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I've searched for forums, but couldn't find a concrete answer.


Is it possible to use AirVPN as a proxy server? I'd like to run it, but NOT have it redirect all traffic through air's vpn, only specific browser traffic that I point to it.


I'm looking at using Switchy! for chrome, which can route traffic through a proxy based on domain name (or other rules), and am wondering if I can setup AirVPN to be used as the proxy to go through when these rules trigger.

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Interesting question! I think that the answer is probably "no", but I can see a few options for someone who wants to wrestle with the OpenVPN documentation. Here's some rambling thoughts..


Basically, for the purposes of this discussion, OpenVPN does two separate things; it


1. sets up an encrypted tunnel to the remote server, and

2. routes all traffic through the tunnel.


And the typical case is that one would want both.


Now, I'm no expert at using OpenVPN, but there seems to be enough things to poke at that an Air customer could relatively* easily have it do [1] above, but not [2]. At that point, I think, you would have access to Air's network, but no traffic would use the tunnel - unless it were actually addressed to somewhere in Air's internal network (like for example their name servers or the speed test thing).


If Air were to run an HTTP (web) proxy (and they don't, as far as I know), then what you want should at this point be as easy as adding that proxy to your browser just like any other. Traffic going to the proxy would be routed through the tunnel since it would be explicitly going to an Air address. (10.x.x.x)


But since they don't, you would probably have to at least run a custom HTTP proxy on your machine that would forward traffic in the right direction, and I'm not even sure how that would work. It's not completely beyond the realm of possibility though, networking seems to have an almost infinite amount of weird solutions to even weirder problems.


And of course I have no idea if Air would even want to support people doing things like this.



* "Relatively easily" would still involve getting intimately familiar with both OpenVPN and Air's network and writing a custom config file, at the minimum.

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I too would like to see this feature.  Reason: access to US-only video content from work.  I need my work pc to remain locally connected to all work networking services, so I can't just VPN all traffic.  I need to be able to configure Firefox with a proxy to appear that I am coming from a US location.  Presently using free public proxy servers, but they often don't work or are very slow.  Does AirVPN offer proxy access to their various servers?

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Here's another two reasons to want a mere proxy:


I want to get satellite internet, however the satellite company will restrict my loading videos (after I reach their rediculous bandwidth cap).  However, I don't think they can if I use https.


Second (even if the first doesn't work) I would like an unencrypted (or encrypted) proxy that merely hides my IP address.  Reason: I want to use seedboxes and services like Bitfetch.  They are already encrypted, but I don't trust them to keep my IP safe, so I want AirVPN because you're who I trust.


Any possibility you could put up a plain old proxy?

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I use my Raspberry Pi as a Proxy (And some other stuff, of course). It is always connected to the VPN and runs stable.


When on the go I use SSH with Port Forwarding. Works like charm.

At home I can just connect locally via Socks5.


It is fast at home but can take some time when on the go, still acceptable though.

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We currently do not provide any proxy service, we're sorry. Anyway we will evaluate this suggestion during the next week.


Kind regards



I want this    - did you implement it?

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You can connect to AirVPN via proxy. But a web proxy still doesn't exist.

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I am too interested in being able to connect a Sony bluray player to the Internet via a proxy. Thus, I hope I can access Vudu US.


Does someone know to find the correct setup for a US proxy vith AirVPN (server name or address and port number)?



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