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Canada Servers Overloaded/Over Capacity

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Hi, long time AirVPN user/supporter here. Lately, I've noticed that at times, nearly all Canadian servers are loaded to near capacity. I mean Canadian servers have always been some of the most loaded servers, often requiring me to surf around between servers to find one with good bandwidth, but as of late, it seems like most, if not all, of the Canadian servers are loaded to near max capacity. It is really frustrating not being able to find a single server (after trying 10-15 different servers) that I can achieve even 100Mbps downloads from.

I guess my question is if y'all have any plans to add more Canadian servers (or add more bandwidth to the existing Canadian servers) at any point in the near future? Overall, I really like AirVPN and I think it is a great match for my needs but the bandwidth issues are really starting to become a thorn in my side. Hopefully there is some plan to overcome these issues as I really deplore the idea of having to switch to another provider. Thanks!

I've included a screenshot of the entire list of Canadian servers as it appeared in the client app tonight (right before posting this msg). Definitely pretty overloaded...


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Hey ,

It would be Nice to get a Response From Staff* on this subject. I was thinking of Purchasing a Subscription but After reading This Here and Seeing the Canada Servers Overloaded I Decided to Wait for a Response but it seems After over a Month there is Still No Response...

Will The Canada Servers Be Improved soon? Will More Be Added? 

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We're glad to inform you that Canada servers are NOT overloaded. Even the first screenshot, by the OP,  clearly shows that the thread title doesn't match reality. Everybody can additionally verify by checking the real time servers monitor here: https://airvpn.org/status/

The OP also says that he/she can reach 100 Mbit/s even in the worst case scenario, which is 12 times the minimum allocated bandwidth per user we guarantee in the Terms of Service (exclusive feature, no other VPN service does the same).

Even during peak hours, Canada servers offer 24000 Mbit/s, or equivalently 12000 Mbit/s full duplex, free, and for lower prices you had in 2011 in spite of the current world situation.

Kind regards

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