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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Forum, Eddie: 2.16.3 (Set to default settings) OS: Debian Stretch Browers: FireFox and Chrome When opening URLs starting with "catalog-retail.amazon.de" or "catalog-sc.amazon.de", browser returns "Site not found". After disconnecting Eddie and deactivating network-lock the sites load! I have tried IPv4 only without success. I am clueless what the problem is, please point me into the right direction. Thank you! Jan
  2. Some of the most visited Italian websites do not load: Corriere della SeraGazzetta dello SportTelefonino.netMediaset Play (streaming)VVVIDAlso Amazon Storywriter's word processor is unusable because the website immediately detects a server error. Tested on Eddie 2.16.3 for Windows.
  3. Heya, since recently it has become impossible to use the prime video service through a VPN service I look for another way to still access it (here in Europe). I am running pfsense on my router that is set up pretty much according to the guide that can be found here in the forum. The idea is to create an alias with all the IPs of the server hosting the prime video service and use a firewall rule to pass the traffic directly to the WAN interface and not through the VPN tunnel. The IP ranges of the Amazon webservices can be found here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/aws-ip-ranges.html But how to determine which of them is actually used for the prime service here in germany? To put ALL the IPs of the AWS into an alias is for sure not a good idea. Maybe someone has done some testing already?
  4. Hello , I am a newbie to VPN use . My issue is with sites like Amazon ,pay-pal , Ebay , and some other utility providers and Job agencies . Every time I Try to log in they say something like' theres a problem we just want to make sure its you ' then they send a security code to my phone or email and I have to type this in to proceed . How do i get round this without actually logging out of VPN because they way this stands I would rather not bother with a VPN at all as its giving me a headache with having to go through a security check every time I use the sites above . Thanks
  5. So something strange is happening. I am mostly connected to an German Server. Also most Server dont work anyway with Amazon Prime. But at least two i know of do. But that is not the pont. So i have a Zotac Z-Box, setted it up with the pfSense Guide from the Forum here and everything is just good. Full speed, connection encrypted, perfect. No issues, except with Amazon Prime. From time to time, when i watch Amazon Prime on my Smart TV or with an Fire TV SetupBox it kills my router. That means my pfSense router just does not react anymore, i have to press the powerbutton on the device itself to turn it off and turn it on again. And i have no fucking clue, how Amazon Prime is able to kill my router. I mean what is happening that it can do that to the router. Has anybody any clue? Do you need more information? Ask i try to say what i know, but i am no expert in pfSense etc. But i just dont understand how a website can manage to kill a router that it is not reacting anymore.
  6. Hello, I got a free Amazon Web Service account to mess around with putting up site and using services. So I want to set up a Drupal site - see what it is like. One of the steps requires creating security groups. They ask for inbound and outbound traffic rules. " If you are connecting through an Internet service provider (ISP) or from behind a firewall without a static IP address, you must specify the range of IP addresses used by client computers." Since my traffic goes through AirVPN and I use servers best ranked by latency - what would I put down. The IP changes each session. Suggestions around this? If you have done this before - please share! Thanks, Mr. V
  7. Hi, As said, on all German VPN Server starting 79.* amazon Prime is (geo) blocked. Servers with 178.* are fine
  8. Hi, Having issues with Amazon UK. When off AirVPN, the *site* works ok but I have major issues paying for anything since I'm on a Malta IP and my cards are registered in the UK. Picks it up as card fraud I guess. I thought the answer was to use AIrVPN to virtually "be in the UK". However, once on AirVPN I find that it's not even possible to get to the Amazon site! All I get is an error message. They seem to have some sort of GeoLocation / VPN filter which make it impossible to view the site when on a VPN connection - even if that VPN is in the UK. Would be nice if this could be sorted out. It's very annoying. All other services seem to work ok though - just an issue with Amazon. Can you fix it? I get the following error message: ERROR 420 The page can be displayed only of something wrong happened with your connection to www.amazon.co.uk from You can close your browser and try again or or you can restart your computer. * Send us an e-mail to notify this and try it later. * Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your computer. You will lose unsaved information in any programs that are running. Press any link to continue _ Google | Yahoo! | Bing Odd...??? Thanks.
  9. I m connected to Talitha and all DNS is going trough the VPN. I took a look at my windows firewall (which i enabled due to "network lock") and it shows a lot of these: date time action protocol src-ip dst-ip src-port dst-port size tcpflags tcpsyn tcpack tcpwin icmptype icmpcode info path 2015-06-29 11:33:34 DROP UDP 58683 3478 0 - - - - - - - SEND 2015-06-29 11:33:35 DROP UDP 58683 3478 0 - - - - - - - SEND 2015-06-29 11:33:37 DROP UDP 58683 3478 0 - - - - - - - SEND --> is an amazon IP After allowing this IP, my IP get leaked by webrtc. (tested on https://ipleak.net/) Can anyone explain this behaviour?
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