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slow speeds and no internet browsing while downloading from usenet

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Firstly I'm connecting from china so ssl or ssh is needed to connect to the airvpn servers


I have tried switching between ssl and ssh before connecting to a server but none of them seem to help with the problem.


I get max 350 KBps from the usenet server and while the connection is active to the usenet server I cant browse the internet it just says the dns server could not be reached.


I tried disabling ssl to the usenet server and connecting to the normal usenet port but I get the same problem.


Thanks in advance

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With SSL it's a given you'll take a performance hit. Especially if you're in China and trying to connect to remote servers.


Are you using Eddie? Sometimes the TAP driver in the latest stable version can be a pain during downloads I find. So you could try a different driver if you want.


Also, are you using Airs DNS?



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if the usenet downloading is saturating your line this is common behavior for a TCP openvpn connection.  the SSL tunnel mandates an openvpn TCP connection.  it is due to the technicalities of how TCP works.  UDP would be a bit better with the problem you're seeing but can't be used with the SSL tunnel.

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