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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! We're very glad to introduce native support for OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH, and a completely re-designed configuration generator which includes exciting, additional AirVPN services and features. Our service becomes more censorship resistant and easier to use with a wide range of OpenVPN GUIs and wrappers. UPDATE OCT 2014: EDDIE CLIENT AirVPN client version 2, codename Eddie, gets out of the beta testing with version 2.6. Free and open source, it is a major breakthrough from client versions 1.x. Available for Linux, Windows and OS X Mavericks and Yosemite. Eddie includes Network Lock, full integrated TOR support for OpenVPN over TOR, support for OpenVPN over SSL and SSH, "intelligent" anti-censorship circumvention technique, "intelligent" VPN servers efficiency and rating calculations and much, much more. https://airvpn.org/topic/12464-eddie-27-available Currently the only open source OpenVPN wrapper in the world which allows OpenVPN over TOR connections without middle boxes or VM on three different OS. NEW SERVICES: OPENVPN OVER SSL - OPENVPN OVER SSH OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over SSH will allow you to bypass OpenVPN connections disruption. Known ISP countries where the disruption takes place are China, Iran, Syria, Egypt. The connection disruption is possible because OpenVPN connections have a typical fingerprint which lets Deep Packet Inspection discern them from pure SSL/TLS connections. Connecting OpenVPN over SSL or OpenVPN over SSH will make your connection undiscernable from pure SSL or SSH connections, rendering DPI fingerprint identification powerless. OpenVPN over SSL/SSH is included in every Premium subscription without any additional payment. Use OpenVPN over SSL/SSH only when necessary: a slight performance hit is the price to pay. The performance hit is kept as low as possible because the "double-tunneling" is performed directly on our servers without additional hops. NEW FEATURES A new system for host resolution (not available for Windows) and dynamic VPN server choice is available. This will let you have OpenVPN configuration files which will try connections to various servers (according to your preferences) if one or more servers are unavailable. A new connection port (2018) is now available on all Air VPN servers. A new, alternative entry-IP address is now available on all Air VPN servers. NEW CONFIGURATION GENERATOR FEATURES - You can now select servers by countries, continents and planets (currently only one planet) or any combination between single servers and countries. - You can now select an alternative entry-IP address. Each Air server has now an additional entry-IP address to help you bypass IP blocking. - You can now choose a wide variety of compressing options: zip, 7zip, tar, tar & gzip, tar & bzip2. - You can now choose not to compress the files and download them uncompressed one by one NEW CONFIGURATION GENERATOR "ADVANCED MODE" FEATURES - Total connection ports range available, including new port 2018 in addition to 53, 80, 443 and (for SSH) 22. - Option to generate non-embedded configuration files, mandatory if you use network-manager as OpenVPN wrapper under Linux or just in case you use any wrapper that does not support embedded with certificates and keys OpenVPN configurations. - Option to generate files and scripts for OpenVPN over SSL/SSH connections by clicking on "Advanced Mode" - Option to select "Windows" or "Linux and others". Make sure you select the correct option according to your OS, because connections over SSL/SSH in Windows require different files than those required for Linux, *BSD and Unix-like / POSIX compliant systems such as Mac OSX. - New options to generate configuration files that support proxy authentication for OpenVPN over a proxy connections, particularly useful if you're behind a corporate or college proxy which requires authentication. A significant example of usage of OpenVPN over a proxy is OpenVPN over TOR: https://airvpn.org/tor Instruction page for OpenVPN over SSL (only if you don't run our client Eddie): https://airvpn.org/ssl Instruction page for OpenVPN over SSH (only if you don't run our client Eddie): https://airvpn.org/ssh Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information. Kind regards & Datalove AirVPN admins
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