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    fooeee123 reacted to stookie in ipleak.net - Update January 2017   ...
    Whenever I go to ipleak.net now, there seems to be a 50% chance that the DNS Address section will show two servers instead of one. The numbers in one will correspond with the IP address, while the other one will be similar to the Delaware one quoted above. If I then refresh the page it might then change back to one server or stay as two servers. This has happened with almost all the servers I have used.
    Is there a reason for this behaviour?
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    fooeee123 reacted to wdp in ipleak.net - Update January 2017   ...
    Hope I'm posting this in the right forum.
    The DNS below shows up on ipleak.net. What is it? Thanks.
    United States - Delaware
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    fooeee123 reacted to triplehyper in Utorrent AirVPN and IPV6 Leak   ...
    Does utorrent together with AirVPN leak ipv6?
    With AirVPN connected I did an ipv6 test at https://ipleak.net
    "Add this Magnet Link to your torrent client and wait for the results below"
    Then it shows "Annonced IPV6: fe80::ffff:ffff:fffe"
    Strange when I test it out with qBittorent there wan't any ipv6 to be announced.
    What is fe80::ffff:ffff:fffe btw? I assume it's not my real mac address am I right? Because it looks very common on google result.
    Prior to using AirVPN, when using other VPN providers why didn't I see any ipv6 announced. So what's up with Eddie?
    Oh I'm using utorrent 2.2.1
    Some info about my setup:
    I have enabled network lock (Actually I imported it's rules and merged it into my existing firewall policy. Then I disabled "Network Lock" So essentially I should have my "Network Lock on" right?)
    I have Eddie set to disable ipv6
    I have manually disabled ipv6 in windows and the registry
    Sorry for the noob questions. Just want to hear from your input and to be sure.
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