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ANSWERED TOR over AirVPN vs AirVPN with TOR ?

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Hi I am aware of this excellent guide here:




But was wondering since I am on a tomato Router and can only run Tor over AirVPN,  is it still ok to use the Tor network and visit Tor protected Onion websites and still maintain privacy ?


From what I understand (which is little!) If I was able to run AirVPN with Tor I would be protected and encrypted always on the Tor network and AirVPN could NOT see my ISP IP.


However AirVPN can still see the data passing through ?


If I ran Tor over AirVPN,  which I can only do so for now since I am running a Tomato router then Air would not be able to see the data passing through,  but I would also be revealing my ISP IP ?



So I am still baffeled by which one to really use...



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