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I am curious as to why

PiWiK Analytics

is being run from this site...


I appreciate the anonymity this vpn gives me, but i need it [a VPN] more for circumventing the restrictions my isp has placed on my bandwidth. For instance, a few minutes ago i did speed test from isp site without being connected to vpn. The first test yielded what im paying for: 200Mbps DL / 20 Mbps UL...the second test: 7 Mbps / 20 Mbps...the third: 5 Mbps / 15 Mbps...pathetic! But when i am using vpn through recommended site (w SSL),  I got .5 Mbps / 2 Mbps from speed test. I have yet to get better than 10 Mbps on airvpn's speed test site. Ive been using same isp for almost a decade. I've transferred a few TB using bit torrent, completely open and vulnerable, with varying bandwidth, for sure, but it was always more than i'm getting through vpn...a lot more actually!


I got rid of isp modem/router combo garbage and bought equipment that was designed for a lot more bandwidth than 200 / 20 but my speeds have not changed one bit...i seem to be completely at the mercy of my isp. And so far it seems i'd be better off without vpn, with regards to connection speed. However the nazi-esque internet censorship that gets worse every day has pushed me towards vpn. Im not sure what i'm configuring so incorrectly that i'm barely getting any bandwidth thru vpn....Help is welcomed!


And an explanation for PiWik would be nice too!

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PiWick fully respects users' privacy (and our privacy as well!) and is open source. It is fully compliant to any EU directive on privacy and data protection and it goes even further.


About performance, of course you can't normally expect more than what you already get without VPN. Feel free to open a ticket to try to improve performance.


Kind regards

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I'd also recommend a server close to you however I imagine that's obvious, another thing you could test is to do a speedtest.net to the country you are using an airVPN in some countries get low speeds outside of their own.

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