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Found 7 results

  1. Hay! So I recently bought myself a subscription of 3 days just to test things out, and so far I am completely and utterly lost. My initial reasons for buying the vpn services was to torrent, however are there things I NEED to know first? Do I need to connect anything to something? I use deluge if that helps. I tried looking into the FAQ and sadly everything on it is just a bit too TECHNICAL for me to fully understand Sadly I'm an idiot when it comes to understanding things and very nervous about all of this, since this is again new to me I'm sorry for bothering anyone (and hopefully I didnt post in the wrong forum O_O)
  2. Hi, this is my first day as a paying customer here at AirVPN so I guess this qualifies as a newbie question. Q: What is the easiest way of using airvpn with network lock, and still being able to access the computer from other devices on the LAN? Background: I`ve got an old macbook setup with a torrent client, and a plex server to serve the goodies to various devices on my LAN. I`ve installed the AirVPN client on this machine now and I`m very happy with both the speeds I`m getting - and how connectable I am. (I just switched from BTguard - and it`s a BIG difference). However I can`t seem to connect to the machine from other devices on my LAN anymore, not with PLEX, and not with "remote screen sharing" in os-x. What have I tried: After reading some posts here at the forum I`ve tried to setup my LAN in "Routes" under "preferences" - and specified that all traffic on my LAN goes outside of the VPN tunnel. I`m a bit new to "CIDR ranges" - but what I`ve entered there now is Does that cover it, or is there a better way to do it? What I have not tried: I`ve not yet tried to edit the "/etc/pf.conf"-file or use another external software like tunnelblick. But if this is the only way of achieving what I want, I can give that a go too. I`m guessing I`m not the first guy having this problem, and even if I have`nt found the right answer to the question here on the forum - the answer must be out there. So if anybody could point me in the right direction, I`d really appreciate it! Have a great day everybody! best regards Olav
  3. I am new and not sure how to use this. I have paid for the service and have an account set up already. I am trying to set up the open vpn gui but whenever I click the generate button it only opens a notepad document and that is all. Is this correct? What am I supposed to do with this? Any help would be nice, thanks. -Dave
  4. I've been reporting a problem to support since 7 am (Thailand time) and have yet to hear BOO from anyone. I got much quicker responses before I'd actually signed up. For two days everything worked swimmingly and then today I cannot connect. The program finds a server (in Canada), tries to connect, times out, waits 3 seconds, tries again.....and again......and again. I have to logout to stop slowing down my regular isp. I"m frustrated and confused. I don't can't frame a query that the forum finder accepts. I want to throw the program in the dustbin.
  5. first of all im not fluenty in english so its really hard to understand what some thread are tellin me to do, on top of this im not a computer geek i dont know nothin about how stuff works this is all new to me. the reason i want a vpn is so i can torrent safely, thats all. i dont want the isp to know that im downloadin stuff in torrent site, ive had already receive a letter about 5 years ago, i already moved to another state i dont want to happen again here, can somebody explain to me the steps to do this like im 5 years old? i want to buy airvpn, after i buy it what happens next? i saw a youtube video and i saw that there were two thing that airvpn gave the guy,, airvpn and openvpn why two? and which one do i used? also i read about fordward port to my bittorrrent client i dont whats that or p2p or protocol. can i do this succesfully if im usin my isp router? just tell me how to get it to work so i cant safely download some torrent which i rarely do but when i do i like it to be safe. thanks so much, all this is like a new language to me lol
  6. I signed up for the eval acct and I'm not sure I'm fully understanding what's happening here. Installed Eddie on a Win7 PC on Fri PM. Is all of my PC's traffic going thru the VPN tunnel and coming out on the other end of the AirVPN's server ? I question this bec I looked at the upload/download stats and I thought I did more traffic than that in this eval period. Speed seemed good and I didn't notice much if any difference using AirVPN vs not using it. D/l'd a couple of non-trivial files from my private FTP server, I'm satisfied that there was no (noticeably) unreasonable overhead using AirVPN, which is part of the point of the4 eval. Thanx for use the brain cells....
  7. I've been using AirVPN for a few days now and I've encountered a few problems. While searching the site for relevant topics I've come to realise that most of the "clients" here seem to possess very advanced technological knowledge. I was wondering, what about an "AirVPN for Dummies"? By that I mean for those of us who are technologically challenged but would still like to make use of this service to ensure our privacy. Not to be offensive or sarcastic, no offense is intended, but this is, after all, a paid service and even sold as "Premium". Or is this service intended only for the Steven Hawkings of the internet? Perhaps if there were some "How To" tutorials for people who just don't know much about "Socket Buffers", "UDPv4 links", "TLS: Initial packets", "TAP-Win32 adapters" and all such very essential but completely incomprehensible information. When I went looking for online anonymity I was hoping to find something I could simply install and be done with, a sort of "plug and play" solution that didn't require a degree from MIT to use. Then I found my way to this: Is it difficult to use it? Definitely not. For those who like simple things, we have prepared a package to access the VPN. Just download and run it. The connection procedure will need just a few seconds. After that, all the applications will use the VPN tunnel and you and your privacy will be protected. You DON'T need to configure manually any of your application (web browser, e-mail, ftp, p2p client, VoIP...): when you are connected to the VPN everything is transparent and automatic. When you want to disconnect, you can do it with a click. Eureka! said I. Perhaps I have applied the wrong "package"? If so, I would very much appreciate being pointed to the "right" one. If I've got the right package installed, I'd really like to be able to get it working consistently. The client I've downloaded and installed, a few times now, is Windows / XP-Vista-7, 32 bit because I'm running Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP2. As it stands now, each time I turn on my PC and try to connect AirVPN I get this message: "AirVPN Failed to start." The only way I've been able to make it work is by completely removing AirVPN from my system and reinstalling it.
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