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[SOLVED] Configuring OpenVPN client in a Tomato router to NOT tunnel certain ports thru VPN

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As the topic say - does anyone know how to configure the openvpn client in a tomato (shibbys) firmware router not to tunnel traffic on a specific port.


Example: I want everything except Utorrent port 4548 and Usenet port 119 to be tunneled thru airvpn.


My LAN is based on a 192.168.1.x subnet (where my router router has





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You might apply policy routing. It's not what you asked but it's very simple and it can achieve the same purpose if you have more than one computer connected to the router. You could reject the routes push from our servers (route-nopull directive) and then build your table according to the devices you want to be tunneled. So you could avoid tunneling for a computer dedicated to run a p2p client and a Usenet client (or whatever you do not wish to be tunneled).


In the following thread, check out the message starting with "I finally did it"



If the above does not meet your needs, splitting traffic on an outbound ports basis will be necessary (see the subsequent message in the very same thread).


Kind regards

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