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    AEAD Decrypt error

    It only happens with UDP. TCP works around this problem. Usually it means that something on your line is doing Quality of Service "optimizations" like reordering or rerouting packets on the fly. DOCSIS (TV cable)-based internet access is known for that, but I'd look in your own network first and look at firewalls you might be using on your PC or the router. Some of the latter have things like "UDP flood protection" or "QoS" on.
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    @Androidlinux Hello! Currently not, we're sorry (you need to send a kill signal to Hummingbird and restart it with a new profile, which is not exactly what you ask for), but this feature will be available in the frontend+daemon solution. Hummingbird will be maintained as a stand alone binary and will also evolve in to a new software. The daemon is already in advanced development stage and initially we will release it together with a CLI frontend. Immediately after that, development of a GUI for the daemon, based on Qt, will begin. Kind regards
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    AEAD Decrypt error

    I am getting those errors too every now and then, but they normally shouldn't lead to a complete disconnection of the VPN. Packet loss over UDP is very common, unfortunately. It can occur due to an improperly configured MTU size and / or a bad line to the destination server. You can however suppress those erros by adding "mute-replay-warnings" under "OVPN directivies" in the Eddie client.
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    Just replying to a semi random AirVPN Team post here to remind you that you all are on the right side of History. This is important work you are doing, and it seems that you are working hard at it. Respect.
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    If you were connected the whole time, yes. All traffic is routed through the AirVPN server regardless according to the kernel routing table (in a command prompt or PowerShell, enter route print to see what I mean). For torrenting it's even sufficient to connect to AirVPN and bind to the VPN interface in the torrent client. NetLock is for those who don't want any app to access the internet outside the tunnel. By the way, they're not the same features: One tells the client which interface is to be used explicitly (so it's only for the torrent client), the other adds firewall rules to actively block outgoing connections to the world if not going through the tunnel (so it's for all apps on the PC, including the torrent client). I think they're not standing in each other's way if you want to use both, it's more like a redundancy.
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    Eddie now officially in MX-Linux repo

    MX-Linux release 19 features Eddie on their Stable Repo, meaning you can install it with one click. Actually Mx Linux is -imho- one of the best distro out there: easier than mint, lighter than xubuntu, very stable. But what makes it great is the devs behind it, very quick to listen to users improve things (like for example, including eddie on their repo, based on a user request). I am not affiliated at all with it, I am just a very happy user.
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    Thanks! Eddie version 2.18.7 beta is installed, launched and works without problems on PureOS.
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    @CRC89 Hello! Alternatively, you can wait for a real daemon for Linux. We currently do not offer it but the gap will be filled very soon: a daemon based on Hummingbird is in advanced stage of development and we will release a public alpha version with a CLI client to drive it in the very near future. Kind regards
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    AEAD Decrypt error

    This message does not indicate lost packages but packages which seem retransmitted and are therefore dropped, causing the connection outages OP mentions – that is, if enough packets are being missed for the apps to "notice" something is not right. The smaller your bandwidth the more probable outages become. Since TCP guarantees a strict order and retransmission upon lost packets, the message, by principle, can never be seen there. But! The problem introduces something called the TCP-over-TCP problem and starts occuring when making connections in the browser, in apps, etc. over TCP while connected with AirVPN over TCP. While true, I tend to dig deeper and find out why they appear in the first place.
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    pfsense support

    more bandwidth for me on my pfsense box
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    Terry Stanford

    Eddie Problems

    thanks. i think i understand. So it wont offer me any way to connect to my home LAN. That's fine, will use the EdgeROuter. Just trust Air more than most other people
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    Netflix sees I'm on a VPN

    Hello! Netflix USA and only USA is accessible from AirVPN servers as usual if and only if your system queries AirVPN DNS (which happens by default with our software). EXCEPTION: the following servers can not reach Netflix USA at the moment;: Kruger Sneden Fang Nahn Sham Also note that Netflix application has been reported as maliciously bypassing system DNS or exploiting other techniques to disclose your real location. You will be blocked if you are not in the USA in Netflix' app belief, but it's not a fault of our system. Deleting application's cache and then running it only and uniquely when the device is connected to the VPN has been reported as solving the problem in various cases. @giganerd Connecting through a VPN to stream Netflix USA when you are in the USA makes sense in any case (check the wars of major USA ISPs/transit providers against Netflix to get paid by Netflix in order to not block its traffic). Unfortunately Netflix at the end of the day sided with those who have contributed to dismantle the Internet and Net Neutrality in some countries of the world and in this sense it's just another enemy of that very same infrastructure and technology that made its fortunes. Kind regards
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    Only thing i can think of is PIA offers proxy, ad blocking dns and has been proven in us courts not to keep logs In terms of security I'm going to quote this article by torrentfreak https://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-services-keep-you-anonymous-in-2019/ Who would you trust with your data more based of the answers given? Question: 11. Are any of your VPN servers hosted by third parties? If so, what measures do you take to prevent those partners from snooping on any inbound and/or outbound traffic? Do you use your own DNS servers? PIA Airvpn:
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    Wireguard response from Mullvad

    @rndbit In Wireguard you need to map a static IP address in the VPN to a client key permanently as dynamic IP assignment is not available. The private IP address is easily found out by anyone. Once we receive a request by a proper authority about the VPN IP address we can link the address to a unique account. That's a serious privacy concern that does not exist in OpenVPN. Now that we have ChaCha20 cipher even in OpenVPN Data Channel (including our OpenVPN 3 library), there's no pressure to push our customers toward dangerous solutions just for marketing reasons. We can quietly wait for a Wireguard's stable release featuring all the implementations we need (dynamic IP addresses and TCP support). Kind regards
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    New proxy service from Firefox

    "online activity will be encrypted and sent through a proxy service provided by our partner Cloudflare." Cloudflare VPN/proxy? NO THX
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