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Android OpenVPN: Looking up DNS name

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Im on a Nexus7 tablet. No matter what server / mode combination I try it just sits at Looking up DNS name when I try to connect. Then it timesout. Is this a common problem, what am I doing wrong?


I am using the config generator and trying different servers TCP/UDP different ports etc.

Im using the official OpenVPN Connect.


Thanks for any help!

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Please try to re-generate the configuration in the following way, just in case it's a name resolution problem. Enter the Configuration Generator and:


- tick "Advanced Mode"

- tick "Resolved hosts in .ovpn file"

- tick "All servers for area or region"


We're looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards

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Pls am new to this site, recommended by a pal...

Here is my problems..

Am located in UAE, I have been using "OpenVPN connect" app on my android for Internet connection via .ovpn config files (TCP, UDP servers ) for over 3 Months, I gets password through vpnbook.com sites.


But as of 7th July 2015, it stopped connecting. I guess it was blocked by Etisalat nd Du telecommunications (ISP) here.


When ever I try connecting via euro214.ovpn sever, or us1 sever, my OpenVPN app stocks at "connecting..... Looking up DNS." nd will later "time out"


.... after I tried connecting through two(2) or three(3) new servers, the closest I get towards connecting is..... ("pulling out settings from server") see the pics attachment.


I recently figured out when I searched for available server connections.....that "UDP"PORT53, TCP PORT 80, 443, 2500 are no more connecting as you can see from the pics attached.

Only "DNS" severs were available here in UAE, but I don't have any OpenVPN connect .ovpn config files on "DNS".

Can you help or what should I do?

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Pls I haven't been able to connect yet using openvpn connect app on my android and with config files I generated here, non seems to get me connected.

I have also sent an email with my connection logs and pics via Nelltouch1@yahoo.com. Yet no reply.

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