list some servers so the wont pick the same.
I once asked if the port forwarding could be implemented so it was set for a specific device key to address this very same problem but didn't jell.

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