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Found 23 results

  1. Good morning, Here is my config: Nas Synology DS215J - Orbi RBR350 router which replaces a Bbox ( Bouygues Telecome Fiber ) - AirVPN I want to use a VPN for the Download Station software which is on my Synology, the VPN works well on my Synology but I cannot use the port which is given by AirVPN, when I do the test it says "Connection Refused (111)" I do not have a firewall activated on the NAS, and in my Orbi I do not see anywhere a blockage concerning the selected port Can someone help me. THANKS Translate by google, I'm French
  2. Hello, I'm one of the Mullvad refugees. While I tried it for a few weeks now, using a peer-to-peer protocol without a forwarded port was just too slow and often it was even impossible to establish connections to peers. And although I'm very happy with your service and the general scope of the API, there are some things that are broken or that I'm missing: Setting device names and descriptions via the API. Assigning ports to devices via the API (preferable by ID and name, but most importantly by ID), maybe also claiming ports via the API. In my tests calls to the configuration generator API with "resolve=on" would only work for IPv4 endpoints, not for IPv6 endpoints. It would be great if this also worked for IPv6 addresses. It seems a bit strange to me that adding a device returns a longer ID, while the other parts of the API which use the ID seem to truncate it to 50 characters. Why isn't the truncated ID returned uniformly? It would be nice for my use-case to also have the configuration generator optionally return JSON. The current configurations are to be consumed by wg-quick and while using wg-quick (either to load them or to transform them to wg rules) or parsing them and using them with wg is easy enough, it would just be nice to have the additional option. Maybe with some nice clean key names like "public_key". Example request for the mentioned IP resolution problem: curl -H "Api-Key: <REDACTED>" "https://airvpn.org/api/generator/?protocols=wireguard_1_udp_1637&servers=europe&device=default&resolve=on&iplayer_entry=ipv6" -o AirVPN_Europe_UDP-1637.conf This will properly resolve the hostname to an IP when "iplayer_entry=ipv4" (or the empty default) is set, but just pass the hostname through when "iplayer_entry=ipv6" is specified.
  3. Is there an IP Range I should be adding to my Firewall? If I run dmesg I have a lot of this: [ 9489.598148] FW6 REJECT (input): IN=enp1s0 OUT= MAC=33:33:00:00:00:01:48:4e:fc:f0:69:b8:86:dd SRC=fe80:0000:0000:0000:4a4e:fcff:fef0:69b8 DST=ff02:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001 LEN=168 TC=0 HOPLIMIT=255 FLOWLBL=356592 PROTO=ICMPv6 TYPE=134 CODE=0 [ 9492.373944] IPv4: martian source from, on dev enp1s0 [ 9492.373953] ll header: 00000000: 30 9c 23 47 64 c5 48 4e fc f0 69 b8 08 00 [ 9492.600804] FW6 REJECT (input): IN=enp1s0 OUT= MAC=33:33:00:00:00:01:48:4e:fc:f0:69:b8:86:dd SRC=fe80:0000:0000:0000:4a4e:fcff:fef0:69b8 DST=ff02:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001 LEN=168 TC=0 HOPLIMIT=255 FLOWLBL=356592 PROTO=ICMPv6 TYPE=134 CODE=0 [ 9495.603941] FW6 REJECT (input): IN=enp1s0 OUT= MAC=33:33:00:00:00:01:48:4e:fc:f0:69:b8:86:dd SRC=fe80:0000:0000:0000:4a4e:fcff:fef0:69b8 DST=ff02:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001 LEN=168 TC=0 HOPLIMIT=255 FLOWLBL=356592 PROTO=ICMPv6 TYPE=134 CODE=0 Is there an IP Range or port I should add to my firewall to get this to quit? I've read posts on here mentioning Port 53. And I would like the VPN to be on when I reboot my machine, without having to log in all the time. Is that possible? Thanks
  4. Hi I am looking to forward one of my ports through TCP on IPv4. I have connected to the vpn (tried both udp and tvp ports . Then setup Port Forwarding on the ports section. (BEWARE: My ISP has CGNAT so there's double a NAT that I have to punch through) Before connecting NetStat output is: Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP view-localhost:2658 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:2657 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:2660 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:2659 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:11080 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:9349 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:65001 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:49753 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:49740 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:49736 ESTABLISHED TCP eu-de01:50519 ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ec2-15-207-57-185:https ESTABLISHED TCP [2405:201:5003:40a7:3124:eb36:19c:e412]:10941 [2600:9000:2075:2000:a:15d0:77c0:93a1]:https ESTABLISHED TCP [2405:201:5003:40a7:3124:eb36:19c:e412]:11346 upload-lb:https ESTABLISHED TCP [2405:201:5003:40a7:3124:eb36:19c:e412]:11347 airvpn:https ESTABLISHED TCP [2405:201:5003:40a7:3124:eb36:19c:e412]:11353 [2606:4700::6812:126e]:https ESTABLISHED TCP [2405:201:5003:40a7:3124:eb36:19c:e412]:11354 [2a00:c6c0:0:154:4:d8aa:b4e6:c89f]:https ESTABLISHED TCP [2405:201:5003:40a7:3124:eb36:19c:e412]:11355 del12s08-in-x04:https ESTABLISHED After connecting to vpn output of netstat is: Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP upload-lb:https ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP TIME_WAIT TCP TIME_WAIT TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP TIME_WAIT TCP TIME_WAIT TCP ams15s40-in-f3:https ESTABLISHED TCP ams15s41-in-f14:https TIME_WAIT TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ec2-52-202-215-126:http TIME_WAIT TCP ESTABLISHED TCP TIME_WAIT TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP 1:https ESTABLISHED TCP 1:https ESTABLISHED TCP ec2-15-207-57-185:https ESTABLISHED TCP ec2-15-207-57-185:https ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:2658 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:2657 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:2660 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:2659 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:11080 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:9349 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:65001 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:49753 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:49740 ESTABLISHED TCP view-localhost:49736 ESTABLISHED TCP eu-de01:50519 ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP [2405:201:5003:40a7:3124:eb36:19c:e412]:11396 airvpn:https ESTABLISHED However Port Forwarding over tcp does not work ?
  5. So it appears that mullvad has run out of ports for client port forwarding. https://mullvad.net/en/blog/2021/2/10/unfortunate-port-shortage/ What will be Air's position when it finally happens here?
  6. Hi everyone, I purchased AirVPN recently to use it with a p2p file sharing application SoulSeek. I'm very new to this stuff and really in need of some guidance. I was able to add my 2 ports in the "client area" section of the AirVPN website. Then I ran a TCP test check and recieved the message, "Not reachable on server IP over the external port #####, tcp protocol. Error 110 - connection timed out". I'm not into torrenting, I just want to use this VPN for Soulseek. I haven't done anything to my router since I'm not comfortable messing with the settings on it. Also when I check the ports on SoulSeek it also says the ports are closed. Any guidance is most welcomed! -Nub
  7. Hi, I would like to use OpenVPN in Ubuntu to connect to AirVPN and it's easily set up with the generated config files. I can connect without problems. However, I have two incoming ports set up but can't confirm that they are open in my BitTorrent client (Transmission). When I check it says "closed". When I use Eddie on Linux the ports are "open" when I check. Is there something I need to add and/or enter in the OpenVPN connections I've set up to get incoming ports to check out as open? Maybe I am missing something obvious?
  8. Hi I went to test out the port forwarding feature to open my NAT type for call of duty modern warfare 2, but my NAT type is still strict. I want to host some games but use a vpn so people will not ddos my home IP. The ports are: TCP - 3074,27014-27050 and UDP 3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036. Maybe I entered them incorrectly?
  9. Hi and good morning to all, I am here because,like so many others i am at the end of my tether and need help and assistance from those of you in the know. I need to open ports for my Gameserver bypassing the VPN. I will keep my first description as short as possible of my current setup and anybody whom wishes to help may ask for further details, I have 2X instances of Pfsense running on a windows 2012 R2 server machine in Hyper-V, one is configured using this tut https://airvpn.org/topic/17444-how-to-set-up-pfsense-23-for-airvpn/ and the other handles the DHCP and Squid, my reasoning for this is, Squid does not play nice with Vpn's, i have tried everything to get them to work together but pfsense wants to use the default WAN when squid is installed so this was my workaround, i have tried others like pfBlockerNG but it does not have the level of control that Squid offers. Now to the complicated bit, for the purpose of this i will refer to Pfsense 1 VPN as "Firewall" and Pfsense 2 DHCP & Squid as "Proxy", The proxy has 2X LAN subnets which is the local LAN network and is hooked to Squid, and which is an isolated Lan i wish to use for a gameserver which has an Ip of 3.5 Then i have 2X wans static which is bridged to 2.1 on the firewall, and Vlan-Id=10 which connects to 4.1 Vlan-Id=10 on the Firewall, my is routed out this interface in order for it to be passed to the firewall and onto the WAN The Firewall is set up as described in the tut above and works as intended with the exception that the default LAN has changed to is now a Virtual LAN interface and is bridged with the Virtual WAN interface of the proxy which is 2.2, It also has a another LAN interface VLAN of Id =10 which is hooked up to the 4.2 of the proxy, this interface is to bypass the VPN and is routed out the WAN. Up until this point everything works as intended normal LAN clients can access the internet through the VPN, and my isolated Subnet can access the web through the WAN, i can also access any game servers i have running locally, and this is where the fun ends, for the life of me i cant get ports open to the outside world, it is strange to me that my Gameserver can access the web and servers can contact steam but beyond that, there seems to be no ports open, i have tried many things such as forwarding ports using nat out the various gateways. According to the various port checking sites i have visited all my ports are closed, even port 80 and i know this can not be because i can access the web just fine. I appreciate that i may have many extra steps to take with my currant configuration in order to get this to work, and i am very much looking forward to any help than can be given. Thanks in Advance.
  10. I have been searching for a way to listen with my p2p app to an open port over my ip which is AT&T unlimited cellular broadband. Can anyone tell me if this vpn can provide what I'm looking for since all cellular incoming ports are blocked by default at the tower?
  11. Okay, so basically, I want to host a server for a game, but the game requires port 53640 to be open. I tried to do this, however, it is tooken by another user. On another forum, Somebody said to leave the remote port blank and just fill in the local port. Will this open the port for me or not?
  12. Hey I found a small typo and couldn't find any bug report section (maybe I'm just too sleepy to find it right now) and didn't want to bother the support with it. Since the bug I found this time isn't as critical and dangerous as the last one I'll just post it here. Typo@/ports/ -> #content > div.ipsBox > div > div.ipsVerticalTabbed_content.ipsLayout_content.ipsBox_container > div > form > div.message_error Even though I'm not English myself I'm pretty sure that it should be "or".
  13. Hey Guys - I just recently started using AirVPN and have spent the weekend setting up a few things. I subscribed to AirVPN with the plan of using a local VM with my fiber connection instead of a remote Seedbox. My goal is to have the local VM on 24/7 running Deluge and have it save all completed files to my primary system. I host too many things on my primary system plus must connect to work's VPN on it which is why I'm using this setup. I've already mounted the share for the downloads in the VM, set everything up, and all seems to be working except one thing. Just wanted to ask a couple of questions including verification that how I set it up is the best suggested method for what I'm trying to do, please. Questions 1. From Deluge's WebUI in a browser, I can connect to Deluge's Daemon. From the WebUI, it connects to (local ip because it's hosted on same system as daemon. However, when I try to connect to the Daemon using the Deluge Client with classic mode disabled, I cannot from my PC using the local IP and same port or even on the hosting PC using This only occurs when the VPN is connected. I tried connecting via DDNS from a forwarded port I created using 58846 as local port but also didn't work 2. Even though I installed AirVPN in the VM (Ubuntu 17.04 x64), it didn't have an option to launch at boot so instead I installed openvpn as a service and have it configured to launch the config file I downloaded at boot to automatically connect. Does connecting this way still offer all of the features such as ports I forward? If not or there's a better way to accomplish this, please let me know 3. Is there a way to implement network lock when using the openvpn method above - or - if openVPN looses connection, will it automatically reconnect? If VPN fails for some reason, I don't want it to continue downloading torrents. VM Environment - Ubuntu 17.04 x64 (hosted on ESXi 6.5) --- Folder mounted to Windows share for completed downloads - each label goes to different folder within mounted share --- AirVPN 2.12.4 installed via .deb (Even though currently not using client to connect) --- openVPN 2.4.0 --- Deluge / Deluged / Deluge WebUI 1.3.15 Conf File (Snippet) Below is the first part of my conf file I build & downloaded. If anything needs to be changed to accommodate anything above, please let me know. #####clientdev tunproto udpremote america.vpn.airdns.org 443resolv-retry infinitenobindpersist-keypersist-tunremote-cert-tls servercipher AES-256-CBCcomp-lzo noroute-delay 5verb 3explicit-exit-notify 5##### Thanks Guys!
  14. Hey, everyone: Recently I've been having issues with my network speed and connection while connected to the VPN. Evidently this s an issue with Kaspersky. I've uninstalled Kaspersky, and my connection isn't cutting out like it was, and my speed has definitely increased. THat said, it still isn't quite what I would hope for. Without the VPN connected, I get a steady and consistent download rate of ~115Mbps. Right now, with the VPN connected, I'm getting an inconsistent download rate that is about a max of around 60Mbps (around a 50Mbps loss). I know that when connected to a VPN, the speeds decreases and latency increased, but It seems I shouldn't be losing that much speed. Does that seem reasonable or common? I'm not sure if my ISP is blocking any ports or capping certain protocols. Is there any good way to test if ports are being blocked or if they are capping? Also, can anyone recommend some good ways of trying to increase network speed, or determining why I'm getting a decrease in speed that large (if it's not standard/common)? Thanks, all!
  15. So I uninstalled my Bitdefender because the licence was up recently and everything has been faster... except my airvpn speeds. I used to be able to easily get 5+ up down but now I'm barely breaking 100KB/s with and without Network lock on and my regular network speeds have remained the same so I don't know what's up at all. If you need any extra details I'll be sure to post them.
  16. Hello, I run a small media server at home so I can listen to my music on the go. I've decided to try running it though the VPN, but I'm not sure exactly how to do it. These are the settings I currently have, and they don't seem to be working. Any help at all would be appreciated. The Emby server runs on two ports by default. 8096 for HTTP, and 8920 for HTTPS. My settings on Emby show the following. Local http port number: 8096 Local http port number: 8920 public http port number: 8098 public http port number: 8928 remote access http://my.airvpnserver.exitip :8098 local access 192.168.X.X:8096 There is also an option to specify the ip to bind to. If I bind it to the 10.X.X.X from AirVPN, only the local access ip changes. On my AirVPN settings, I have 8098 forwarded to local 8096. And 8928 forwarded to 8920. Neither of them have a green light. My router is set to forward ports 8096 and 8920 to my computers normal address 192.168.X.X Here are pictures in case they help any: https://i.gyazo.com/e64f7e207204a9f1e8e4f16f457f177d.png https://i.gyazo.com/9bc9c53feab3fe4f4324d99b8abc163c.png https://i.gyazo.com/bc494db4a4a9982879505be793c40008.png https://i.gyazo.com/27f6b3f63d3722f46b06df933295bcb6.png https://i.gyazo.com/2f9559e99660781275cd3b52245e86b5.png
  17. Hi I've had portfording working for weeks now suddenly it has stopped working. I am running a asus rt68 router with merlin installed and a iptables script. I've tried a different ports, one random one allocated, I've also tried a different server. As far as I know nothing has changed with my setup. Any ideas? Is there a problem with forwarding ports at the moment?
  18. https://grepular.com/Punching_through_The_Great_Firewall_of_TMobile I have connection issues similar to the above due to spoofed packets. Could OpenVPN config changes be made?
  19. Hi all, I've searched the website and forums and I've found some posts (like https://airvpn.org/topic/1514-sending-mail-through-vpn/ and https://airvpn.org/topic/5318-thunderbird-refuses-to-send-mail/) regarding opened ports and sending of mail. Although there's some hinting that ports 465 or 587 should be usable, I'm actually looking for an explicit "yes, port 587 is opened" and I haven't found it yet. We're considering switching over to AirVPN because we'd like more inbuilt support in the VPN instead of having to bypass VPN for these, but we'd like to really really know for sure before we switch. So... which ports are open to us via the VPN tunnel when we switch to AirVPN? Thank you kindly
  20. Hi everyone, First of all, I have searched, but couldn't find anything matching my search terms. That may turn out to mean nothing, but yeah. Anyway, I'm running AirVPN on a Desktop with Ubuntu 14.04. I'm located in Japan. I have a FTTH connection which is allegedly gigabit, but in practice ranges from 50 - 250mbps downstream and, on average, 50mbps upstream. Anyway, I have an odd problem with the VPN service. When I do a speed test, I get some interesting results: UK server, UDP, ports 443 and 53 Download Out-tunnel: 4.2mbps In-tunnel: ~4mbps Upload Out-tunnel: ~15mpbs In-tunnel: 0.45mbps Singapore server, UDP, ports 443 and 53 Download Out-tunnel: ~18mbps In-tunnel: ~18mbps Upload Out-tunnel: 12mbps In-tunnel: 0.65mbps Running a test on Speedtest.net gives similar results - the downstream bandwidth is fine, upstream bandwidth is not. The thing is, this upstream block just disappears when I run speedtest on the topen internet through their Japanese server. I get my 50mbps upload that I've always had. I even tried port 80 to see if my ISP is gaming speed tests. Bit Torrent works fine. I've looked at the tutorials, and, like I said, I searched the forums. I'd appreciate any help anyone could give - this issue is basically preventing me from streaming (I think, unless the iPlayer issues discussed in other threads has not, in fact, been resolved). The thing is, streaming seems to work fine on my Android tablet with OpenVPN for Android installed. Thanks in advance, the100thmonkey
  21. Hello and thank you in advance for any help with this. I have never ran a Tor relay before, but I would like to try to enable a "middle-man" relay through my VPN connection if it is possible. I am trying to configure the Tor "middle-man" relay using my /etc/tor/torrc file and iptables.rules file. (I have not edited the TBB torrc) My torrc is configured like this below: AutomapHostsOnResolve 1 AutomapHostsSuffixes .exit,.onion SocksPort 9050 TransPort 9040 DNSPort 9053 ##Tor-middleman Nickname ************(my secert name) ORPort 9001 DirPort 9030 BandwidthRate 256 KB # Throttle traffic to 20KB/s BandwidthBurst 4096 KB # But allow bursts up to 50KB/s ExitPolicy reject *:* and my current iptables.rules that work with AirVPN and TBB/Tor/Privoxy are: $ iptables -L -n --line-numbers Chain INPUT (policy DROP) num target prot opt source destination 1 icmp -- icmptype 8 recent: SET name: ping_limiter side: source mask: 2 DROP icmp -- icmptype 8 recent: UPDATE seconds: 4 hit_count: 6 name: ping_limiter side: source mask: 3 ACCEPT icmp -- icmptype 8 4 ACCEPT all -- ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED 5 ACCEPT all -- 6 DROP all -- ctstate INVALID 7 UDP udp -- ctstate NEW 8 TCP tcp -- tcp flags:0x17/0x02 ctstate NEW 9 REJECT udp -- reject-with icmp-port-unreachable 10 REJECT tcp -- reject-with tcp-reset 11 REJECT all -- reject-with icmp-proto-unreachable Chain FORWARD (policy DROP) num target prot opt source destination Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT) num target prot opt source destination Chain TCP (1 references) num target prot opt source destination Chain UDP (1 references) num target prot opt source destination ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ iptables -t nat -L -n --line-numbers Chain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT) num target prot opt source destination Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) num target prot opt source destination Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT) num target prot opt source destination Chain POSTROUTING (policy ACCEPT) num target prot opt source destination If there is an easy way to do this then please let me know what I should do with ports-forward, iptables.rules, and torrc. thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITED: I decided to edit this cause I added too much confusing info. So to keep things simple, I don't know if I need ports forwarded or if I just need some new iptables rules to make things work. (or both) Currently my Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) works on port 9150 and 9151 over my VPN connection and so does my Tor/Privoxy connection using Socks4a for port 9050 and 8118. When running both tor instances I have 6 EntryGuards to start. When I configure the "middle-man" relay in my linux /etc/tor/torrc file I get about 20-80 more ESTABLISHED connection with the original 6 ESTABLISHED EntryGuards. But after a few minutes I only have the original 6 EntryGuards as ESTABLISHED connections when using the netstat command.
  22. When attempting to add a port, typing in the port number followed by the Enter key does not function correctly (submit the port to be added) but in fact deletes a previous port that has been forwarded (the first/lowest port). This could possibly be a side effect of the recent bugfix. Also, I'm now getting "Port X already assigned to you." when trying to add a port back even though it's not shown. "You are using 3 of 20 ports available." I see 3, but it's reporting the 4th one is still assigned. Could be temporary. EDIT: Now showing 4 of 20 and the port has been added back however the main issue of the topic still persists.
  23. Hi As the topic say - does anyone know how to configure the openvpn client in a tomato (shibbys) firmware router not to tunnel traffic on a specific port. Example: I want everything except Utorrent port 4548 and Usenet port 119 to be tunneled thru airvpn. My LAN is based on a 192.168.1.x subnet (where my router router has Regards Daniel
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