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    AirVPN is sweet!

    Just wanted to say that out of all the VPNs I've tried, this one is the one. Lot's of control, extra features a lot of VPNs lack, and at prices that are nice. Those big VPNs are just bleh.
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    entry 3 requires two changes: 1. under TLS KEY USAGE MODE its set to encryption and authentication. (normally just TLS auth) 2. auth digest alg = SHA 512. (normally 160) so in bold is used if using entry point 3. otherwise use non bold good luck!
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    The manpage for OpenVPN says that reneg_sec defaults to 3600 unless the user sets it otherwise. If it's not in the config file the client will assume 3600. Air say they use 3600. They probably just don't specify it in their server config and get the default. Client and server exchange values at connection startup and both will select the lowest of the client's or the server's preferred values. i.e. If you set 1800 then the chosen value will be 1800. If you ask for 7200 then you'll still get 3600 because it's not possible for one end of the connection to unilaterally increase the renegotiation times and the servers' (smaller) 3600 will be chosen.
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