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    The nearest to your physical location without vpn.
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    Go to speedtest.net and find the nearest data server to your location. Record the url of that data server and go to the Servers tab on Air. Click on Check where it says Checking routes with the google address. Enter the data server url you got from speedtest and click Search. You'll have to refresh the page several times before most of the servers display a ping. Then, find the server with the lowest ping value (in or near your home country) and connect to it. If you're concerned about the load of a particular server, you can check it on the Server page. The server with the lowest ping and lowest load will be the 'best' choice statistically.
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    Thanks for the data. I have seen the comparison charts come and go. This seems like a better data set than most of them. The one on TorrentFreak is dated and jaded by commercial interest. I have been using AirVPN for almost 5-years. It has been trouble free, secure, innovative and helpful. Helpful on the few occasions I needed help (read I screwed up my settings). Without fail, AirVPN has been way ahead of me when I read about an issue or looked in to check on something. I read something security related, I log in and find out AirVPN fixed that last month, or it is N/A because of their systems, software and diligence. I have been 'online' since before there was an online. Army SF Commo Guy from the late '70s, followed by ARPANet, DARPA Net, I hosted a dial-up BBS (Spitfire BBS) I had one of the USA first 3 Line Dial-Up BBS (I kid you not) and gradually grooved on and in to Netscape 1.0 and then went on to develope several of the worlds first "Million Hits a Month" websites in the '90s. I have hosted, co-hosted, co-located, T1'd, Tier 3d and had a couple of server farms and a hosting company or three of my very own. The tech companies I started in the 1980's allowed me to retire at 49. I have re-retired a couple of times since and now at 55, I am happily & permanently retired in to what I now call my OMO 'Old Man Online' life. OMO = Surfing, Reading, Goofing, Teaching, Advising, Downloading & Watching. In my almost 40-years Pre-Online, Kinda-Online, Army Online, 56,6 Dial-Up Online. ADSL Online, So-Called Hi-Speed Internet Online and finally Really Hi-Speed Internet Online, I have seen a bunch of communications companies come and go and none of them has impressed me more than AirVPN. Please note: I pay full price just like most of you. I have no current or previous business relationship with AirVPN. I am just a very satisfied AirVPN customer of 5-years. Thanks Team AirVPN PS I can get you a really good deal on some 'used' Hayes 2400 Baud Modems...
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    It looks like the ultimate fix for me was to install a better/working bt client... Tixati! Prior to doing that I had performed a CIS "Ratings scan" which found a LibPocketFirewall.dll under AirVPN which I allowed... However, this never fixed the tracker issue in Transmission... and I still only saw some sporadic upload connections like I mentioned before (130k and crash, long pause, repeat). But, right after installing and setting up tixati... BAM! Upload connection looks good (and are working)... And trackers appear to be happy... AirVPN + Tixati FTW! P.S. Tixati also allowed me to bind to the TAP interface, accepted (and uses) my AirVPN port forward, and let me set a restriction to IPv4 for my connections!!!
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