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Found 15 results

  1. Recently, I have been having an issue where the download speed is not showing up under "Speed" graph as if it is not connected. The upload shows up, but not the download. This has me a bit paranoid as I don,t know if I am still fully connected to AIRVpn while downloading things, even though I do an IP address check and shows my IP where it should. In fact, this JUST happened right now on Aquila server.. My download shows 0, even surfing the net. The only way to get it to show back up is to reconnect or connect to a different server, as I just did. Any reason this would be happening?
  2. Hello, I have problems when downloading with AirVPN on Ubuntu 16.04 using OpenVPN client. I have tried switching to other VPN servers, but still have problems with the download speed. The speed often goes to zero and sometimes it goes up, but then quickly drops to zero again. For example it goes up to 1.1Mbit and then slowly goes back to zero. And 1.1Mbit is not even close to my actual network speed. When I disable openvpn the download speed is back to normal. Any ideas why this is happening? Cheers!
  3. Hello All, I've been with AirVPN a while now. I think they're the best. My ISP plan was 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. Initially, I had some speed issues. Staff were wonderful and solved my issue. Great speed all around. I recently upgraded my line to 50 Mbps up and 10 Mbps down. When not connected to the VPN I get speeds around 45 to 47 Mbps down and 7 to 8 Mpbs up. Connected with AirVPN, I get about 25 to 27 Mbps and 7 Mpbs up. Strange that the upload is not affected. I have tried so many things; different protocols with different servers and so forth and yet no resolution. I have contacted Staff and they suggested a few things but nothing has worked. I think they may be stumped as well. My modem is a TP-Link TD-W9970. I believe it's properly configured. I do NOT want to try another VPN service. I've been reading online to find a solution. Someone mentioned changing the MTU settings from the computer (not the router). Could not quite get it to work. I don't know if my CPU is responsible as it is about ten years old. I plan to upgrade my system soon. If it is the CPU, I don't understand why the speed is fine without the VPN. Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you all, DL
  4. Dear community, I am experiencing performance issues while downloading files hosted at shareonline. I am using JDownloader to perform the downloads. Testing my internet connection speed with speedtest.net or via the speedtest feature on the AirVPN webside I do not experiance any similar performance issues. My connection speed without a VPN connection established is about 430-450 Mbps. While I am connected to a VPN server located in Germany/Netherlands/Sweden ect. I am getting between 80 and 150 Mbps. The problem is while downloading from shareonline I am getting only 5-10 Mbps maximum. I tried diffrent protocols, JDownloader settings and so forth. Using the latest eddie client on windows 10. Does anyone else experience the same issue. I am looking forward to hear from you. Best regards Note: I am using SO to exchange bigger files with my family. Not a pirate
  5. Sorry for the Noob question... I'm familiar with Mac but not Linux. I downloaded the "portable" version of Eddie to my "Downloads" section, but where do I go from there? Where do I move the extracted Eddie folder? If it was a Mac, I would just drag the folder to "Applications", but I don't see a location like that in Mint. Thanks!
  6. Just got airvpn and the download speeds on torrents keep rising and dropping all the time. Ive downloaded in the past without VPN and with a different VPN and the speeds were always steady around 900 kbs and 1mbs or higher. With airvpn its constantly fluctating every minute or 2. It goes up to around 1 mbs, then drops to 100kbs rinse and repeat. Already tried different servers and ports through SSL and SSH same thig.
  7. Today is my first day trying out AirVPN. (I've been using another service for a couple of years.) Love all the tools and status reports, etc, on the website. The Eddie client is impressive (but I can't get it to run on my Arch Linux machine, so using OpenVPN). I just tested out some download speeds with my usenet server. With my other VPN service I can get close to 4.5 MB/s DL speeds. When I switched to AirVPN I was getting less than 1.0 MB/s (sometimes a LOT less--when it would connect at all.) Very discouraging, to say the least. I tried changing the UDP fragment size to 256, but that didn't improve anything. Any suggestions would be welcome!
  8. Hello, ADSL usually (always ?) favours download stream to the upload. But with AirVPN things are getting even worse. My ADSL line synchronizes (ISP) @ 1,4 MB/s down / 130 KB/s up - Using my whole download bandwidth (1,4 MB/s) without VPN gives me 45 KB/s up - Using my whole download bandwidth (1,3 MB/s) with AirVPN gives 8 KB/s up (almost 6 times less !!!) This is very annoying when you're torrenting and you need to respect certain ratio. I've installed the 9.9 TAP drivers 'cause they behave better on my machine. I've tried the 9.21.2 but I still get 6 times less upload speed while downloading at max speed. AirVPN settings : - Protocol "Automatic" - Send buffer 64K - Receive buffer 128K - mssfix 1332 I've tried different buffer settings, with or without mssfix but it didn't change anything. Do you know how I could achieve better upload speed with AirVPN ?
  9. Hey, for a couple of weeks now I'm sharing an AirVPN account with a friend of mine (3 devices total, so not exceeding the allowed number). I personally want to use it mostly in conjunction with a torrent client and for web-browsing. However both the down- and upload speed I am getting is incredibly low, often even below 1 kb/sec. For him everything seems to be perfectly fine, and according to an independent and the AirVPN speedtest I should be getting over 1mb/sec download. My settings are the default ones with a few adjustments, connecting to the best out of a couple of servers in close proximity & network lock is on (there are very few disconnects tho, so I don't think its related to that). Now I am at best decent with tech stuff thought I have absolutely no idea of VPNs and networks in general. Read a bit around the forums and went through LZ1's Guide. While I think they are extremely helpful I wasn't able to help myself. Not sure which information you need, I'll just post what I think is relevant. OS: Windows 7 64-bit Connection 16.000 DSL, Telekom (usually around 1,4mb/sec down) Country: Germany Router: Fritzbox FON 7360 (works without error)
  10. Hey guys, I'm having another VPN issue, this time regarding FTP upload speeds. I followed this guide and it worked perfectly to connect to my FTP server, but trying to download something from the server is absolutely impossible. The first moment of connection will yield somewhere between 20 kB/s and 5 megs a second, but will deteriorate seemingly exponentially. I've let a connection run for half and hour or so, just to see what will happen, and the speed reaches a plateau at around 100 bytes a second. Obviously, I refuse to believe the VPN is at fault for this; I assume it's my ISP. I've checked out others with similar problems, but I haven't found any solutions. In total, I have tried to download the file via my own IP, a DDNS pointing to the VPN server, the VPN server's exit IP, and the LAN address. From the LAN address, everything is as expected - a speed that is normal for me, about 3 megs. When connecting through my WAN IP through port 21 (which is correctly forwarded), I get a connection timeout error (Something I need to investigate). When connecting through the VPN or the DDNS, the problem I described above plagues me. Below is what I monitored by eye when trying to download a file: 3.42 MB/s 19 kB/s 14 kB/s 12 kB/s 10 kB/s 9 kB/s 8 kB/s 7 kB/s 6.9 kB/s 6.4 kB/s 5.5 kB/s 4.8 kB/s 4.3 kB/s 4.02 kB/s 3.65 kB/s 3.21 kB/s 2.98 kB/s ... (it continues to fall, but I stopped the connection there) And here is the log that it gave. I don't know if the information will be useful, though, since I prematurely terminated the connection. If anyone can give me a hand, I'd really appreciate it!
  11. Hello everyone, I purchased AirVPN recently to keep my torrent traffic private, and am just now getting around to putting it to use. However, I'm getting some extremely slow speeds, or rather no speed at all. I'm using the AirVPN client and letting it connect to a recommended server, but consistently get 0 B/s (Yes, that's B/s) download and upload. It will occasionally jump to ~100 B/s, or even ~100 KB/s, but drops back to 0 B/s shortly after. I also took the speed test on this website which gave the following results: Down: 0.477 Mbit/s Out, 0.470 Mbit/s In (98%), 1MB - Up: 0.382 Mbit/s Out, 0.322 Mbit/s In (84%), 1MB - Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 19:28:09 GMT - Buffers: 1MB/1MB - Laps: 3, Time: 325.56 secs Not quite 0 B/s like the AirVPN client says, but still unacceptably slow considering I get around 50-60 Mbits/s download and upload (Verizon) when not connected to the VPN. I'm a total greenhorn when it comes to just about anything networking, and assume I messed something up when trying to configure the VPN with my torrent client (Deluge), so I'm just going to go into what exactly I've done so far and then maybe someone here can give me some guidance. First, I followed the P2P optimization guide found here: https://airvpn.org/faq/p2p/ In the end, my settings look like this: http://i.imgur.com/SnGiGJ9.png Which looks correct to me, for whats its worth. Second, I setup Windows firewall rules to block Deluge's connection in the event that the VPN unexpectedly disconnects, or I forget to turn it on or something. I did so following this guide: https://vpn.ac/knowledgebase/55/Windows-Firewall-rules-to-block-P2PorTorrent-traffic-if-VPN-disconnects.html I tested to make sure it works with the little speed I have and it does seem to work. I'll get a few KB/s while connected to the VPN, and it will stop or start back up when I disconnect and reconnect to the VPN respectively. Aside from those two things, I've done nothing else, and don't even know if there is still more I need to do aside from those two things. I'm hoping the pros here can point me in the right direction because what I've tried to find out on my own so far has been fruitless. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, I am using a router with dd-wrt and openvpn over SSL or SSH and each time I was downloading something it would be really slow. For example, downloading the latest ubuntu 14.04 which is around 1Gb would take -- 4 hours if I double connect, meaning my router is connected to 1 airvpn router and my computer to another one -- 2 hours if I only connect to airvpn IPs through my router I fixed this by going to the dd-wrt interface, tab NAT/QoS, sub-tab QoS and select "start QoS": enable, Services priority : select "ssh", click "add" and then select "maximum" And then whatever mode of connection I would choose, my download speed for the same 1Gb file would be "13 minutes"!!! Look at the image I enclose. If this is not a good idea in terms of security, let me know, because I am not an expert on network settings, thanks.
  13. Hi, I've tried connecting to various servers, but always get the same problem; 0kb/s download, Upload ~34,000kb/s when I'm not even uploading anything. Obviously nothing will load due to the download rate. The issue only started today. Any ideas? Many thanks for your help
  14. Hello, in the last week I noticed that AIRVPN Downloadspeed is getting lower and lower. Normaly I have 24MBits/4,5Mbits but when using AIRVPN i get arround 3-5Mbits in both Down- and Upload. I tried to connect to different servers at different times, but best I can get since one week is arround 14Mbits. Any idea to fix this? I wouldnt ask if I havent allready experienced 24Mbits with VPN so there is a way to get such speeds. Regards
  15. deezer.com is being blocked on Dorsum, NL servers cannot access website but can partially with proxy from ixquick browser
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