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Hulu, ABC Go GeoBlocked even when using US servers

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Hi I am having trouble watching shows on ABC go as well as Hulu using any of the US vpn servers.  I keep getting geolocation blocks. 


Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

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Hulu explicitly blocks connections from non-residential lines. ABC performs an additional HTML5 geo-location. If you disable HTML5, ABC will refuse to stream. A possible workaround (untested) with Firefox could be:



With Chrome (again, untested by us):



Kind regards

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for this I use the extension for firefox called location guard.  I use its fixed location function and place that in the city where the VPN server is.

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One thing I have noticed about using the Data Saver app from Google is that if I am not connecting to AirVPN, (or any other VPN service) and the app is still enabled in the browser then some UK sites (iPlayer is fine) that are normally accessible to me like TVCatchup, then it will state that I fall out of the geographic are for that channel. (ie. it believes that I am coming from outside the UK and presumably the US) This is due to the app using the Google servers, which I would assume are routing traffic via US based Google servers, hence the site in question believes I am located in the US.

In short, enable the app to access sites in the US like Hulu that still block even though you are connected to AirVPN or a US server. When you have finished, disable the app. Hope that makes sense.

I noticed this just after writing a review for AirVPN, so thought I'd add my finding here as well, as this is where I got the tip for the app (credited to @internet_user on my site) and figured that if people from the UK (or other non-US based countries) had the same issue, it might be helpful.

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