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Port Forwarding Tester

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This program, for Windows, Linux and OS X, opens a socket to listen or send packets to an address.

It can be useful to debug the Port Forwarding with AirVPN.

  • The IP list is automatically compiled from your interfaces. If you connect to a different server, refresh (the green icon) the list to view the new 10.* IP address.
  • Using IP and listening means listening on all interfaces.
  • Each line in the log is a connection.
  • The Send button sends a string with AirVPN text and the current date (RFC 822) to the specified address.
  • If you use the Check button in AirVPN Port Forwarding page, you will see a line without 'IN' bytes and with 'TCP Closed' status. This is because our checking simply opens and closes a socket, without sending any data.


Current version: 1.3 - 27/06/2013

  • Binary (.NET Framework 2, recommended with Windows XP/Vista/7)
  • Binary (.NET Framework 4, recommended with Windows 8 and above)
  • Source code (GPL3)

Linux and OS X support

Download the ".Net 2" version. The program requires Mono.

Packages required:

  • Debian / Ubuntu:
    apt-get install mono-runtime libmono-winforms2.0-cil libmono-corlib2.0-cil
  • RHEL6, Centos6, Scientific-Linux6, etc and Fedora distros:
    sudo yum install mono-core mono-winforms
  • Under OS X, install Mono.
Launch with:
mono PortListen_net2.exe

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Hi All,

Just an addition for RHEL6, Centos6, Scientific-Linux6, etc and Fedora distros (These distros only need the two packages listed below)

Install mono:
sudo yum install mono-core mono-winforms

Run portlisten:
Open terminal
cd to the directory where PortListen_net2.exe is

Launch with:
mono PortListen_net2.exe



Best regards,


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New version 1.3 released, minor changes.
- [bugfix] UDP improvement
- [change] Message improvement
- [bugfix] Support of domain name in IP field

Thanks jessez, first post has been updated.

Kind regards

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