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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I've searched the forum (and am clearly using wrong search terms) - but I would be grateful if someone could explain the the "Routing - Internal servers, used for double-hop to avoid geolocation censorship. Not available for direct connections" entry on https://airvpn.org/status/, and how to use these servers. Thanks heaps. T.
  2. I've been using AirVPN for a few days now and I've encountered a few problems. While searching the site for relevant topics I've come to realise that most of the "clients" here seem to possess very advanced technological knowledge. I was wondering, what about an "AirVPN for Dummies"? By that I mean for those of us who are technologically challenged but would still like to make use of this service to ensure our privacy. Not to be offensive or sarcastic, no offense is intended, but this is, after all, a paid service and even sold as "Premium". Or is this service intended only for the Steven Hawkings of the internet? Perhaps if there were some "How To" tutorials for people who just don't know much about "Socket Buffers", "UDPv4 links", "TLS: Initial packets", "TAP-Win32 adapters" and all such very essential but completely incomprehensible information. When I went looking for online anonymity I was hoping to find something I could simply install and be done with, a sort of "plug and play" solution that didn't require a degree from MIT to use. Then I found my way to this: Is it difficult to use it? Definitely not. For those who like simple things, we have prepared a package to access the VPN. Just download and run it. The connection procedure will need just a few seconds. After that, all the applications will use the VPN tunnel and you and your privacy will be protected. You DON'T need to configure manually any of your application (web browser, e-mail, ftp, p2p client, VoIP...): when you are connected to the VPN everything is transparent and automatic. When you want to disconnect, you can do it with a click. Eureka! said I. Perhaps I have applied the wrong "package"? If so, I would very much appreciate being pointed to the "right" one. If I've got the right package installed, I'd really like to be able to get it working consistently. The client I've downloaded and installed, a few times now, is Windows / XP-Vista-7, 32 bit because I'm running Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP2. As it stands now, each time I turn on my PC and try to connect AirVPN I get this message: "AirVPN Failed to start." The only way I've been able to make it work is by completely removing AirVPN from my system and reinstalling it.
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