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Found 5 results

  1. The other day, I was unable to connect to AirVPN. Turns out my subscription had expired. I had the regular notices in my inbox, but I never saw them because I hadn't logged into the web site. Of course, resubscribing was easy and painless. I was wondering if Eddie could display a notice regarding the subscription status somewhere in its window. Perhaps, "Premium, xx days left" over the Overview button or as part of the Overview. I know Eddie can be used for non AirVPN connections, but if that functionality existed for AirVPN connections that would be pretty awesome.
  2. Hello hopeful member here, I'm having trouble purchasing a subscription. I have tried the credit card method with a prepaid mastercard as well as through paypal both resulting in errors. With the credit method it banned my card (even with a zip attached to the card) and with paypal it just keeps coming back as "Sorry, we cannot complete your purchase at this time." along with a few other errors because of the seller email? I've tried just about everything to no avail and these are my only options of payment at this time. Any help would be appreciated. Side note I'm in the U.S. ~cheers~
  3. Hello, I just bought a subscription (3 days) for trying airvpn and while paying I read something like 1 Eur at August, 24th, for renewal. s this just an information like "your current plan will end at the 24th of August, so renewal would cost 1 Eur with your current plan then", or is this subscription renewing itself automatically? I searched for automated renewals in the terms of service while buying but were unable to find anything (maybe I overlooked something?). I am satisfied with the service so far, so it is likely that I purchase a subscription again, but I really do not like automated renewals at all. I, as a customer, want full control of my account and decide myself if, when and for how long I buy subscriptions. Any hints/tips/information on this topic is highly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Hi AirVPN Team, I have had a 6 month subscription to AirVPN, and your service is amazing. Anytime in the future will you be adding a Lifetime subscription option? I definitively would be willing to pay $200-400 dollars for a lifetime subscription, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in this either. Thanks
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