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You can obtain data from ipleak.net trough an API, by querying the directory json or xml or php.


We don't require any authorization or API key for this service.

It's provided as a best-effort service.

We limit requests in time-range for specific IP addresses if anyone runs too many requests to preserve availability of this service.


For example, to fetch data about your IP in json format:

To forceIPv4 usage:
To force IPv6 usage:
To fetch data about the IP address in xml format:
To fetch data about detected DNS in json format (replace [session] with a random hash (40 chars long) and [random] with random chars every request). Perform many request with same [session] and different [random] to populate.


query_text Your query text
query_type Can be myip, mydns, ip or domain
query_date Unix timestamp of server result.
level Level of detail. Can be min or max. Only some IP addresses are fetched for all available data (max levels)
cache Unix timestamp of data accuracy, if the level is max. Data at min level are always in real time. Fields like Tor and reverse are always in real time.
ip The IP address.
country_code Country ISO code
country_name Country Name
tor If the IP address matches a Tor Exit Node.
reverse Reverse lookup.


The above fields are always provided. Other fields may be available if additional data is available.

If you query a qualified domain name, every IP address it resolves into is available under an ips data node.


Reserved address

If the address is an IANA special address, data will contain special fields. See as an example ( xml, json)

Check IANA IPv4 / IPv6 Special-Purpose Address Registry for more information about the fields.


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