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Found 9 results

  1. Hi AirVPN support and users, about two weeks ago, watching rai.it live TV via AirVPN stopped working. {EDIT: resolved} I always get the message that the content I want to stream is only available for people living in Italy. Since this week, also mediaset.it stopped working. The mediaset player however is reporting the following error: "The media playback was aborted because too many consecutive download errors occurred.". The setup (Linux with OpenVPN) itself didn't changed. The nameserver is correctly set in the resolv.conf file (to Is there are problem with the routing? Can anybody confirm this problem? Thanks in advance
  2. I have cellular broadband through AT&T 4G LTE and a 50 GB limit at which point i'm not throttled, just deprioritized. When I am still within my limit I can get up to 29 Mbps, and after my limit I can get 6 to 9 Mbps depending on tower traffic even through vpn connections. I always connect to a Canada server from Michigan, but whenever I try to watch movies on Kodi I can barely get 1-2 Mbps. Is there anything that I can suggest to fix this problem? Maybe SSL or SSH or a specific settings change like ports, protocol, DNS?
  3. Hey all, I've noticed that all servers default to US Netflix on Air and I was wondering if it was possible to actually connect to other country versions of Netflix through the diffirent servers available on Airvpn and if so how to do this. I've noticed that it is the Air DNS that allows for US netflix on all servers so I assume it is the DNS settings that will ultimately allow this. I look forward to hearing from anyone who could help. Thank you. Regards,
  4. Some of the most visited Italian websites do not load: Corriere della SeraGazzetta dello SportTelefonino.netMediaset Play (streaming)VVVIDAlso Amazon Storywriter's word processor is unusable because the website immediately detects a server error. Tested on Eddie 2.16.3 for Windows.
  5. Youtube, Pornhub, ManyVids, etc. are not streaming any video. This is only when I have the VPN on. I updated Flash Player and the problem persists. What is the problem? How is this fixed?
  6. Hi, As said, on all German VPN Server starting 79.* amazon Prime is (geo) blocked. Servers with 178.* are fine
  7. Hello, I purchased a boxed set of movies online from Microsoft - I own them, but can only play them on MS devices - like my desktop, phone or tablet. I can download them to a USB stick, but it won't play. I contact MS and they said that is the way it is - only works on MS devices using their Film & TV app, even though I paid for them (only licensed, not owned I guess). Won't work on VLC. Anyway I can convert it to something like that will play on a media player that is not the MS Film & TV app? I have an old TV (RCA cables) and use a media player. I transfer to USB, pop it in my media player, watch it on my archaic but good enough TV. No I don't want to run it through my computer on to the TV. My desktop and TV are not in the same room. When downloaded it says .mp4 format, but the name looks like this: The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition)_SMIDD32B05CE-7347-4AAF-852A-..... Suggestions a free DRM removal tool? Anyone doe this? Thanks, Mr. V
  8. I can't connect to sports streams at firstrowca.eu with AirVPN connected. Right now its this darts stream. (Need adblocker!!) All I get is a constant little spinner. Flash stream. Last night was the same, I couldn't connect to hockey games there. In both cases, last night and this morning, as soon as I disconnect from AirVPN then these streams start up right away. I repeated it 4 times last night and twice this morning (disconnecting and reconnecting VPN) with same result. The darts stream does work fine this morning from another streaming site (cricfree.sx) with VPN connected. So it seems the problem is at least with this firstrowca.eu site. Last night I also switched servers with same result. Using Canadian servers. Didn't try servers from other countries. The firstrowca.eu site is still spinning for 10 minutes as I write this. Wondering if others have run into this issue? ​
  9. I'm a user in the UK and I'd like to be able to access US Netflix, but no matter what server I try (I've tried US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany), I get routed to Netflix in the UK. I've read all the other forum posts about Netflix that seem to suggest you should receive US Netflix from any server, but even after clearing the cache etc. it routes me to the UK every time. Can anyone shed any light on this as it's a real deal breaker for me if I can't get access to any other Netflix catalogues. Thanks!
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